In early YC118, Forcha Alendare had a vision of a service that would provide a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style. This vision quickly grew to become the Rescue Cache program as we know it today. Originally managed manually via a spreadsheet and a web form, the program had humble beginnings, but nonetheless managed to capture the imagination of many Signal Cartel pilots.

In late YC118, Forcha decided to move on to activities that would potentially bring him into conflict with the Credo, so he chose to leave the corp. The program languished without anyone tending it, and corp and alliance leadership decided it was too valuable to be allowed to wither away. Thrice Hapus was brought in to manage day-to-day operations.

Since then, the program has grown to what it is today. What started as one rescue program has now grown to become an entire division within Signal Cartel and encompasses both Search and Rescue operations and the original Rescue Cache program. While Thrice oversees the division as a whole, it takes a team to make it all happen. Our current roster includes:

EvE-Scout Rescue Coordinators


Past Staff


All participants last 30 days, most recent first
  Luci Mari-Ni  Brondar Artrald
  Caepio  Auds Lennelluc
  witchking42  Tamayo
  Trnt  Mako Koskanaiken
  Captain Crinkle  Mzsbi Haev
  Leda  Jian-Mai Ling
  Druadi  Steve Stash
  Angel Lafisques  Iridon Arran
  Andrew Chikatilo  Shwoom
  Xalyar  Thrice Hapus
  Thera Gaze  miruxa
  Theana Gaterau  Horras How
  Thrases  Noeme Hucel-Ge
  Kazuhiro Yotosala  Enim Chakaid
  Lexington Braddock  Triffton Ambraelle
  Torch5Zero  Ghalmaraz
  Kylar Grange  Igaze
  Rorqual Welch  GalacticRobot
  Ksari Aumer  Zebek McKlau
  Vulgaro Sturnus  Este DeStirr
  Daniel Cunningham  Lauredris Maru
  Chaim Achasse  Kagome Tatsumaki
  Alex Laser  HIromoto San
  MoneyPenny Miss  Symone Hemanseh
  SolomonVoss Agalder  Quinn Valerii
  Shaya Cholmondeley  Arthaxess
  Scarsan Stripes  Aliza Kootz
  Lexxya Ormand  Synkor Teker
  Queuetoo  Incompetant Space Dandy
  Aaidan Celestine  Dagmar Maulerant
  Shinjin Vaille  Avalene Rallot
  Xavec  Mor Dovorot
  Annisir Kaugan  Suicide Perkies
  Davii Davinci von-Vinadeus  Ricky Rescuer
  Sinrei Naari  Pod Person
  Thor Miasmic  Ismael Caleb Echart
  Legendary Druss  Xerra Rune
  Lord Lorem Ipsum  Ren-Song Natinde
  Morte Fodonis  Odellia
  Heciu Masten  Johnny Splunk
  Holtogan Loga  Akennon Anninen
  Jane Paiyn  Atet
  AE Giant