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Gaetano Sizziano  rescued on YC126-Jul-22
Insanely quick service in a hole that wasn't scouted. Gigachads.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jul-22
New player that got stuck in a wormhole. Reached out to the guys here and they jumped in to get me out. So grateful

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jul-19
10/10 would get stuck again.

Redbeck  rescued on YC126-Jul-19
gas mining in and expensive ship and foolishly not swapped out a 4 bill pod had a little support frigate to cover escape should it be needed, popped out of the hole in the scan frigate when i came back opppp's no wormhole, so a lot of isk trapped in a c2 hole, called out a shout to Eve scout and the folk found me and got me out in under 48 hours, these guys are absolute legends. Pod changed and now all ships that worm hole carry a mobile with scan rigs and probes, lesson leant :)

Piotr  rescued on YC126-Jul-08
Got popped in a wormhole and stuck in the capsule, reached out to EvE-Scout rescue through their online form first being very skeptical, they DM'ed me in about 5 minutes asking for details and well within 24 hours had me located and escorted me back to normal space. These guys are awesome and they are doing a great service for EVE and its players! Thank you again for the assist!

Bishop Sterling  rescued on YC126-Jul-07
Ship lost, exit wormhole closed. I had expensive implants I was reluctant to lose so self destruct was not an option. What's a stranded capsuleer to do? I did some quick on-line research and discovered EVE Scout Rescue. After reading about the process and a few testimonials I figured I had nothing to lose, right? The operator was quick to connect with me, get my information (they knew which WH my capsule was in without me needing to tell them!) and also my contact information. My search and rescue took about a week and operators were always quick to let me know they were still looking for me. When I was found, a rescue operator messaged me directly and made my extraction super easy! I was back in K-Space within minutes! A quick shout out to the rescue operator that messaged me and flew me out from my wormhole. Their communication via chat in game was clear, concise, and super helpful. Nobody likes to ask for help and in EVE trusting a stranger is not easy (to say the least!) but the team at EVE Scout Rescue instilled trust from the start of the process all the way to the end. I hope you never need them but if you get stuck in J-space don't hesitate to contact them. Heck, their Discord channel and site have great tips and tricks to keep you from needing their services. o7 from this capsuleer!

Chira Shi Zushi  rescued on YC126-Jul-07
Who's dumb enough to send a scout in wormhole nextdoor without probes/launcher/mobile depot? Me :D, just sent a message to EvE-Scout and got out faster than expected, Thanks EvE-Scouts !!

Jyn-Erso  rescued on YC126-Jul-04
New Eve player, finally got the balls to go mine through a WORMHOLE! Thought I would be smart, started scanning down the Cosmic signal thing, finished it, unfit the probe launcher, fitted 2nd Strip miner. Went into wormhole, mined until full cargo on Retriever. STUCK!! Had NO idea what to do Warped all over the place trying to get out. DIDNT bookmark the entry wormhole (learnt this after being rescued, the dude rescuing me was SUCH a badass dude. Taught me a lot of KEY information to not get stuck again). He saved me got me back out and went on his way like the Main character in movies who doesnt look back at explosions. Didn't even want my few mil isk I got from mining! Such an amazing community and the fact that this service exists and isnt a hoax, is sooooo awesome!

milkyway miner  rescued on YC126-Jul-03
incredable I am bery glad I was rescued by theses lovely people though looking back on it what I had was not valuble enought to wait a week but I am still very thankfull

Adelaid Wolf  rescued on YC126-Jul-02
The greatest expirience in all my Eve life I didn't believe even possible! Not only they have found the specific W-system I was in, but they did it within almost 24 hours. The best guys in Eve!

Ket Ama'Kel  rescued on YC126-Jul-01
Stuck in worm hole with no scanner and no mobile depot. My corpsmates tried to find me but even though we had the system ID it was nigh on impossible to find the WH that connected. The entire time I was getting an EVEscout Rescue Station on my DS, but it was several days before it occurred to me to contact EVEscout and request a rescue. They acknowledged my request and asked me to hang in there till they could get to me. Now I know I could have just self destructed out of there, but my ship and it's cargo were worth a tidy sum and I was hopping to get home with it. To make a long story short, EVEscout found me and "fleeted" me out of there. I was many jumps from home, but my Prospect could get me there with little trouble. I am grateful for EVEscout for rescuing me and all that they do for capsuleers. Ironically, I screwed up on the way home. There was a gate camp and did not take precautions. Warped my cloaked ship too close to one of a hundred or so wrecks and "poof" I got podded. Lost the ship and cargo anyway. DUH!

Kalandra's Mirror  rescued on YC126-Jun-26
They saved me. I would kiss them if my breath wasn't so awful.

Hipoforakusz  rescued on YC126-Jun-25
Köszönöm, hogy megmentetted az életem és a hajóm Khacia Fides. Nagyon professzionális volt. Köszönöm. Translated: Thank you for saving my life and my ship Khacia Fides. He was very professional. Thanks.

Niliaen Nurikabe  rescued on YC126-Jun-24
After returning to Eve after a three year hiatus, I got myself into trouble exploring wormholes. I set my bookmarks to expire in three hours and lost them all before returning to relative safety. Time was ticking down as the server was about to reset in minutes. Fortunately, the Signal Cartel rescued me and got me home with a minute to spare! Thank you Signal Cartel! You saved me and hours of exploration research and made my return to Eve much more enjoyable.

Markus Laughton  rescued on YC126-Jun-18
I entered a wormhole and moved away from the entrance before saving its location. Eve Scout Rescue was able to get me out, saved my ship and its cargo. Not the first time I've gotten stuck and they've help me find the exit. Thank you everyone involved!

Skhaedi  rescued on YC126-Jun-18
Due to my lack of forethought I had found myself stuck in a C6 system and was unable to scan myself out. I contacted the Eve Scout operators and then simply waited until I was found. Once the system was located, the operators' simple and direct orders provided a quick and safe escape of J-space into a high-sec system. The whole process took very little effort from myself and I am very grateful to the Eve Scout operators for an amazing job done.

Minion Lee Cognatio  rescued on YC126-Jun-17
after being rolled into a hole with a expensive ship and pod i made a rescue message to eve scout asking for help, within a matter of 3-4 hours i received a message from there discord to answer a dm about a rescue attempt to get me out. i was successfully rescued and navigated to a place where i could dock my ship and find a suitable way to extract myself back home to my area of space... without their quick response I'm sure the major amount of isk would have been lost waiting or even self destructing within that hole.. 10/10 would recommend using this service

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jun-11
The scouts are super great! I was contacted very quickly by one of the helpertons and they were very professional and helped me figure out my options for getting back safe. I chose to wait for rescue and was rescued in just a few short days! I was extremely happy to keep my ship and I am very happy and pleased that these fine pilots are providing this great service o7

Nefertiti Hamunaptra  rescued on YC126-Jun-10
Thank you very much, I was scanning and lost the internet connection, when I came back I had no more tests and the wh was closed, thank you very much, a good, fast and reliable service.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jun-06
Unfortunately, I had all the equipment but no mobile deposit, so I waited for nearly a month for EVE Scout to search the thera through hole, they were very careful to escort me to thera, thank you very much.Everyone don't forget to bring the mobile deposit!!!

Sylvana Starfox  rescued on YC126-Jun-03
A long long ago in far, far EVE space was big mess up. It was an ordinary day in Eve. Our corporation has organized a big moon mine in nulls. Our CEO inviting all other pilots of corp to clean anomalies and cover our miners from random guests. Our scouts find short way to home through the wh C5 and C3 to hisec. I wasn't first who used this way, but I became last one. I decided that a player like me could skip these two systems without any problems. but Eva showed once again that stuff happen. Passing through the first wormhole, I found myself in c3. The scan showed me that Loki was flying towards me. I wasn't worried because I was flying on a Crane and there was no way to intercept me. Flying through the next wormhole, I found myself in c5. It looked empty. I warping to the last wormhole that was supposed to go to my home null, but me waiting big mess up. It collapsed or was closed. I had no choice but to go back. I returned to c3 and saw that the highsec exit had disappeared too. When I looked at cago hold, I realized that for the sake of a couple of ships, I laid out a mobile depot and a probeluncher. And now I'm stuck in this wh. I remembered that there is a corp that saves lost souls like me - Eva Scouts. I found their website, wrote a request and then followed the instructions and waited for their response. Less than 10 minutes later, the Khacia Fides contacted me, politely asked about my problem and said that would do everything to get me out of there. I don't really know how Khacia Fides does it, but through 30 min i was in lowsec and I was heading home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. God bless you. Have a great day and fly safe

A Necessary End  rescued on YC126-May-29
I Managed to get my character stuck in a C3 with a HS static in a drake with no way to fit modules so requiring a search and rescue, the ship wasnt worth much but i was also in a full +5 set , It was an absolute pleasure dealing with my two rescuers Catbriar and Toph due to me being from Zimbabwe so inbetween the two big TZ's and i am very greatfull for the job you guys do at Eve Scout. regards, A Necessary End

Neadekvatnii  rescued on YC126-May-28
I would like to say thank you for not giving up and taking the time to help + helped me figure out the interface. Even the language barrier didn't hurt) In general, thank you very much, I will try not to get stuck as far in the future as this time)

Raven Empress Jade  rescued on YC126-May-26
I once got ganked in Eve more than 10 years ago when I first started and I swore to never leave Hi-Sec and chose the life of the bubble baths and champagne. That was until recently when a friend of mine joined Eve and wanted to "bE aN eXpLoReR" and convinced me to take one of my collection battle cruisers out into wormhole space. I don't belong out there.. So we jump and immediately jump through another worm hole. We engaged a few targets and figured out, we suck at this. We tried to leave, and figured out the wormhole closed. We tried another worm hole and my friend got killed. I warped out and figured out... He was the only one with a scanner. So I now I am out there, and there are no jumpgates out there.. like what the heck??! I was moments away from pressing the self destruct button when I friend (who is usually smarter than me) sent me EvE-Scouts link. I sent the message and rolled my eyes and scoffed at the idea of someone answering. And then.. Fides reach out. Very professional and straight to the point he was like "Are you in a safe place!?.. Log out.. Don't worry Raven... I will fight off 100 of those triggy alien thingies to get you out" and all these other instructions. He was super friendly and very professional. And I was like.. "Oh M G". He had an army of scouts looking for wormholes and navigating stuff. He couldn't get me out that night ultimately, understandably... It took 3 days but they never stopped looking. I was weird out there. No scam message in public, or ships racing by, or industrial chatter and noise. It was strangely calming out there. While I was waiting there, I was able to look at their culture from their comms and waiting rooms.. This is literally what they do. Helping people.. And that is special. Thank you EvE-Scouts! Stay safe and fly well.. You guys are rockstars.

Olivia Artjan  rescued on YC126-May-18
I was scanning for Wormholes for a daily mission and found two wormholes. After decided to come back with a Venture for some mining, and warping to the Ore Site, my heart sinks because I suddenly realized that I had not saved the location for the exit. And I had no Core Scanners! I've never been lost in a Wormhole until this incident :^) So I reached out for help and received overwhelming reccomendations to ask for help from EvE-Scout Rescue. Asking for help from EvE-Scout Rescue was very easy and straightforward. I was rescued and didn't have to self destruct. My rescuer, Khacia Fides, was very professional and friendly. Shout out to Khacia and the team at EvE-Scout Rescue! Thank you for saving me! Would reccommend this service again 10/10!

