About Us

In early YC118, Forcha Alendare had a vision of a service that would provide a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style. This vision quickly grew to become the Rescue Cache program as we know it today. Originally managed manually via a spreadsheet and a web form, the program had humble beginnings, but nonetheless managed to capture the imagination of many Signal Cartel pilots.

In late YC118, Forcha decided to move on to activities that would potentially bring him into conflict with the Credo, so he chose to leave the corp. The program languished without anyone tending it, and corp and alliance leadership decided it was too valuable to be allowed to wither away. Thrice Hapus was brought in to manage day-to-day operations.

Since then, the program has grown to what it is today. What started as one rescue program has now grown to become an entire division within Signal Cartel and encompasses both Search and Rescue operations and the original Rescue Cache program. While Thrice oversees the division as a whole, it takes a team to make it all happen. Our current roster includes:

We also rely on a dedicated group of pilots to place and maintain our rescue caches in space. All participating pilots over the last 30 days are listed to the right. These are the true unsung heroes of New Eden.

Hall of Heroes
Of special note are our "Hall of Heroes" pilots, who have placed or maintained a minimum of 100 caches each. If you ever see any of these pilots in Local, be sure to give them a wave. The next ship they save might be yours! Visit the Hall of Heroes now!

All participants last 30 days, most recent first
  Dreamghost Dakkadakka  Horras How
  Muzoan  Atet
  Rorqual Welch  Tarja Naskinen
  Sebastian Striker  Salie Gaterau
  Lexington Braddock  Robo Fuzzy
  Ivy Skor  Eratos Thellere
  Andrew Chikatilo  Sir Corran Cain
  Alex Laser  Kali Brazilianni
  Rover Dog  Vermillion Thellere
  Salrana Nuari  Scarsan Stripes
  Thrice Hapus  Asgeran
  Shafir Rova  Titus Shadomar
  Hiromi Aihaken  Bill Kills
  Igaze  Linalool
  pris Naari  Rice Eason
  Jean-Jacques Athonille  Squish Potatoface
  DaydreamBeliever  Mako Koskanaiken
  Trnt  ponitac26
  Marghe Taishan  Epic Flustercluck
  BranderBuddy Pappotte  Angel Lafisques
  Coreantes  Scoopus Gelatus
  Lucas Ballard  Baccus Thellere
  Rael Yaken  EVindemiatrix
  Tamayo  Oscar Yaken
  Kylar Grange  Dan Lin
  Denara Kharma  A Dead Parrot
  Mark Cangila  Darius Thrain
  Nola Naskingar  Violei Borealis
  Fianna MacConnor  Xero Asanari
  Jalken Gardner  Jojo Gunne
  Orsel Solette  Enim Chakaid
  Tephra Solette  Triffton Ambraelle
  Ksari Aumer  Tom Forager
  Firedragon64  Miki Taadaki
  Aelinar en Daire  Cherry Shahni
  Akee Aumer  Quinn Valerii
  Jen Outamon  Anton Kring
  Shaun Livingstone  Ivan Skavinsky
  Po Huit  Holphi Kord
  Malia O'Connor  Saiya Mendalla
  KillerClown2017 RihataSinoto  Six Nyendi
  Mynxee  Vincent Kimura
  Tanana Andomer  Natasha Ceight
  Everse Aivo