In early YC118, Forcha Alendare had a vision of a service that would provide a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style. This vision quickly grew to become the Rescue Cache program as we know it today. Originally managed manually via a spreadsheet and a web form, the program had humble beginnings, but nonetheless managed to capture the imagination of many Signal Cartel pilots.

In late YC118, Forcha decided to move on to activities that would potentially bring him into conflict with the Credo, so he chose to leave the corp. The program languished without anyone tending it, and corp and alliance leadership decided it was too valuable to be allowed to wither away. Thrice Hapus was brought in to manage day-to-day operations.

Since then, the program has grown to what it is today. What started as one rescue program has now grown to become an entire division within Signal Cartel and encompasses both Search and Rescue operations and the original Rescue Cache program.

In December YC120, Igaze assumed leadership of the Rescue division. While he oversees the division as a whole, it takes a team to make it all happen. Our current roster includes the following dedicated rescue pilots.

911 Operators

EvE-Scout Rescue Coordinators

All participants last 30 days, most recent first
  Cat Dog  Deputy Dimples
  Norm Stiger  Sparkler Cadelanne
  Arthaxess  oskarsh Rin
  Krallia Etug  Captain Crinkle
  Connor Enderos  Neor
  Guier Rollard  Tekufah
  Malinal  theta zik
  Mia Rosseb  Bayard Morning
  Salmon Putter  Nac Audene
  Soo-yeon Quixote  Glitch Ishikawa
  Loodsster  Adiere Maricadie
  Tanabius  Thelon Copperpot
  Troubled Watters  Alister Graut
  Renek Dallocort  Yuki Allerion
  Tamayo  Johnny O'Reilly
  Qifara Raholan  Henrique Arnolles
  Denara Kharma  Makoto Allerion
  Xalyar  Ghalmaraz
  pris Naari  Arathis Desera
  Sir Fiddle Sticks  Knoerp N'beekie
  Ace Rimmer Midumulf  Drake Inyaka
  Igaze  Alfred Rector
  Rogue Integer  Catbriar Chelien
  Gembree Miromme  MoneyPenny Miss
  Lord Lorem Ipsum  Tyzzw Illat
  Jewel Solette  Aldar Roanaok
  Catbriar Saissore  Allyanna Erquilenne
  Prosie Ituin  Pallyen
  Lauredil Severasse  Timea Aldeland
  A'Strange Game  Mark Egivandor
  Saya Tokido  Dai Jintsu
  Arthur Dentz  Basilio Molino
  Reynauld Lachapelle  Lixiana Vor'shan
  Lemon Elder  El Tejon Loco
  Lexington Braddock  Subject 51
  Rammar Adoulin  Telki
  Kerrji  Sanja Burus
  Bubu Brown  Rorqual Welch
  Dayves Skorvaan  John NoFear
  Das d'Alembert  Sunji Miyata
  Vega Blazar  Drogor Markilson
  Paetor Eriksfather  A-Khouri Mademoiselle
  Lazmi Shahni  Wailand Kincaid
  Dante DeLos Muertos  Richard Alistaire
  MicaNielsen  Bliss Dwellerya
  Juno Aster  Zap InSpace
  Cyber Kat  Holtogan Loga
  Agrichu Donilenus  Akennon Anninen
  Rikimaru98 Lee  Freya Tadaruwa
  Zak Cox  Kamiti Arcamer
  Vanessa Pacht-Feng  Aidan McKay
  Trey Kohlmunn  Damon Celestin
  Maxwell Kurvora  Nia Adari
  Does  Geary Aurgnet
  Mako Koskanaiken  Alicia Kaundur
  Shikkoken Kishunuba  Fire Animus
  Sway Nardieu  Kyr Thellere
  cutlass Thellere  Arturon Megumi
  Strax Solaran  Michael Dray
  Rayeth Sol  Loen Janeway
  Valor Surkouf  Angel Lafisques
  Paul Maud  Dagmar Maulerant
  Schnaps Tomazini  Sodosopaa en Divalone
  A Cairns  Kahlan Aurilen
  spacelordneo  Kafter Hekard
  Iolaus en Divalone  Tep Ormand
  miruxa  Santino Westo
  Pompilius Minius Julii  LDR Keikira
  Ben Kalkoken  Hain Ekumen
  Sun Smiles  Holly Folium
  Naxos  Trex Davis
  Hugh O'Neill  Rougarou