Admiral Animosity  rescued on YC126-May-15
I am a returning player to eve and decided it would be a good idea to explore a wormhole without probes. Khacia Fides helped me find a way out without losing my ship and implants! I am extremely grateful for the assist!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-May-07
After 11 years not playing the game and 10 min of stupidity I was stranded for whole day in a wormwhole c17 only with my capsule but thanks to the professional help of Khacia Fides I was out for 25 min including all the chats discord etc Thank you guys !!!

Raas Daapthorn  rescued on YC126-May-06
I found the team to be professional and highly motivated to pull me out of a WH that I had forgotten to BM home and had no scanner or mobile depot on board. They were extremely fast in finding me which was highly appreciated by me as I had RL calling in a very short timespan. I cannot recommend the team highly enough. Raas.

Andy Mcfierce  rescued on YC126-May-02
II made the rookie mistake of not book marking my exit from a wormhole but luckily Khacia Fides was able to come and bail me out! Could not recommend EvE Scout's rescue program enough! It happens to all of us!

Hagenzo  rescued on YC126-May-01
I want to thank those tireless people who spent their precious time searching for the bungler hanging alone in the icy void of dead space. There should definitely be a “donate” button here for those who want to thank not only with kind words, but with money.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Apr-29
This was the first time me and my buddy went through a wormhole not knowing that Probe Scanners are a must for navigation in such an environment. The dispatcher was quick to respond to our request and send an operative to rescue us near the wormhole opening. Our first experience with EVE- Scout rescue has been very helpful in getting to know the basic navigating do's and don'ts in the EVE domain.

Mictro Maken  rescued on YC126-Apr-22
Eve Online, wormhole space can be very dangerous. The rewards are better then expected. Take regard, have the proper equipment when entering wormhole space. The prob scanner with probs, is your best bet to exit, make sure to bookmark the wormhole. Otherwise get a hold of Eve-Scout or self destruct. Your choice! Thanks to the team at Eve-Scout, especially Khacia Fides . I was rescued.

Nova Dracoris  rescued on YC126-Apr-18
While engaging some Sleepers, my navigation system suffered a massive lag spike, my controls stopped responding, and the screens froze for what seemed like an eternity, although it was only fifteen to twenty seconds. Suddenly the controls sprung to life and all my previous inputs cycled instantly but… there was a faint crackling sound through the audio system as my screens flickered and updated to show several Sleepers moving away and I realised… I was surrounded by the wreckage of my ship. I guess they saw no threat in my little pod, or maybe they just didn’t notice it floating there, so I warped off to a safe spot I had marked earlier, where I realised that I no longer had an exit from this wormhole. Fortunately, long range communication was working and I reached out to Eve-Scout Rescue. Within a few minutes they responded, took my details and put my wormhole on their search list. After two days I was informed they had found my wormhole and shortly after that, I was guided to an exit. Thank you to everyone at ESR. I have updated my Aura system to show all your members as friendly. Fly Safe o7

Gill Castell  rescued on YC126-Apr-18
Khacia Fides is an angel, I got lost in a wormhole and he took the time to rescue this fool. The truth is that this rescue service is very necessary when we no longer know what to rescue.

Christopher Fer  rescued on YC126-Apr-08
Hello, I've been gone for 6 years and logged in to see that I was in the middle of space with just my Rev. I heard about EVE scout from my corp and the cache that was in space. I made a 911 call out and Atvas Rotsuda got back to me. He was able to get into the WH I was in pretty quick. It took but a few days for SC to get me out. You guys are SUPER chads in my books.

Solstice Askiras  rescued on YC126-Apr-08
I made the mistake of diving into a wormhole without packing the appropriate luggage (mobile depot, core probe launcher, and probes) in a combat ship and found my exit had closed behind me. After trying to chase down the system static connection with my alt. and corp. mate support I reached out to the EvE-Scout Rescue for help. The support received from the rescue operator was fantastic: welcoming, polite, and helpful. Once I was found, they contacted me and got me safely to an exit. The fact that the EvE-Scout Enclave, as an in-game organization, makes their gameplay time about helping other players - all other players - is an incredible positive to the EVE community. Thank you again (and again) for your support, EvE-Scout Rescue. Fly safe friends! See you in amongst the stars. o7

MossyOG  rescued on YC126-Apr-04
Newbie attempt at exploring wormholes got me blown up. Was rescued and escorted out quickly and easily. Awesome group!! Thank you so much!

Goodeius Stahl  rescued on YC126-Apr-01
I would like to offer my wholehearted thanks to the pilots of EvE-Scout. I made a mistake of entering a WH that was close to collapsing. Of course it did, leaving me trap and ill prepared. However, thanks to this fine organization, I was able to escape with just a lesson learn instead of far more deadly consequences. I was lost for almost 2 weeks but the pilots of ES never stopped looking and once they had found me, they executed a fine escape plan through 2 different WH's, guiding me each step of the way. Thank you and I will be forever grateful that this wonderful organization exist.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Mar-29
I was afraid of losing everything I had and was afraid that they would kill me) But the people turned out to be as pleasant as possible and quickly took me to a safe place. I recommend it to everyone)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Mar-28
Only in Eve could there be a group of players who take it upon themselves to rescue stranded pilots. Amazing people and a great service for which I'm very grateful. Thank You.

Turrus  rescued on YC126-Mar-26
By a series of panicked maneuvers and jumps to escape an angry flock of combat probes and their insidious puppet master, I found myself cut off and lost, in the wrong wormhole, without probes, and in a pricey ship. I thought all was lost. I lamented for hours. I began to talk to my volleyball. But then I remembered those little rescue boxes floating around in wormholes. So I reached to Eve-Scout. The process was simple and secure and I was immediately put in the queue. They were a pleasure to work with and, in the end, my expensive craft and my precious cargo where rescued in only a day or two. I can't thank them enough for their invaluable service! Full marks!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Mar-15
Thank you to Xavec for finding my wormhole. My wait time was 5 days (2 days because of no pilot being available). I'm glad to be out and for using the services of Eve Scout Rescue.

Stiv Stivio  rescued on YC126-Mar-11
Your organization took me out of the wormhole J102946 03/08/2024. for which I am eternally grateful to Catbriar Saissore. People like you make the EVE ONLINE project special and distinctive. I got vivid impressions from my rescue, and I was convinced that there are people who care. Thank you!

Fernet ConCoca  rescued on YC126-Mar-04
very fast and safe, very friendly. It's really a pleasure to have this service. Thank you

Ansoro Otsada  rescued on YC126-Mar-01
i made a newbie mistake, entering a WH without bookmarking it's entrance, so i got stuck, and a brave pilot came to my rescue. Great service.

Bmal Id Yrral  rescued on YC126-Mar-01
The service was excellent and much quicker than I expected.

Dristal Oramai  rescued on YC126-Feb-26
Fast and efficient and managed to save my bacon. Went into a wormhole, mined some ice and discovered on the way back to unload that the wormhole closed on me leaving me stranded. I reached out and was in contact with someone within a few minutes. Luckily they were able to manage to find the wormhole I was in and help get me back to highsec all in one piece. Took about half an hour or so. Was worried I would have to sacrifice my ship and implants, but thanks to the Signal Cartel crew, I got out unscathed.

Erlendr Voidborn  rescued on YC126-Feb-25
I was saved despite being on a rookie ship! Full and selfless dedication to the cause, thank you EvE-Scout!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Feb-17
They swooped in, were profesional, kept me updated, and saved me!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

Kagutaba Shax  rescued on YC126-Feb-12
The help provided was nearly instant and professional. I was given few opton to choose from. Even tho the main searcher was not able to help me straight away he was stil able to pass the request to his subordinate. I can fully recommend EVE Scout rescue services. Life savers! (literally)

Leftius Maximus  rescued on YC126-Feb-12
Good Day Ben, Yes I would love to leave a testimonial as the service was amazing and so helpful. I'm pretty much always doing PvP in WH space with my homies in MARAKUGA so if y'all would ever like to get in on that please let me know or if you need some help I'd love to help. Y'all were very, very helpful and i can't sing y'alls praises enough. I explained I had over 900 mill worth of crap in my DST and would have been a very nice KM but it wasn't like that at all. At first I was very suspect but had not other options so I figured hey lets roll the dice. I'm glad I did. After three short days I was free and the pilot who lead me to high sec didn't even try to charge me. I tipped him 100 mill because it's an awesome service worth the tip. Fly safe Ben and the rest of Signal Cartel, please let me know if you need help killing, me and my homies will be there :D Warmest Regards, Leftius Maximus

Equus Aureus  rescued on YC126-Feb-05
Eve Scout bailed me out! I got myself stuck in a WH because of dumbness, first time after years of playing and I can't even blame the booze. I just forgot to put an mobile depot and scanning gear in my ship. Dumb. I put out the help call because the clone I was using had a bit of bling in its head and I didn't want to lose it (mistake number 2). The folks at Eve Rescue had me out in about 15 minutes. I am very gratefull and can't sing their praises highly enough. Thanks folks.

Jyotsana  rescued on YC126-Jan-29
Very pleasant experience. Got stuck on a NPSI fleet when the chain collapsed on both sides. Reached out , got contacted within minutes, and escorted out a few days later in less then a minute. Would get stuck again, A+ service.

Lightter  rescued on YC126-Jan-21
Lovely group, quick and professional, saved my ship in no time!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jan-16
Very fast and very helpful! My saviour patiently calmed me down and warped with me back to K-Space. 10/10 would recommend!

Fallyn Pha'Thyr  rescued on YC126-Jan-15
Catbriar flew to my WH and rescued me! He went through a number of other options first, patiently and measured, and made sure I was in a safe place. WOW!!! You people rock. I'm noob for now - I gave only $1M, but I won't forget this. AND I learned multiple valuable lessons!!!

Pan Klobaska  rescued on YC126-Jan-14
Got rolled out (dumb of me) without any scaner or depo or anything like that, submited to EVE scout and in few days they have found me. This wasnt the first time the rescued me. People are saying they it takes EVEscout forever to find them but its random, in experience it never took more than week, but again its random, they are not everywhere.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jan-04
Second time using wh rescue service. Was stuck in C5 and it did take a week but I was found and rescued on my slow hauler with corp stuff. You guys are the True Space Knights in Eve, embodying what knights-men of honor stood for i.e. sense of duty and desire to help those in need. I wish you guys continue your mission for as long as we have Eve. Thanks!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-Jan-03
I got stuck in J150320, but they helped me for this, THANKS a LOT to all the participants!!!!!

Aeskelar Gemulus  rescued on YC126-Jan-03
I got stuck in a wormhole half an hour before downtime. My own fault because I forgot to bookmark the entrance, but who hasn't done that? I contacted the Eve-Scout channel and had an instance response. They were able to get me out before downtime. I was supper happy!

Des Black  rescued on YC126-Jan-02
Awesome service! There is nothing to hate about this program! Love every process of it and continue to save capsulerers like us!

Luvinum  rescued on YC126-Jan-01
Hab mich an was neues gewagt und bin unvorbereitet ins Wurmloch geflogen und gestrandet. Kurz im Browser nach einer Lösung gesucht und auf Rescue 911 gestoßen. Danach kurz überprüft wie der Ablauf ist und einen Notruf abgesetzt. Danach bin ich auf den Discordserver und durch die zuvorkommende Hilfestellung und bisschen Glück den die Scout hatten konnte ich nach sehr kurzer Zeit wieder den Bekannten Raum erreichen. Also nächste mal hab ich ein Mobile Depot dabei (und/oder genug Probes) Danke für alles. Good Job

Elseer Radak  rescued on YC126-Jan-01
Hi Folks, Recently Eve-Scout save my bacon! Further they were super polite when they helped me out!!! I had come back to eve quite recently and went scanning and found a worm hole I thought I would go into . I went in with my trusty little Dominix. Then I realized I could not get out as I had not fitted a probe scanner let alone brought any probes with me. So I had trapped myself! a Quick google later and someone jumped in and got me out. it was simple, effective and a bit fun!! Thanks Eve-Rescue!!!

