In early YC118, Signal Cartel member Forcha Alendare had a vision of a service that would provide a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style. This vision captured the imagination of many Signal Cartel pilots and grew to become the Rescue Cache program we know today.

In late YC118, Forcha decided to move on to activities that would potentially bring him into conflict with the Credo, so he chose to leave the corporation and alliance leadership brought in Thrice Hapus to manage day-to-day operations.

Since then, the program has grown to become an entire division within Signal Cartel and encompasses both live Search and Rescue operations as well as the original Rescue Cache program.

When Thrice Hapus became CEO of Signal Cartel, Igaze took over EvE Scout Rescue and guided the division from December YC120 until April YC123. Under his watch the division set many new records for number of rescues, caches in space, and 911 call volume. Then in YC123, Captain Crinkle, one of our most experienced rescue pilots, took the helm. Crinkle guided the division until May of YC124 when our current ESRC Manager, Xalyar assumed the lead role. While he oversees the division as a whole, it takes an entire team to make it all happen. Our current roster includes the following dedicated rescue pilots.

911 Operators

EvE-Scout Rescue Coordinators

Asst. Manager

Asst. Manager

All participants last 30 days, most recent first
  Alvar Weweai  Nac Audene
  Nata Ula  Wiofua
  Ashoka Narvarr  Mnaukovitsch
  Ddado  Tother Meresa
  Gehros  Oddore Despayre
  Ehto Fife  Lexington Braddock
  Sparkler Cadelanne  Nardon Nakrar
  Dr Strike  Obliv1on in WH
  Renek Dallocort  Rani Ulfr
  DieNadel  Samari Arila Enaka
  Emma Reem  BossyMr Chase
  Millener Audeles  Rin'Kho
  Tamayo  Kuroha Hitomi
  Amulius Orientis  Rizmordan Hillgotlieb
  Woody Hi  Dillinger Cel
  Avraxia  Aeterna Noctis
  Evhon AfterLove  Kenric Proudneck
  Catbriar Chelien  Frisk Understair
  Static Kernmantle  SuperTomy
  Mika Dex  IucI
  EveGirlOnline  Krallia Etug
  Das d'Alembert  Upquark
  Lortex Gemini  Erade Malaran
  Norm Stiger  Cotic Solaris
  Tekufah  Kyr Thellere
  Aldar Roanaok  A5336
  Su Lue  Grymez
  Jonio Vineo  Alicia Kaundur
  Case Inyokern  Ever Anders
  Gatide Huren  Seamus MacNobody
  Charlene en Route  Mia Rosseb
  Mehk'tor  Derik Westegarde
  Drer Aideron  Daniel Lor
  ABe Seekeris  Aflatoxin Anaphylaxis
  amHere42Salvage  Vega Blazar
  Siaki Siakira  Talos Varner
  Connor Enderos  Claidheamh Mor Capercaillie
  fnz2  Indivigar Hunsaker
  Kamerijk Edo  Mako Koskanaiken
  Gunter Armer  Arthaxess
  Solaria Isu  Azamex
  Mary Em  Corran Starchaser
  Ace Rimmer Midumulf  Kaia Starchaser
  Darius Falco  oldtechaa
  Tatsuya Shindou  Bon G0
  Angel Hurd  oskarsh Rin
  Thera Gaze  Kendra Prime
  Santonen Kado  Bliss Dwellerya
  Dave Lister spacebum  Ben Kalkoken
  Nubris Bramblesnatc  Aviator Glasses
  GlynnFlynn  Nikolai Solette
  Sir William Hillary  Jones Monkey
  Rogue Vortex  Lixiana Vor'shan
  Okamainen al'Anzomi  Atio Saken
  Intau  Jen Hoshi
  Thera Scout  Amelia Nightingale
  Vorian Alversson  Igaze
  pris Naari  Sipherias
  Sarah Ohu  Pria Tymar
  Zakale  Xalyar
  Servilius Starshadow  A Dead Parrot
  Salmon Putter  miruxa
  Miki Aise  Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder
  Drakmo Dalranok  Lo-Yei Prophet
  Xavec  Martin Tenebrae
  Holtogan Loga  Billy Wiglet
  Xenia Naari  Fox Ticaro
  Jex Lunaris  Cadet Wet-Paint
  Finn Aihaken  Thayon Kerensky