Type: ESRC - SAR

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Mahyisty  rescued on YC119-Jun-14
Thank you very much for rescuing me from a C5 deep in WH space. After I heard from EvE-Scout, I was not believing the stories I was told, but I can now say that everything was right. I contacted you guys and 2 days later I was safe in high sec once again, without any obligations or anything else. Almost too good to be real.

It was professional, fast and a very nice contact which is why we play this game. Thank you again.

skoll Odinkin  rescued on YC119-May-30
I was really blown away with how quickly your agents responded, and I was very happy with my experience - you guys really helped me out.

Emily Carloon  rescued on YC119-May-17
10/10 would use again xD

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-May-01
The service was both easy and quick, and got me out of quite a pickle. I expect this service will be used well by others in need.

Jenan Tahnek  rescued on YC119-Apr-26
I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first read about EvE-Scout. I decided that even if it was legit, I probably would never need it. It turns out that a week later I logged into my alt that was camping [a wormhole] and realized I had forgotten to retrieve my probes during the previous session. :-| You know the rest of the story.

Thanks for the rescue. The service you provided was courteous, business-like, and timely.