Vosaullen Olerie  rescued on YC126-Jan-01
I forgot to bookmark the exit to the wormhole. I used this site and they showed up to warp me out within 15-20 minutes. Much appreciated!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Nov-30
You guys are the best, thank you so much for rescuing me recently from wormhole space. I thought that was going to take forever but looking back, you found me within 24 hrs. Keep it up (please, cause I know me).

git el  rescued on YC125-Nov-27
Hi, I recently got lost in a retriever in a deep stanky wormhole., I went into the Rookie chat and someone linked me to your site!! I thought ..this is bait!!!...did a little research,, and they are real??!!! The website had a distress/emergency button so I hit that ., Within 5 minutes some smooth-talking blonde avatar appeared.. suavely, asked me some,, rudimentary questions, and warned me not to share any information on the discord until a professional,,!!!! contacted me. informing me that I should.. "enter" their Discord...and await further instructions.., I did just that, rather excited at the experience. I was told it could take up to a week...woe is thee and the tale of our Hero Git !!! Each day I would log in, get my daily OFC and check how dark and stinky the hole was....I'm telling you it was dark and very...very stinky, and check to see if there was an exit., Day 4!! Thinking it's over!!! I'm going to lose my baby, 3.30 am!!! Eve time... I'm more tired than tired, About to give up on her and self-destruct in the morning.... saddened.. funeral, arrangements to be made...friends to to know.,, Then..PING!! discord and in-game private message and fleet request...who from? a pirate...Probably someone to merc me.... No... a head made of Gold!!!.....the light..I can't quite make out the portrait due to the gold shining jacket...My eyes clear from being teared up at the thought of losing my baby...we have been in some really TIGHT..STANKY wormholes I can tell you..... ...They are wearing vision clears...only to be blurred once again by the awesome overwhelming sight before me!! Who was this shining golden GOD of mercy!!!??? It was none other than... ACE RIMMER!! Who else could get me out of a skanky deep dark hole ... we are talking 4 days deep into that know it's deep, admit the depth!! He was as fast as lightning!! He was smooth!!! He was suave!! And yes..damn it!! he was SEXY!! He knew I was an Engineering corp and started calling me " Spanners" from the get-go!! Ace , "Hello Spanners... heard you got yourself into the deep dark ...well outright stinky hole...", Me , " My God!! it's Ace!!! please can I have your autograph?!!!" Ace," Sorry no time for pleasantries Spanners!!.. there's A hole right here and I need to squeeze you through it."....WHAT A GUY!!! ME, " Thanks so much ACE!!! is there anything I can do to reciprocate?" Ace, " Just smoke me a Kipper...I'll be back for breakfast " And that was it !! he was gone!! ,,, I tipped the Corp !! What and exsperiance...WHAT A GUY!!! Git el.,

Sobieski Taranogas  rescued on YC125-Nov-22
I just want to say that Eve-Scout are literal life savers. If you find yourself stuck in a wormhole, give these guys a call. Few weeks back I took my Astero in to do some combat sites and like a moron, forgot to bookmark the exit. Nothing says panic like the thought of self-destructing a $150 million ship not to mention implants. I put in a call on the website and within less than 10 minutes I was out. Response time was almost immediate. Used them one other time when mining and the wormhole collapsed. Thanks guys, you are the best.

Pancakes Aurilen  rescued on YC125-Nov-21
Craving some pancakes I looked to my shelves but I was out of everything (even the maple syrup). Desperate I opened my wallet and realized I was out of ISK. I raced out in my scout in an attempt to find some quick ISK and was over joyed to find a nearby Vast Core Reservoir. Visions of fluffy pancakes flashing through my mind I reshipped into my Huffer and headed vacuum up that sweet sweet gas. Sadly upon splashing the hole I was rudely ejected from my day dream of stacks of pancakes. The hole had been VOC and as it collapsed behind me I discovered I had forgotten I had sold my depot last week for more Maple Syrup. Shaking my head at the brain fog caused by my lack of pancakes and maple syrup I called up Eve Scout's. Hopping against hope that they would find me and allow me to enjoy those juicy pancakes once again. In no time at all they discovered my wormhole and graciously escorted me back out to the closest HS system (which just so happened to be right next to a entry wh for my beloved pancake house.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Nov-19
I'm the CEO of a WH corp, so me getting stuck on the wrong side of a rolled hole with no probes is deeply embarrassing - but when I reached out to Signal Cartel, I heard from them in minutes, and there was no judgement (although we did crack some jokes about it). The 911 operator located me quickly, and much to my surprise offered to escort me to HS from the NS exit we had to take - I declined but it really impressed me to offer. Can't recommend these guys highly enough.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Nov-07
eve-scout really understood how hopeless it felt to be stuck in a hostile system in a capital ship. Even with an active eviction ongoing in the system, they managed to let my carrier escape through a low-sec connection in just a week. I couldn't thank them more!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Nov-06
I was exploring with another player and when they went through a WH it closed behind them. I was stranded in a C4 with no direct High or Lo connection. I contacted EvE-Scout and within a few minutes he contacted me, and within another 15 he was inside the same WH I was, with only 2 jumps to a High-Sec system. This is an amazing service, and literally saved my entire day so that I could continue to play.

Superstar  rescued on YC125-Nov-05
[17:57:21] Frisk Understair > outstanding save from this guy..... top notch service and i recommend to all.

Heather Stewart  rescued on YC125-Oct-20
Got caught in a wormhole after getting the ship shot out from under me. A couple of these guys saved my butt, came in and got me out. They are awesome! Keep these guys on speed dial of you frequent wormholes.

Icarus Casablancas  rescued on YC125-Oct-16
I jumped into the wormhole with my cloaky and deadly Prospect and as soon as the D-Scan cycled, it was there... a shiny venture doing gas. I got excited... too excited maybe? well yes, I warped and forgot to bookmark my exit. Not the smartest, blame it on the thrills of another kill. Did it die? No, I suck... and I was now stranded in nowhere, with no one, alone, sad, dark. Then I remembered EVE Scout... could these guys really deliver? Oh boy, and they did. Responded fast, gave easy-to-understand instructions, and got me back home in the blink of an eye. I am now a fan. Thanks for the help guys! Icarus.

Okeen Hoake  rescued on YC125-Oct-16
WH closed on me, much to my dismay. Your rep guided me out within 30min. I would have been lost for hours for sure! Got me back to known space and within 9 jumps of home. How rockin' is that??!!

Sumo Oriki  rescued on YC125-Oct-16
My first experience with Eve Scout Rescue were very good, i have nothing to complain.I am pretty new to eve on wwent into an Wormhole and somehow i got trapped in there, but thankfully on of my corp members mentioed the Eve Scout Rescue Program. I felt very welcomed and everyone were very nice to me, the comunication were also pretty nice. I´ve also joined the Eve Scout Discor and i have to say there i felt also very welcomed and i personally like the most the Eve Observatory on the discord. If i could give stars it would be defenetly a 5 star review. And if i someday get in the same situation i would defenetly take this service again.

DaanUlVur  rescued on YC125-Oct-15
I got trapped in a WH system when the WH I'd used collapsed after my fleetmates passed through it. I'd remembered seeing Dad Dex doing a video on him being rescued by EvE Scout, so I followed his instructions in the video and got in contact immediately once I'd warped to a safe spot and cloaked up. I unfortunately did not have a launcher or a mobile depot at the time, but I have picked some up since I was rescued. I have also been doing my best to teach my corpmates what I have learned from the experience. Highly recommend that anyone who gets trapped get in contact. The help was very much appreciated, thanks to the team for helping out!

Guimauve Essu  rescued on YC125-Sep-18
I mistimed an EOL exit hole and I got stuck with my mining fleet in. Thankfully Eve-Scout took me out within a week—very accommodating people, recommended.

Heather Stewart  rescued on YC125-Sep-09
You guys are awesome. I got stuck in a sleeper wh after getting my ship shot out from under me. And of course, the first time I forgot to mark an exit. Zap Inspace and Samari Arila Enaka got me out. The original WH closed and I couldn't warp to Zap. They worked it out and rescued me.Thanks Guys!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Sep-03
The rescue team is amazing. I can't thank them enough. I was stuck out in J-Space, lost track of time mining and my exit went poof. Heard about Rescue-911 from friends and figured I'd give it a try cause had nothing to lose (yes I know, I didn't bother with depot/probes... cause what could happen...) I was hesitant because it seemed too good to be true. Who would rescue us just be nice and not just gank us? These folks. Within minutes I was pinged, walked me through everything and started getting to work. I was lucky and they had a possible chain. They scanned me down within 20mins. Twenty minutes! Definitely not expected and much appreciated. o7

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Aug-13
Everything was pretty smooth, I got rescued in a short time lapse, and the instructions were clear

Drana Morticia  rescued on YC125-Jul-25
Went into the drifter wormhole, and when my brain went ''oooo shiny'' for the Sisters of Eve Flotilla landmark, I forgot to save my exit. On D-scan i saw a Cache and thought i'd give the service a try. I think within a minute, a representative (Kuroha Hitomi) shot me a message and we established where I had stranded. Within 20 minutes with back and forth convo and keeping me up to date on the amount of jumps, we fleeted up and I was able to warp to the entrance and safely get out. Thank you for this amazing service! Keep it up, I hope you get the recognition you deserve! O7

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jul-24
I requested help to be rescued after getting totally stranded inside a WormHole. I had no launcher, probes, mobile storage... They quickly contacted me to assess the situation. They told me that it would take approximately 7 days on average to locate me. Finally it was 8 days. They told me by email that they had located me. Immediately afterwards, I contacted EvE-Scout again and a few minutes later one of his pilots I'was extracting of the wormhole where I was. I have not thought how they did it, but I think it's amazing. Congratulations to the team and EvE-Scout! Magnificent!

Ferrimm Hattori  rescued on YC125-Jul-18
Eve Scout was super helpful, they were able to locate two of my stranded characters in a hostile wormhole within two weeks of my request; then were able to quickly and safely scout me out of the hole the same day they found me. I would recommend this awesome service/group to anyone. Make sure you tip your rescuer/make a donation to these awesome people!

Karl vonMox  rescued on YC125-Jul-16
There I was, all excited to take my little miner into WH space to go after a good amount of Gneiss. At 3800 ISK per unit, I was looking at 3 million+ ISK every 10 minutes. Not bad for me. Since the WH entrance was in hi-sec, the plan was to come and go until I was forced to leave or exhausted the Gneiss. I went in and went directly to the asteroid belt when I realized in my excitement, that I had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole. Oh damn. I had thought about this possibility in the past and it was really my worst nightmare. I did not have a scanner or probes on this miner, so I was literally lost in space. I thought about reaching out to anyone in the system and asking them to kill me so that at least I would clone back in my home base. But before engaging in this player-assisted suicide, I decided to park my little miner and off-game I Googled: “stuck in eve wormhole space, what do I do?” or words to that effect. A link to the Eve rescue squad of the Signal Cartel came up. A simple website 911-like. I completed the short questionnaire and within minutes someone made contact and offered to come over and rescue me from my own stupidity. How about that? The guy had to go through I don’t know how many jumps and find the correct wormhole – there were three in the hi-sec system. Which he did, always in contact with me. He then expertly shared a bookmark so that I could get out. I was saved. Unbelievable. He was professional, courteous, super helpful, and even funny. I believe this is by far the best and most positive experience I have had living and working in New Eden. Great organization. Truly first class.

