In early YC118, Forcha Alendare had a vision of a service that would provide a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style. This vision captured the imagination of many Signal Cartel pilots and grew to become the Rescue Cache program we know today.

In late YC118, Forcha decided to move on to activities that would potentially bring him into conflict with the Credo, so he chose to leave the corporation and alliance leadership brought in Thrice Hapus to manage day-to-day operations.

Since then, the program has grown to become an entire division within Signal Cartel and encompasses both live Search and Rescue operations as well as the original Rescue Cache program.

When Thrice Hapus became CEO of Signal Cartel, Igaze took over EvE Scout Rescue and guided the division from December YC120 until April YC123. Under his watch the division set many new records for number of rescues, caches in space, and 911 call volume. Today, Captain Crinkle, one of our most experienced rescue pilots, is at the helm. While he oversees the division as a whole, it takes an entire team to make it all happen. Our current roster includes the following dedicated rescue pilots.

911 Operators

EvE-Scout Rescue Coordinators

All participants last 30 days, most recent first
  SuperTomy  A'Strange Game
  Jen Hoshi  Arilia Dreamfetcher
  Nafeths  ABe Seekeris
  Mika Dex  Henrique Arnolles
  Cyrus Grissim  Tyzzw Illat
  Norm Stiger  Expiette Atavuli
  Meltoq Nolm  Das d'Alembert
  Xalyar  pris Naari
  IucI  Auds Lennelluc
  Xavec  Mehk'tor
  Jay kwon Do  Jonio Vineo
  Troubled Watters  Rogue Integer
  Nac Audene  Zinov
  Megildur Thellere  Ellie Redlobster
  Ben Kalkoken  Qifara Raholan
  DieNadel  Tyrianad
  Darlow en Marland  Coffea
  Dajdva Evotri  Sparkler Cadelanne
  Tamayo  Tekufah
  Alex Rapso  Ddado
  Dr Strike  Ashe Vizen
  Hanto Karobi  Orban Hanaya
  Vega Blazar  Krallia Etug
  Lord Lorem Ipsum  Akanios Fonulique
  Mizark Set'Go  Amelia Nightingale
  Voniz  Mako Koskanaiken
  Chantal Orion  Azagar Ohmiras
  Alister Graut  Lixiana Vor'shan
  Damon Celestin  Santino Westo
  Holly Ohmiras  Azamex
  Knoerp N'beekie  John NoFear
  Akennon Anninen  Brenn Derrington
  Thor Miasmic  Pull 'Over' And-Stop
  BossyMr Chase  Zidaine Stromcek
  Asil E  Ace Rimmer Midumulf
  Alexis Evertrois  Salmon Putter
  Lemon Elder  Charlene en Route
  Will Gold  Valor Surkouf
  Lotreinn Geten  Guier Rollard
  Chittemurt  Elizbeta Decoherant
  Sway Nardieu  Montoo Laeman
  Lexington Braddock  Cyber Kat
  Captain Crinkle  Subject 51
  Bliss Dwellerya  Sith Renalard
  Reise Amatin  Phreak TheBrave
  Thera Scout  Wobbermould
  miruxa  Hela Astrid Lokidottir
  Kamerijk Edo  Cadet Wet-Paint
  Aldar Roanaok  Sir Fiddle Sticks
  Kami Noguchi  Catbriar Chelien
  Shimazen  Mona Liena
  MoneyPenny Miss  Gillian Venari
  Celica Vermillion  oskarsh Rin
  Tanabius  Zakale
  Mark Egivandor  Maxim Slye
  Arthaxess  Carolus Magnus
  Dreadmute Maulerant  Katsji
  Lili Amashi  Bob Helpus
  Alight TLS  Axivala Askold
  Jaren Thiesant  Zak Cox
  Vladimir Korff  Schept
  Deputy Dimples  Aloranis Smartcrest
  Aeterna Noctis  Lazmi Shahni
  Buick McKayne  Mor Dovorot
  Asharial Walker  Erik Madullier
  Bootsand  Nata Ula
  Oskold Oskold  Cale Zeplin
  AaronIsAFK  Sensa Skyward
  Cassandra Noswal  Dungeon Manager
  Tyler Leeman  Pauper Ormand
  Kedo Shaishi  Maia Liena
  Sydney Selket  Holtogan Loga
  Cait Makanen  Jack MacGuffin
  Maxine Noir-Angel  Mia Rosseb
  Kaz Lijon  Karhinala Hinken
  Renek Dallocort  Teo Angelus Custos
  Kaiven Wandaar