GANGSTA NUTZ  rescued on YC125-Jul-16
It went very smooth, it only took a few minutes and there was nothing too extra that happened. The pilot helping me was very friendly and helpful and got me out of the wormhole safely.

Intrar Yah Dethahal  rescued on YC125-Jul-11
it was good the staff was friendly but the staff had questions as to why i paid him it seems like your staff are volunteers

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jul-04
The request for help was responded to promptly with help on the way shortly thereafter. Eternally grateful

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jul-03
Rescue team were quickly dispatch under 15 minutes and start looking the way for me. The extraction protocol is also great to avoid any ganker and camper. o7

Cain Tekitsu  rescued on YC125-Jul-02
The rescue did take some time however as it was a c5 wormhole that is completely understandable. Service was exemplary and the rescue pilots made sure I was safely out before leaving themselves. Would certainly recommend!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jun-30
Someone nice just showed me how to get out myself! Great help for newbie like me! Appreciate it much.

General commando  rescued on YC125-Jun-23
They listen and do exceptional work.

Vhyrus Real  rescued on YC125-Jun-12
Another day I tryed to enter a wormhole with a cheap Incursus. Was my first time, everything was calm there, I didint bokmark the exit point. Then some rats kill me and I have no clue how to get out of the wormhole, without probes or ship. Searching in the google for a solution I foubd the EvE-Scout link in a forum. I contact them and in minutes they come to rescue me. Was a great relief! I fortunaly did bokmarked the high sec side of the wormhole, I wonder how they wold find me withouth it, but Im sure they wold manage. Thanks guys and congratulations for the great initiative!!

Solange  rescued on YC125-Jun-12
That's the best service made by the players ingame. Thank you Eve Scout team!

Uzala  rescued on YC125-Jun-04
I got into a difficult situation in WH. I was extracting gas on Prospect when the entrance to WH suddenly disappeared. I sat there for twenty-four hours vainly crying for help. Then I turned my attention to the EvE-Scout Rescue Cashe container. I turned to their website and they very quickly sent me a person (Amulius Orientis ) to help me. He found this WH and got me out of there! He helped me a lot!!! Thank you very much!!!

Asela Orti  rescued on YC125-May-31
these beautiful people who ended my 5 days stuck in the wormhole. Love and support this group, which tries to fulfill its duties with pure kindness without expecting anything in return.

junk guy  rescued on YC125-May-18
I was rescued in less than a week and got myself and all my alts safely!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-May-17
Rescued me much sooner then I expected. Had pilots at every navigation point, ready to escort me out, even dropped me 10 jumps out from Jita! Wonderful rescue, 10/10 would get rescued again

Honey Angel  rescued on YC125-May-17
Thankyou Eve Scout Rescue. You were so generous with your time and so polite & patient with me... and you got me out of a hopeless situation after I had made a mistake and left my scanning equipment behind. You guys are awesome! :)

clangaroo  rescued on YC125-May-16
So helpful! I submitted a ticket on the website and got a message in less than 3 minutes. If you're lost out in j-space CALL THESE GUYS!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-May-02
Thanks guys. They got me out pretty quickly.

Admiral Cutting  rescued on YC125-May-01
Made the mistake and didn't mark the exit to the wormhole contacted eve_Scout and was in contact with an agent in less than 10 min gave him the last location i was located and he showed up and led me right out back into normal space so glad this service is available I am 6 days new and thankful they were there

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-May-01
This was one of my best ever experiences in EvE. The rescuers were exceptionately polite and effective, they made me feel calm and confident that I was going to get out, and they were quick to respond. Everything went smoothly, and the rescue was a success. I was just in a Venture, so it wouldn't have been a great loss if I self destructed, but it was more about the feeling of being helpless, and the rescue team made that go away withing minutes. They responded quickly and professionally, and in a broader sense they reinstated my faith and optimism towards people. I can't recommend them enough.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Apr-28
I got out safely and quickly! It was like I was never there!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Apr-18
In a far far galaxie called New Eden, 2 experienced pilots will get into trouble... - Hello Commander. I'm reporting a hole leading to dangerous J-Space in the next system. - Hello Pilot. Can you tell me regular informations about this hole ? - Yes sir. It's an XL hole leading to C5 J-Space. Unfortunatly, i'm only able to scout you in in order to make it collapsing. I actually have no scanners - Excellent. Let me get into my carrier and go on. I'll be warping to you in 1:30. - Roger. I'm on hole and waiting orders. Few moments pass and the carrier lands onto the maledicion. Carrier Commander tells the scout to jump in and get a safe spot not far from the hole. - Sir, I'm in position inside the hole. Nothing on D-Scan. Nothing visible. All lights seem green. - Roger pilot. i'll jump in. And the carrier jumps into the hole. But as soon as he lands in, the scout yells and tells his Commander that the hole just collapsed behind him. The 2 pilots are now trapped in there. - Sir ! we will die here ! No way to get out alive for sure ! says the scout, starting to very bad tripping the thing. - Pilot ! Remain calm please. we won't die in here. We are trapped here, yes, but there is a solution : store your vessel into my Ship Mantenance Bay and self-destruct yourself in order to get yourself out to your clone. Then get some help for me to find a way out for the ships please. The pilot followed Commander's orders and get in touch with Eve-Rescue. The carrier has to wait for some long days alone in the dark, cloaked. He even starts to get his batteries on save mode in order to get his survival systems remaining the longest time it could. Finally, some light lights up on the carrier's command board : nearby ship wants to communicate with the carrier on an encrypted channel that only his followers know the way in. - Hello Sir ! I guess you need a way out of here, as said by your scout. Can you here me ? The carrier remains silent, not sure to answer or not. He finally answers the Eve-Rescue pilot. - Hello pilot. Decline your identity please ? The Eve-Rescue Pilot declines his identity and find a way to make the Carrier trusting him. Unfortunatly, the Pilot did not know it was a Carrier and he admit he was not experienced enough to open the route to such a ship. He then call for reinforcment of some other pilots to get that carrier out. After few minutes, the carrier get out into Null Security space and get free of that horrible hole. The Carrier Pilot now knows why he never opened fire on an Eve-Rescue pilot. He did well. He would never know he could be in need of such a service... all of this only due to tiredness after his rude day, he missed the mains informations and got trapped.

Andrew Tate VII  rescued on YC125-Apr-17
As a new player in EVE Online, I was eager to explore the vast reaches of space and uncover the mysteries that lay within. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I found myself stranded in the treacherous and bewildering wormhole space, with no scanning equipment and no way to find my way back home. I was utterly lost and feeling hopeless, fearing that I would be stuck in this unknown realm forever. That's when EVE Scout Rescue swooped in to save the day! Their team of skilled pilots, who dedicate their time and expertise to rescuing stranded players like me, came to my rescue in a flash. Despite the challenging circumstances, they remained calm and professional, guiding me through the complexities of wormhole space and helping me navigate my way out. Their knowledge of wormhole space was astounding, and their scanning abilities were unmatched. Even though I had no equipment or experience, they patiently taught me how to use scanning probes and how to locate the exit wormhole. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, and I couldn't have made it out without them. But it wasn't just their skills that impressed me. The EVE Scout Rescue team's dedication and passion for helping others were truly awe-inspiring. They went above and beyond to ensure my safety and well-being, staying with me every step of the way and never giving up, even when the situation seemed dire. Thanks to EVE Scout Rescue, I was able to make it out of wormhole space and return to the safety of known space. Their selflessness, professionalism, and expertise were truly remarkable, and I am incredibly grateful for their assistance. They embody the true spirit of EVE Online's community, where players help players, and I will forever be thankful for their heroic efforts in rescuing me from the depths of wormhole space. If you ever find yourself lost in the vastness of space, EVE Scout Rescue is the beacon of hope you can rely on to guide you home. They are the true heroes of New Eden!

Menkar Anteres  rescued on YC125-Apr-09
I scanned down my first worm hole with my Heron then warped to it and as trying to figure out if I could go inside. I had bookmarked it and warped away. I seen another lonely cosmi signature right out from my home station and decided to scan it down aswell. I warped to it again and could not figure out how to enter. I warped back to my home station and docked. I had switched to my cormorant and undocked the curiosity got me so I warped to the wormhole and this time I seen how to enter so I did and WOW was a different universe inside I jumped around inside looking at all the targets tried to attack a few but had to warp away I was out gunned in there. Then I was wondering where the exit was. Hummm no clue freaked out and searched EVEUnI and HAHA have to die to get out because my cormorant has no probes fitted. My alliance sent the link for your service and was rescued!!! thanks Catbriar Chelien

Mr Hugh Jaenis  rescued on YC125-Apr-03
So got trapped in a hole, for a couple of days, and couldn't get out. I decided that it was time to reach out to Eve-Scout and see if they could do anything to help me out. After following the steps in their channel I eagerly awaited the in-game contact, which didn't take long, 2-3 minutes maybe. We chatted and they were very clear on what steps to take and what options I had. After choosing my option and telling the Agent, I imagined what there HQ must look like, papers flying around offices, Star map analyzed and then reanalyzed. Until a few moments later my daydreams are interrupted by the Agent saying there's a chain of 20 systems that lead to this hole. They start to make their way to save me. I feel for them. 20 jumps through WHs knowing that any one hole collapsed and the mission would no be completed tonight.I would get updates as the pilot made their way through space.15 jumps out. 10. 5 jumps out. Couple more. 1 more. Then came the bad news, the next hole had collapsed. I was then again given more options. I chose my option, joined Discord and waited for to call. I'm never getting out of this hole I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep that night. Little did I know but by the time I woke up they had somebody in my hole ready to extract me. Overjoyed did not even begin to describe how I was feeling. I will be recommending Eve-Scout to anyone that I come across. Thank you for you help once again!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Apr-03
I apologize in advance for using a translator and not having smooth writing skills. I'm a newbie who started less than a month ago. Stuck in a wormhole without a probe launcher. For the first three days after being trapped, I tried to find the wormhole on my own by searching for the wormhole on the EVE SCOUT site and the ALT that was not trapped in the wormhole, but in the end, I got tired of myself, so I searched the Internet and requested a rescue with this EVE SCOUT RESCUE. Shortly thereafter, the rescuer contacted me. He kindly asked me about my current situation, told me several ways to get out of the wormhole and how long it would take to rescue (5-8 days), and told me that I needed a lot of luck. I'm sorry because it was the first boat I bought with a lot of money, but I asked for a rescue request, and he accepted it without hesitation. After 2 days, I got a call that I had found the wormhole I was trapped in, and I was able to get out safely. who was in take care of me The rescuer kindly taught me until I left, and I am deeply grateful to the rescuers who came to find me.

Kira Thorn  rescued on YC125-Mar-20
There I was, a nosey little pilot who just wanted to take a brand-new Magnate Navy Issue for a spin. To make a long story short, the story involved taking a risk at a ghost site, a ‘rolled up’ entry wormhole (a phrase that I hadn’t heard before), and three wormholes further into J-space, of which I didn’t make bookmarks while I still had the chance, but stupidly decided to log out and those losing all the information that could helped my rescue. I ended up drifting in w-space, wondering whether I should just blow up my pod or ask those scouts, whose crates drift through every j-system, for help. Choosing the latter, the only information I could provide was the name of the system. The system within only two or three days, though finding a proper way proved to be and even greater challenge. Two rescue attempts failed, one because the natives rolled up the wormhole before we could enact the rescue, the other because of time zone issues; the route was obsolete before I did log in. Nevertheless, my saviour didn’t let up, holding out in the wormhole in which I was trapped, eventually found a wormhole straight into low sec, near to Dodixie, through which I could run. The dedication to getting me out safely, and never letting me up even though the circumstances made it difficult, was utterly amazing.

Cpt Arcaeus  rescued on YC125-Mar-20
This is the 3rd time i've used the Eve-scout team. I love their work. The effort they put in, to place rescue caches in more than 50% of K-space is clearly a labour of love. Regardless of what you think about them, the proof is in the pudding. The time may vary on how long it takes to find you. But if you are lost, they will find you. Efficient, courteous and friendly during the process. I will donate more often and continue to call out if i need their help. CA.

DallTheGreat  rescued on YC125-Mar-07
These people are the real MVPs, seriously. As a daytripper, these guys have been my heroes time and time again. They do it for free, they do it with a smile, they work hard. I love and appreciate all the hard work they put in, saving my from my self-inflicted demise.

Marcus Todd  rescued on YC125-Mar-07
At first I was a skeptic on the operation. I was stuck in a WH and applied to ESR and read the terms. Each step of the way, it became more and more clear that the space nerds had my best interests at heart. The instructions were clear, the responses were prompt and they communicated exactly what they wanted me to do and when to do it as if they were some kind of Eve tech support team. Xavec was the secret agent that guided me along to my rescue and I would like to acknowledge him with my thanks and a well done. The entire process took only two days-I was prepared to wait a lot longer because this IS a video game and people have other things they want to do. To do this out of the goodness of your hearts because this is what you enjoy makes this game what it is. Bless your hearts and thank you so much for rescuing us donuts lost in space. o7

Inocelda  rescued on YC125-Mar-06
I had the most wonderful experience with the EVE Scout Rescue team! I am new to the game and didn't know to bookmark the wormhole location before traveling around so I could get back out. On top of that, I got attacked by the "Drifters" NPCs and my ship was destroyed. I had no idea how to get back to civilization so I asked in the Rookie Help Chat in-game, when they referred me to this group. The website was easy to submit a ticket and within a few minutes, a member of their team sent me a private message in-game, letting me know that they were on their way to escort me out. I was amazed by the dedication of the team, considering they were 20 jumps away from my location and willing to travel so far to help me out, with no expectation of any reward in return. After I had safely made it out of the wormhole, I even offered to reward them with some ISK but they refused, insisting that I instead save my ISK to buy a new ship. As a new player that has only played EVE for approximately 1 week, this experience has given me a lasting good impression of the game, knowing that people as kind as this are out there. I will definitely recommend this group to others in the future and hope to return the favor one day.

Butler Lofful  rescued on YC125-Mar-03
I had committed the ultimate WH sin, forgive me BOB, getting stuck on the wrong side of a hole; after some bad math....Without a mobile depot. All options failed and a safe logoff was required in order to stay sane. Luckily Eve Scout Rescue kept looking for me and about 2 weeks later I was finally free again! Every step was clear and helpful. Thank You Eve Scout, Butler

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Feb-19
I got stuck in a system where there was no one, someone closed the entrance behind me. I saw the container, wrote to the chat. I was contacted and given instructions. And the very next day a man flew in and took me to the exit))) I am very glad of such a rescue) Thank you for helping those in trouble)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Feb-14
Hello! I am very grateful for the help, in finding an exit from WH system. It was a stupid mistake to enter the wh system without probe scanners in expencive ship. MAny thanks for help!

Atlantis1976  rescued on YC125-Feb-05
Very pleased with the job of getting me out of the WH, it took a long time but I could use my alt a bit that I havent used in a while so there was no hurry! learned a bit about the WH that I didnt knew before as well!

Amarthus  rescued on YC125-Jan-23
Entered from high sec in mining barge without mobile depot and forgot to bookmark exit. Learned my lesson. Rescued within few minutes. Great service, thank you !

Dodgey Sen  rescued on YC125-Jan-22
10/10, fast and helpful both times i needed it

rufus vonimore  rescued on YC125-Jan-17
the eve scout group was very effective and helpful is saving when i was in distress when i was trapped in a wormhole. some players in a wormhole chat in eve discord provided me a link so that i could get in the chat for eve scout to inform on my current situation. everyone invloved was very kind and explained to me on how it went for searching and gave me an idea of time for how long the rescue would take. and when they found my wormhole they worke dwith me for time secdule to free me and made sure I was not ganked in the process. if anyone is need of help i reccomend eve scout when trapped in wormholes and to know that these pepople here are good and very glad to give this review. thank you to everyone that helped me

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jan-16
o7 I am a returning player and made the mistake of wanting to get rich fast with a barge in WH. Little that I know, the WH would close as soon as a took the jump. Pod express sounds like a more viable option after 10 days of waiting patiently however the team in discord kept reassuring "..its only a matter of time". Keeping the faith in the team, I finally got rescued. The ship that I was in holds a sentimental value since back then, hence podexpress wasn't going to be an easy choice. Signal Cartel services are top notch, professional and efficient. Please support them!

Carcillian  rescued on YC125-Jan-16
As a newbro who didn't realize a WH was ready to close behind me, I got my first ever c3 ratting ship trapped.... but eve scout was able to find me and lead me to a lowsec system really quickly - it's amazing!

Sexy Alisa  rescued on YC125-Jan-09
To those of us who get strangled in the deepest part of the eve universe without any knowledge of what lies beyond the void. Takes the leap of faith with their ships to explore Worm Holes but sometimes destiny can be cruel and shows her attitude with a little bit of twist. This is when EVE Scout can come to your help. Dear strangers who got lost in the vast WH system of the eve can be confident when they get lost EVE Scout is always there to help them. I was one of those explorers when I got stuck inside the WH, I believed with my heart that EVE Scout will rescue me. So if you doubt EVE Scout service don't ever doubt their professional method of rescuing explorers. They will always help you.

Kamena Drumer  rescued on YC125-Jan-04
I was solo WH mining like the newb that I am. I mixed up the WH waypoints, thinking I had the saved location. I get to the ore deposits and find rats. As I prepared to rabbit, I look at my waypoints and don't see the entrance or any other. I didn't know to keep a probe on me. No one from my Corp was able or willing to help at the time. But within a couple minutes my 911 call was accepted. Your agent spent at least 30 minutes warping and scanning to get me out safely! I cannot thank Signal Cartel enough!

Sting Reaper  rescued on YC125-Jan-03
Im relatively new, and my issue wasnt that i was "stuck." I was experiencing my 3rd ever wormhole exploration and had finally had my first ever good haul in eve. I had both a mixture of gas, ore, and ratting materials. I misjudged a combat zone and took massive damage to both my main ship and my assist ship that left 2 of my 3 ships with under 20% structure left. I decided i pushed my luck enough and it was time to go.... until i realized my wormhole exit was gone... My inexperience with the situation caused me to panic and huddle into a safe spot and cry. After a few hours, i pulled myself together, and tried exploring out to find my way home. After hours of wormhole to wormhole to wormhole with no normal space in sight, i reached out to a buddy to let him know what was going on and hoped id get some help or advice. He told me about this service. After messaging the 911 service, within an hour, i had 2 different people message me, found where i was, walked me through every step to get me on my way, and had me back in normal space within 10 minutes. These people are literal space angels. The people who got in contact with me were so friendly, understanding, and made me feel like everything was gonna be ok from the start. They are too good for this world. Hope that you never need them, but if and when you do, they really will go above and beyond to get you home safe. They are amazing.

Slowdown Echerie  rescued on YC124-Dec-23
First: You guys rock! Thank you all for the really quick S&R action.

PlantDizzle  rescued on YC124-Dec-11
Thanks for your work and patience It was a long rescue. But everything ended well. Excellent coordination.

Anonymality  rescued on YC124-Dec-05
Very fast response, I was out of W-Space in about 5 minutes. Would recommend this service to anyone in a pinch!

woollybear64  rescued on YC124-Dec-05
Very quick response time, very informative. Great service :)

Nokaio  rescued on YC124-Nov-22
Hi, I would like to share with you my experience as a rescued person. I'm a new player, and as a rookie, in my scanning mission I detected a wormhole, and I had no other idea than to get inside. I appeared in a lonely place, I moved from one point to another aimlessly, curious, something destroyed my ship and I was lost in space, in a lonely capsule. I was just thinking: Gods, now how do I get back to my base? Thankfully I found the EvE-Scout Rescue page where I could ask for help. Shortly after connecting to my user and asking for help, my guardian angel appeared and guided me to the exit. I only have words of thanks for the people of Scout Rescue. I was thinking of quitting the game when I got stranded in space, but thanks to my rescuer I have not felt the frustration of being a newbie in this game. Thousands of thanks to the whole EvE-Scout Rescue team. Nokaio. (Newbie) ---------------------------- Hola, Os cuento mi experiencia como rescatado. Soy un jugador novato, y como nuevo jugador, en mi misión de escaneo detecté un agujero de gusano, y no tuve otra idea que meterme dentro. Aparecí en un lugar solitario, me moví de un punto a otro sin rumbo, curioseando, algo destruyó mi nave y me quedé perido en el espacio, en una solitaria capsula. Sólo pensaba: ¿Dioses, ahora como vuelvo a mi base?. Gracias a que encontré la página EvE-Scout Rescue en la que podía pedir ayuda. Al poco de conectar con mi usuario y pedir ayuda apareció mi angel de la guarda, y me guió hasta la salida. Sólo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para la gente de Scout Rescue. Pensaba dejar el juego al quedarme varado en el espacio, pero gracias a mi rescatador no he sentido la frustación de ser un novato en este juego. Miles de agradecimientos a todo el equipo de EvE-Scout Rescue. Nokaio. (Novato)

CaptWalloper  rescued on YC124-Nov-20
So for the first time in years, went into a wormhole for giggles. Forgot to bookmark wormhole upon entry. Got 1-shot by npc sentry... @#$%&! Asked for help on site, convo'd in game in the same minute. Dude immediately flew 30+ jumps to lead my dumb*ss out! Self destruct would've cost 2+ bil isk in implants. Once docked in hi-sec, tipped 100mil FOR BEING A CHAD. 10/10 recommend!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Nov-20
It was a good experiance and i am rly happy they found me :)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Nov-04
Hello, I received a great rescue from Salmon Putter. They searched the solar system for several different wormhole entries and eventually found me. It was a great experience.

Svanlaug Dualla  rescued on YC124-Oct-24
I mistakenly entered a wormhole with an expensive ship not equipped with probes, and the hole closed. A quick reddit search led me to the EvE-Scout rescue Discord where I submitted a ticket, and was contacted by a Signal Cartel pilot within minutes. They confirmed my information, then advised me to perform a safe logoff and monitor the Discord channel for lost pilots for when my system would be found. I played on my alt character in the mean time, until a little over a week after being lost I was messaged in Discord that my system was found. I was AFK at the time, and a couple hours later saw the message when the original rescue pilot was no longer online ... but this was no problem at all, because a Signal Cartel pilot who was on happily stepped up to guide me out. I logged on to my main, the pilot met me in the wormhole, and guided me out to high-sec space. EvE-Scout Rescue is a really great, dedicated group of ethical pilots providing an invaluable service to EvE pilots who make the occasional mistake ... THANK YOU!

Grace Endiane  rescued on YC124-Sep-19
Having gotten myself stranded in **** nowhere space, I turned to EvE Scout Rescue for a hand. They were able to get me out with no trouble at all and even made sure that I reached high security space. Even better, they asked for no payment whatsoever. Cheers!

Shreccc  rescued on YC124-Sep-05
Eve Scout got my character out of a C5 safely. There is no way i would have escaped with my ship with out them. They are certainly reliable.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Aug-23
My Fleet Commander decided to use a shaky end of life chain and some folks got stranded. As a first time user of the service, I was quite surprised, lucky, and relieved that our rescue pilot got us out into known space in less than an hour. You degenerate scanners restored my faith in humanity that day. o/

Mike Wasowsky  rescued on YC124-Aug-12
Amazing. 11/10. They told me aprox. 8 days of waiting. After 24 hours they found me and escorted me back home safely.

Brosweer  rescued on YC124-Aug-09
The pilot was kind and quick, he cared about safety and got me out. Thanks :)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Aug-09
Yes, i´m stucked in a capsule inside a wormhole inside another wormhole,15minutes later i´m safe, tanks to the team, good job! Maybe i´m a future member, tank you!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Aug-05
I got stranded, I got out soon nice and safe! Thanks!

Fehat OttomanLmao  rescued on YC124-Aug-03
I watched a video on making isk as an alpha and went straight to WH exploration on my first day back. Not 10min into my trip my ship got blown up(NPC's) and I didn't bookmark the way out. 1 simple google search and 5-10min of waiting later I was back home safely :) 10/10 would get rescued by a handsome capsuleer like a damsel in distress again.

Sophie Bunny  rescued on YC124-Jul-07
I've been playing for under two weeks and became stranded in a WH while huffing with my corp. I immediately felt silly for relying on other's probes to get around, but in less than a day the scouts found me and coordinated an exit route back into known space. They actually found me in less than 12 hours but I was asleep! Everyone I spoke with was very nice and seemed genuinely happy to help out, what great people providing a very helpful service. Thanks so much!!

Kran76  rescued on YC124-Jul-07
I am very grateful to the EVE-Scout team for their help. Thank you for being!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Jul-03
Recently got stuck in a wormhole that became too unstable, got caught without the right equipment this time... thought I had not hope, then I found Eve Scouts! I thought it was not for real, but these guys are trained pro's, came to my rescue within a few days and I was back in business. Thought I would have to self destruct, but thankfully these guys were out there to help. Can't thank you enough!

Katil A-Tor  rescued on YC124-Jun-26
I got my little fleet lost in some obscure whole when a link was going EOL with my scanner on the other route - we had to log for the night & then submitted for help the next day. We got contact from both discord & in-game A+! Hope to never have to use again - but love knowing they are out there!

sqvaer perchunenko  rescued on YC124-Jun-25
I was stuck in wh on a capital ship, I need a very big hole, because of this, the way out was looked for more than two weeks, I did not lose hope. And finally there was a way out. I'm really surprised that the guys took so much of their time with me. I even thought that when I got to the rescuer there would be a gang waiting for me. But everything was just fine, they just showed me the way out into settled space. I wasn't charged a single isk. I am VERY grateful for the rescue. p.s. English is not my first language and I used a translator, so if any words were offensive, let me know, I'll fix it.

InvalidCDkey  rescued on YC124-Jun-23
He was rescued from the wormhole, although it was very hard. Many thanks to this team.

Genos Visteen  rescued on YC124-Jun-22
Very nice, not a lot of money, but everything was perfectly done. Thanks to EVE scout for the fact that they exist and work

Hary Hernandez  rescued on YC124-Jun-20
Amazing and professional job. said would take 8 days, but only took 2 days. very impressed and grateful. donation sent few days ago and glad to help and be helped.

Danni StoneHeart  rescued on YC124-May-31
They saved my butt. A very professional group of pilots. Just hang in there they will find you!

fess Hakoke  rescued on YC124-May-29
The guys have been looking for me for almost a week. But still, I was saved. Thanks a bunch.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-May-25
jumped into a warmhole without learning things. My ship blew up by drifter and stranded in warmhole with ejected pod. I'm glad that Eve-Scout Rescue pilot came to bring me back to high sec area. Learnt my lesson. This group is the unsung hero of all who offer helps when people in need. Thank you very much o7

BNeutral  rescued on YC124-May-20
Went in for a quick gas huff and my way back closed on me, seems I didn't check the info properly. Got exceptional service beyond what I expected, both with my rescue and the chat. 10/10 would recommend.

Manmenmi  rescued on YC124-May-18
I rescued by you guys 4 times and i always thanks to you guys.

Bob Wittion  rescued on YC124-May-13
Stuck in wormhole for 2 days, cloaking and scanning this wormhole space everyday, looking for someone to help me out, I even made clear the structure owner's online time table, today earlier I saw the rescue container of the Signal Cartel corperation but I didn't bring scanner launcher, and I thought I don't want to bother anyone so I still did nothing. But just now I felt so lonely that I can't stay in Wormhole for even another second, so I contact the Signal Cartel by join its channel, EvE-Scout, and found their website, and submited my infomation, in about 3 minutes a person of the Signal Cartel came to chat with me and help me out in about half hour, I can't be more appreciated when write this experience. Thanks again, hope all guys in this corp fly safe, o7.

Hygron Pyr  rescued on YC124-May-12
Important things I´ve learned the day of my rescue: 1) Apparently some exploding caches in Wormhole data sites can kill your Astero pretty fast. WHAT?! 2) Not bookmarking your exit is a very dumb mistake. 3) My pod has no probing equipment (design flaw imo! But it looks nice floating in WH space) 4) No one can hear you scream in (WH) space! 5) The pilots of Signal Cartel that organized my rescue are heroes! After I send out my message in a bottle it took them only a couple of minutes to contact me in my stranded pod. Two pilotes where dispached for the search and rescue and they reached my WH in under 30 Minutes while chatting with me on the way. I was no help along the way because I was lazy and didn´t map my entry (whoops). 6) How good it felt to be back in high sec civilization only a couple of minutes after being rescued. 7) The Eve Scout Rescue program is fantastic! Cheers, Hyg

Vex Vatrel  rescued on YC124-May-08
My rescue was not instant. I had to wait for almost two weeks until one of the EvE-Scout Rescue pilots found my system. It's a job for real professionals. The action itself was very quick and dexterous. I am very happy to dig out from that shitty hole! Thank you!

General Coleslaw  rescued on YC124-May-08
Due to lack of calculating a WH roll properly, I got my battleship stuck in WH space without a means of scanning my way out. Because of real world events preventing me from being able to connect or be online for periods at a time finding myself was hard, so I looked to EVE Scout. After a few days away from the computer they where still able to find a WH to get me out when I was able to connect and get me and my ship to safety! OP SUCCESS! Thank you for those that took the time out of their game play and RL events to help me get to safety while I was out taking care of my RL stuff as well!!! BZ!!!!

Vult Skerris  rescued on YC124-Apr-21
I was day-tripping to J-space in my Myrmidon to kill gas site rats, and I foolishly neglected to bookmark my exit location. Eve scout was right on my case. It took them a little while to get to me, about 15 minutes, but that's probably because I required live rescue. They came to my wormhole and were able to get me back to the exact system I originated from.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Mar-23
First fortnight alpha account. Thought myself fairly experienced after 15+ Wormhole runs, pegging locations etc. Until I stuffed it. A full hold of gas, no guns, no scanner and a missing wormhole at my exit coordinates. With nothing else listed but combat sites I was fully screwed. Until Rookie Help chat pointed me to EvE-Scout chat. The members took care of me from there and now I'm on my way home. Very happy I didn't lose my ship. An enormous thank you from this new player for the warm direction and assistance I received, and a shout out to Zinov for fully saving my ass. Singing ESR's praises; thank you very much.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Feb-21
I had to stop playing several years ago due to RL and had to leave all of my assets in a carrier logged off in WH, i was always hesitant to come back to EVE because of the pilot stuck in WH. Thanks to brave efforts of the guys in eve-scout that managed to find my system and stayed with me for weeks waiting for a opportunity to make a run for it, delivering me safely to LS and security, Thank you again guys o7

Yehushua  rescued on YC124-Jan-24
Boarded my new Praxis and went for a little adventure. On the way back found that my wormhole collapsed and serpentis EVERYWHERE. I warped away and was about to board my frigate and use a probe to find a new exit. right click, eject and there it was. My little capsule. I forgot my frigate at HOME. I went online and started searching for solutions. After hours of reading that I'm a dumb noob, I was ready to do what they all told me. Ready to kill myself (in game of course lol) only then i found it! EVE Scout Rescue! I took my finger of the trigger and sent an SOS. In less then a minute Zinov sent me a dm and was ready to help. 10 minutes later i was at the exit where Zinov was waiting. I am still amazed. Thank you EVE Scout Rescue!

Carryner777  rescued on YC124-Jan-13
Been stranded in a wormhole for about 1-2 months or more. Decided to send out a distress call, was not disappointed. The rescuer contacted me trough my private chat and instructed me on how to get out of there safely into a highsec space. 10/10 would recommend, thanks Axar!

Volare Omnis  rescued on YC123-Dec-29
New player, went through a wormhole to scan some null sec relic sites but got blown up instantly. Warped away to the nearest star in my capsule, but had zero cargo and no scanning equipment. Reached out to Scout Rescue, and they responded within 2 minutes! A very helpful pilot patiently asked me questions to determine how best to help me, and then himself flew through the wormhole (despite being 10 jumps away) to guide me back to my home system. Fantastic response, quick and easy. Scout Rescue is definitely my go-to whenever I do something stupid or find myself lost in the deepest reaches of space, cause I know they'll find me!

COSMIC33 TheGalactica  rescued on YC123-Dec-02
Went into wh then moments when I went back to it, it had collapsed. I contacted eve rescue with brief description and this player was happy to help got all options chose option for needlestack filament in cargo container to be sent in open space with password so I could get out rather than risking getting killed. and voila got the location folder up and off I was ready to travel safely home :) Thanks Drer Aideron

Sergey Mine  rescued on YC123-Nov-22
I want to express my deep gratitude to these guys, they were looking for a way out in 0.0 from wh without jelling their time, I wish you success and good luck.

Lemon Martinez Jr  rescued on YC123-Jul-18
I was lost, In the middle of deep space, stranded, with no hope of survive, with suicidal thoughts running thru my mind, a young fellow with a big heart (Hanto Karobi) came to aid, without you my friend, I would have been another corpse floating thru the midst of cold, dark space. Thank you ;3

StefTom  rescued on YC123-Jul-07
Very good indeed, my days were counted, one mistake and I learned quickly that those cargo messages are no joke.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Jun-15
Someone I didn't know, whom I'd never spoken to, who had never once in their life considered me a friend or an ally, went out of their way to do a kindness to me for no reason greater than that I needed one in that moment. And heavens did I ever need one today.

Joe Lingest  rescued on YC123-May-09
i went to a wormhole unprepared, and my ship was destroyed. and later i found out about the eve scout rescue. it was very helpful, and im thankful that i didnt have to self destruct.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Mar-28
As a new player in EVE I am learning a lot. This time it was WH gas-huffing on turn. As I went to WH and did my task there I was on my way back to high-sec home but then i realized that WH has collapsed and I was scared what does that mean for me, how to find exit and where will i end up since we all know that WH is not friendly place to be. I contacted Scout Rescue and got respond in couple minutes from Hanto Karobi. Hanto guided me in a matter of time and I was outside and safe. I am really thankfull since I lack experience in situations like this. Thank you once more !

Mengli Geray  rescued on YC123-Feb-23
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Signal Cartel! I was stuck in an uninhabited system without a launcher and probes, and to be honest - I already said "goodbye" to my ship (and it was valuable to me, because I survived several battles on this ship ..). I have repeatedly asked for help in local chat, but no one responded to me ... And then, I read some article about rescuers from Signal Cartel on the website; I found in the game the character I read about in the article - Thrice Hapus, and opened the bio of his corporation. there was a link to the game chat with detailed instructions on "how to ask for help". after I left the application - less than 3 minutes later, a representative of the corporation contacted me - his name was Xavec (many thanks to him !!). He very politely inquired about my situation, and connected another specialist - Deputy Dimples (I also express my deep gratitude to this capsuleer !!). less than 10 minutes - I saw the probes on the radar! a little more time - and I'm already 6 jumps from Jita !! I am sincerely grateful to the specialists from Signal Cartel for their help! You are doing a great job! Also, I want to ask everyone who reads this message - please, do not attack the Signal Cartel pilots, help them in every possible way - these people make the EVE community the best among all others. THANK!

Kaltak  rescued on YC123-Jan-18
Amazing and very patient people, who are trying their best to help you without expecting any profit at all. I wish every games' community had players like these. My true heroes !

Haussel Antollare  rescued on YC123-Jan-11
WH collapsed, ganker was hot on my tail, I got away twice! He was in a Hound, I was in a Tristan. Then he engages in conversation and says fleet up and pay him 10 Mil to get out...sounded like a scam and fishy...there was no way for me scan an exit (newb mistake). I was desperate, went to scanning channel, someone sent me the 911 rescue link....WOW! The game experience just got more than better! Who makes a rescue process for lost/newb players? Couldn't thank the pilot enough. Thank you!

Robin7  rescued on YC122-Dec-24
Thanks for the help. It was my first time in a wormhole space and to be safe, i did not bring anything with me and just went in a capsule but then after entering i did not save the location of the wormhole and then went to some other location. But when i wanted to go back i was not able to do anything and just roamed around but then i tried Rescue 911 and within a minute or so a rescue pilot contacted me and came to the wormhole and showed me the way out. Thanks once again for the help EVE SCOUT RESCUE !

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Aug-16
Had a character stuck in a Dreadnaught class in a wormhole after a long break, sent a rescue SOS to signal cartel and within a few days they had found the wormhole and scouted out a way for the Dreadnaught to lowsec, many thanks to the pilots of signal cartel who dedicate their time to help others in need.

A3ROX  rescued on YC122-Aug-15
I was exploring new Eden and I gone through a wormhole, boom I'm in another unknown solar system I tried to go back through the WH I came in but it closed already. And suddenly some hostiles attacked me and my ship was destroyed all that left was my capsule and I didn't know how to find another wormhole so I suddenly googled it and I found EVE Scout Rescue. I called for rescue help and a good friend named Jehan Dante helped me Thank you Eve Scout for the help

Steven Willis  rescued on YC122-Aug-15
amazing, got me back super quick amazing service for noobs like me who just jump in to see what happens :)

Ilyas Baani  rescued on YC122-Jul-13
Cool and great service, thank you guys :)

Kitari Anu'dien  rescued on YC122-Jul-09
it was amazing, the people who helped me were super nice and knowledgable.

Ryo Doshu  rescued on YC122-Jun-29
Thanks EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel for Rescuing me from J133653! Save me losing my ship and implants, so happy to donate 50Mill to keep you guys going keep up the great service and being great people!

Bass Santos  rescued on YC122-Jun-29
Thank you guys again for quickly responding to my plea for help! You guys are the best SAR team for WHs. If it weren't for Signal Cartel I'd be taking a break from this game because of frustration. Saved me billions of isk too! And as an added bonus my rescuer was a former member of the corp I am in now 😁 So wherever you are now Vanessa I thank you very much and kudos to you guys! o7

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jun-16
I am really happy that I used this service. The contact was very friendly, super fast and very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Miranda Otomeya  rescued on YC122-May-30
Went into a wormhole, teammates ship had the probe scanner, got blown up, my ship doesn't have probe scanners, and next thing you know, two noobs in a wormhole. I reached out to the Cartel and they responded within 10 minutes, and got us out of the wormhole, making sure the stalking sabre didn't eat us alive. A great experience and a huge shout out to Salmon Putter!

Cuprum Ferron  rescued on YC122-May-19
Hi there! I spend around 30 days stuck. Then I called EvE-Scout. Couple days, and I was rescued. Great service, polite and friendly operators. Safe scouts. Best service I ever seen in this game. Надежные ребята. Отличный сервис, просто лучший в этой игре.

Mark Ongard  rescued on YC122-May-18
Extremely friendly and fast rescue! I'd recommend their service to anyone who gets stranded in a wormhole all over New Eden.

Puchi Zirud  rescued on YC122-May-06
Maxwell Kurvora is my hero! He jumped 17 times and scanned down a wormhole to pull my dumbself out. I would have had to blow myself up without his assistance.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-May-02
I was trying out new things in a shattered c5... got caught in a site and was left in my pod. EvE-Scout Rescue started looking for me soon after I contacted them and when they found me, 2 pilots showed up to help me out. Super friendly and quick to communicate. I'd recommend them to anyone and use them again without hesitation.

Polymatheia Hacat  rescued on YC122-Apr-30
EvE-Scout Rescue work in wormhole space is life-saver. I was stranded in capsule, with no probes, or navigation points. I sent out a distress call to Signal Cartel 911. An EvE-Scout representative contacted me within thirty minutes and found my escape capsule and escorted me to high security sector within sixty minutes. Along with my life, EvE-Scout Rescue saved my implants worth close to a billion isk. EvE-Scout Rescue's dedication to helping is admirable and I will find ways to support them during my time in New Eden.

Hampar Khamsi  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Man I was about to self destruct when I remembered your channel (I found it by chance). Service is excellent, the best is it saved a couple of implants so I am grateful.

Hazeer Vacknibar  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Words cannot describe how awesome the whole experience was...but I'll give it a crack! I had been disconnected multiple times due to my Australian internet being less than ideal and it turns out your probes don't come back after being disconnected. Thankfully I had bookmarked my way out and was hopeful that I could find a way out for my alt and myself...unfortunately one of the holes on the way out had been closed. This left me with a massive problem...getting out. I d-scanned hoping to find something...anything to get me outta there and stumbled upon one of your containers and though...screw it I've got no other options. At first I was confused and thought to myself...what a great way to trick people into to getting in contact and telling you where they are and effectively defenceless...then again I thought to myself...Maybe they can pod me and I'll get jump cloned back...worst case scenario...I get out one of two ways! Much to my absolute fascination I had one of the most pleasant and positive experiences in EVE Online after submitting a form on your website. After being given the co-ordinates to a secure container and grabbing some probes I quickly scanned myself out and headed home. It was PHENOMENAL. I rave about that whole experience on my stream ( ) all the time and cannot get over it. Honestly, thank you so much for doing what you do!

Roger Larkan  rescued on YC122-Apr-23
I was trapped and lost in a wormhole, but then a scout told me about N110 wormholes, permanent connections back to hi-sec. Within 15 minutes I was out. Great service. Will be giving a donation.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Mar-26
I am a new player and someone mentioned 911 rescue to me. A fellow named Reynauld Lachapelle came to save me and gave me 20 million credits to replace my blown up ship. I thought this was very cool as a new player and hope to pay it forward some day. Great service you provide to new players.

D'Kins Cider  rescued on YC122-Mar-17
I was a fool and got lost in a wormhole without probes. You live and learn, right? I was only in a Venture as I was very new to the game, but the ore I carried at the time was significant to my overall net worth. The Signal Cartel guys were friendly, never made me feel like an idiot, they were funny and engaging, and most importantly, they got me out to safety. And I even made it back to my home system unscathed! Completely and utterly wrapped in the work that these guys and girls did for me, and they didn't ask a cent (ISK) in return. I've recommended them to several others in the Rookie Help channel when they've gotten stuck, and I've never heard a bad result.

Joshua MIstweaver  rescued on YC122-Mar-16
Perfect service. Friendly and humble first-responders with a professional attitude. Very recommended if you happen to get lost in the depths of unknown space!

Ashes Twinkle  rescued on YC122-Mar-16
Thank you very much for your kind advice and for your great efforts to rescue me.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-20
I was extemely thankful for the assistance and the pilot was outstanding. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommended and trustworthy service.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-20
I was stuck in a c5 wormhole with a Leshak (without probes and scanner), a set of High-Grade Mimesis implants, and trying find this c5 with my alt for more then a week. After this I asked for help from EvE-Scout. They were nice and welcome and started a rescue mission. It lasted about 10 days but finally I'm in highsec now and great thanks to the members of EvE-Scout who help me feel free!!! with Love from Emma!!

Sigurd Yarrow  rescued on YC122-Feb-17
Because it will have a few details I'll bring the bottom line up: so far it was the best experience I had in EVE. Here is my story. I am a month old, exploring a wormhole chain in my Heron, hacked a site or two, and between spamming d-scan and planning safe spots I forgot to bookmark the exit... ok, not the first time to be honest, but then when I realized it I was in a process of finding a safe spot, got distracted, few sleepers showed up, i'm in a pod. It is really hard to scan a way out in a pod... I had few implants, nothing major, maybe few mil worth altogether, besides self destructing didn't feel right, and after making those mistakes I was already pretty depressed. So I asked in Rookie Help, if there is a way, Kylania send me link to EvE-Scout Rescue site (3:40). (Thanks Kylania!) I went through paperwork, and at 4:10 pris Naari started opened a conversation. They had no routes to my system but I had my chain recorded. At 4:28 Yumi Aozora joined the channel and took my rescue in her hands. At 4:56 an Angel came to this cold and forgotten hole in space... Overwhelmed with joy, my laptop crashed... Logged back in, Yumi was patiently waiting for me, we met at a safe spot, she took me under her wing and fleetwarped me to the exit, 5:35 I was docked. End of story. Things like that make me thing this game is not just about isk/hr or kill-before-you-get-killed, not to mention overall positive impression of human beings. Thank you EvE-Scout Rescue, pris Naari and Yumi Aozora!

Terra Tertius  rescued on YC122-Feb-15
Ace Rimmer came from eight systems away to help me out, and he did it with five minutes to downtime. He reached me just before the servers went down but stuck around until they came back up. I am so impressed and astounded at what some people do in this game. Thank you Ace Rimmer!

Windmaster  rescued on YC122-Feb-12
Really smart guys - I had the choice of two exits: high and a low sec as there was no rescue container in system. And during my rescue a fresh container was also installed. Glad to know that in that cold and lawless area a corp is also risking their ships and spending time to help out others. Keep going - fly smart o7

Don Aserdeon  rescued on YC122-Feb-08
What can I say!? I am so impressed by the effort put into rescuing random strangers. I just happened to forget to bookmark my way out a wormhole... then I just accepted my fate, but the fellows in the help channel forwarded me to EvE-Scout, and I was rescued in less than 15 minutes. I was mindblown. God be with you, space brothers, and never forget to call the scouts if you goof too much and get lost in wormhole space :)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-01
Perfect, quick, and easy. I apologize to the guys as it must have been spooky getting invited into a fleet (was running pve ops for newer players and rolled myself out of a hole). Great experience 10/10

Revo Erkkinen  rescued on YC122-Jan-29
It is so nice to find some help when you need it. I am new to Eve and just don't know what I'm doing and the best thing is to become a friend to the person who rescued me from the wormhole. He taught me everything about wormholes and exploration I never guessed I'd find a friend like Ace in Eve. He always answered my all questions and helped me to get better and better in Eve.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-12
I got stuck while mining gas, got rescued in less then 10 minutes! Love you guys !

Sue T'Que  rescued on YC122-Jan-11
I had recently discovered gas mining and was making good ISK at it. Normally, I was careful to mark my entrance into a wormhole, but this day I super excited to get mining. I warped away from the wormhole entrance to make my first safe spot and was about to start scanning for gas sites, when I realized I did not save the the entrance location. I freaked out a little at first, but then i got on google to see what I could do. There it was! A link to Who knew! Anyway, I joined the EvE-Scout channel and typed HELP! Within a minute someone was responding and organizing a rescue. I was safely out of the wormhole in about 20 minutes.

Charlotte-Mairin Talleyrand  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
o7 and thank you again. I wouldn't have thought that all would work out so fast and professional. De facto it took approximatley 1 to 2 days to locate me. Since I've been out of country for some days you could't reach me but when I came back and logged in, I got almost immediately messaged. Then you guys got me to high sec 2 minutes later. I can't imagine a better service. Cordially Charlotte-Mairin Talleyrand

Ace Abramowitz  rescued on YC122-Jan-02
What an unbelievable group of people. I got caught in a wormhole with no way to scan out (because I'm an idiot) and they found me and directed me out with great professionalism and concern. I didn't even know they existed and now I sing their praises endlessly. A+!

wmcscrooge  rescued on YC122-Jan-02
New to the game and I got lost in a wormhole due to a disconnect and not bringing spare probes with me. Had just finished a couple hours of exploring and really didn't want to give up all my loot and luckily EvE-Scout was able to send someone who found me extremely quickly and asked for nothing in exchange. Great experience and thanks so much for helping me out in a time of need!

Nax'teus  rescued on YC121-Dec-27
A couple of days ago, while on patrol in my Hyperion, I discovered a wormhole, it was my first experience. After transiting through the WH, I noticed a Sisters of Eve flotilla and thought there might be a station near by; this would end up not being the case. Without thinking, I warped to the flotilla. In doing so, I became trapped in the system. Unable to find the WH again, I soon discovered that, while basically a dead and shattered system, there were some, not very friendly types in the system. I was attacked and the Hyperion was destroyed. I sent a distress message to Signal Cartel's EvE-Scout Rescue and two days later a Search and Rescue team found me and I was saved. Thank you EvE-Scout SAR!

RivKyiR Rivero  rescued on YC121-Dec-23
Some friends stayed back in deadspace just before the WH closed. They had no probes or probe scanner... eventually we got Help from EvE Scout members and they came home safe... thank you so much for existing... <3

Serg Shaht  rescued on YC121-Nov-29
After the loss of the astrohaus, I and the so-corpians remained in isolation. Thanks a lot to the guys from EvE-Scout Rescue, they saved us in a couple of days. Thanks for your work.

Kiervek  rescued on YC121-Aug-25
Thank you!!! One of my first ventures into a wormhole, and lost my ship and probes after forgetting to bookmark the exit. These guys were fast to the search and rescue, it was amazing! I was afraid I'd lose a lot of money in implants (well not too much, only level 2's as I'm new) but these guys were great!! Thank you all!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Aug-07
I just returned from afk a month ago, my corp member invited me back to the wormhole. When I drove my most expensive ship with my loot through a C4, the wormhole leading to the home was closed. I was trapped in that C4. I was thinking that I might die here, but my friend told me why you didn't contact EvE-Scout, they helped any player trapped in the wormhole? So I immediately went to their channel for help. In 5 minutes they contacted me, confirmed my status and began to organize rescue, and finally found me. So if you need help, don't hesitate, they are the only good people in EVE.

Lincoln Paaltomo  rescued on YC121-Jul-16
As a new member of the EvE community, I realize the learning curve and I have much to learn. Having just completed the exploration career path I had to play around with it. After finding a wormhole in highsec and getting curious, I was very quickly defeated by nullsec pirates. Completely lost, I asked my alliance members what to do and someone sent the link to EvE-Scout SAR. After calling 911 rescue, I had a response in minutes and rescue was on the way! I cannot thank EvE-Scout SAR enough for their assistance and eagerness to not only get me to safety but provide tips, tricks, and friendly conversation. Most specifically Triffton Ambraelle for their sitreps and patience with me; as well as Aliza Kootz for their rapid response, understanding of my ignorance, and time. To all who dedicate their clones for the safety of others, thank you.

Gunner GzR  rescued on YC121-Jul-14
Had a weird day. Wormholes had been acting weird and I jumped a carrier into a c5 with a static 4 on a fresh hole. It collapsed on the way in much to my surprise. 'Tis ok our scout is in here with me... huh? What! you jumped back!!! Oh great now i got scan in a dang capitol in a c5 with a static 4 this should be fun. Open Fleet hanger my stuck kit is not there... Trapped alone is space what is one to do. We tried rolling our static for days and over 300 systems with no luck. Decided to contact Eve Scout and send a 911 out. They quickly get back to me after I submitted the stuck report on the web site. Took about a week I think of them scanning to finally find my c5 that was lost in time and space. They got me out to null the next day and did not want isk for it. I sent them a reward anyway. Everything was handled professionally and i was kept informed as things progressed. Thanks again for the rescue

Harambe Killer  rescued on YC121-Jul-09
Really great team and awesome people. Saved me within two days after coming back to the game and realizing my wormhole home was gone.

Jeff Dreemur  rescued on YC121-Jul-02
My Rescuer was Dagmar Maulerant. I was lucky enough to save the entrance wormhole for some reason, so the rescue was rather straightforward. Dagmar taught me a nice strategy to avoid getting discovered by creating bookmarks in unmarked space, after the rescue we talked for a good hour or two about various topics (mostly Undertale, when they noticed my name). Not only was I rescued, but i had a deep conversation, some theorizing, and all around was amazed that a company like this can exist in a game. This showed me just how complex New Eden is. If I were asked, I would ride into battle with what little firepower I have to defend this corporation should it ever be under threat.

kaylan Samms  rescued on YC121-Jun-09
I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to this group of individuals. While rolling a wormhole i got trapped inside, problem is I was in a capital. After sending the S.O.S I was quickly contacted and the search began. The friendliness and professionalism portrayed was refreshing in what could of been a terrible experience for me. After a short period my wormhole was located and an exit promptly found. I genuinely recommend their services for anyone in a similar situation, Definitely the type of pilots New Eden needs.

Alex OTMOPO3oK  rescued on YC121-May-27
I tried use the rescue cache, but my 911 agent was faster than me and we just warped to tge hisec wormhole. =) Клиент крашнулся, запасных пробок нет. Ребята нашли меня за 10 минут и мы флитварпнули в хайсек вх =) Respect and my big thanks! 0/ Респект и уважуха 0/

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-May-08
One day, I was mining in wormhole space. Halfway through, I realised I had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole. I had no means of scanning (my scanning frigate and mining frigate are separate). When I realised that, I didn't panic. The reason? Its simple, I am a rookie so I keep messing with tiny features. That included directional scan. I had once used it to in wormhole space and it revealed a container about EvE-Scout. Knowing about this service, I stayed calm. I followed all the steps given and I was out within 15 minutes! Possibly less! The time would have been even less had their been a station with fitting service. The funny thing they told me it would take more time for someone to arrive to help me. I guess even they haven't had the chance to realise how good they have become.

Bailey Stanton  rescued on YC121-May-03
I'm new to wormholes and stupidly went in without a probe launcher! I was stuck in an unknown system with no way to get back to my home system. I didn't know what to do and contemplated self-destructing but happened to find the rescue cache. It instructed me to call Rescue 911 and within a few minutes I was in contact with the rescue team and was back to my home in about 10 minutes. Learned to never leave home without a probe launcher, probes and a mobile dock! I highly recommend calling if you are ever in trouble in a wormhole.

Havoquisha  rescued on YC121-Apr-27
It was my second day exploring, and I thought it was a good idea to switch ships to a fighting one so I could clear the sites for my exploring ship. How foolish of me. The wormhole I used to get there disappearead and I got stuck in an unknown WH for days, and the only thing holding me back from self destructing my ship was hope. Seriously guys, never lose your hope. Because I got saved by EvE-Scouts!!! I have no idea how they found me, but they did. The rescue operation was a huge success, and I got back home safe and sound, and avoided over 120m loss between ship, implants and loot. I just can't find better words to express my gratitude, but THANKS. Keep up the good work, this really renewed my faith in humanity.

ScubaFunatic  rescued on YC121-Apr-24
So I entered wormhole J164130 after checking size and stability of wormhole. It seemed OK and stable. I was using my main avatar "ScubaFunatic" in a fully equipped "Buzzard" which I have used many times before for scouting and scanning down sites relic and data. Now of course, the Buzzard can not take on the guards of these site so after scanning and bookmarking all the sites in J164130 I went back to my Hi-Sec station where I fetched my battleship, a "Raven Navy issue" outfitted for battle, but not, unfortunately, for scanning.... I finished the battles quickly in all the relic and data site and then wanted to return and fetch my Buzzard again to complete the relic and data hacks. I warped back to my bookmarked wormhole entrance and...... IT WAS GONE!! The wormhole had collapsed possibly because of the size of the Battleship or it was used more than I thought. Now what? As you can imagine I did not want to abandon the Raven Navy Issue as it is about 500m ISK and my avatar has a head full of implants. I did not have a probe launcher and probes fitted to the Raven. I did however use the normal scanner to try and see if that might work in locating something and as it happens I found the "Rescue Cache" left by Eve Scout Rescue. I quickly searched on google and came to the Eve Scout Rescue site where I learned of the "Eve-Scout" channel (which is now permanent in my chat channels) and I submitted a Search and Rescue request. Within half an hour one of the members contacted me on my Alt and we started the process of getting my Main rescued. The next morning, I was contacted by one of the members from "Signal Cartel" saying that they have found the wormhole I was in and could help me get out. It did not take long and I was warping in my Raven to an Exit wormhole and back home safe.... Thank you Signal Cartel and Thank you Eve Scout Rescue for saving my head and my ship.. ScubaFunatic PS: I now carry a "Mobile Depot" in every ship I fly with so I can do "on-the-fly" refits including Probe launchers and scanners" :-)

Russell Mathew  rescued on YC121-Apr-23
Your service was absolutely amazing. It gives one hope for game play here at EVE. I was new to EVE and wormholes. I got killed with only my pod and no waypoints out ... didn't even know that i would need one. I discovered that i was most definitely stuck and could not get to my NPC home base with a warp or to Jita. Researching my predicament online revealed your services. Your guys were quick. I got a response in less than a minute. A communication got someone near the wormhole to enter and get me out. It all went down in about 10 minutes. It was simply amazing. I did not have to lose my valuable implants. I am forever in your guys debt and will be happy to mention it to others.

Alita Diasuke  rescued on YC121-Apr-23
The whole stranded in space thing really made the game seem just so much more real to me, and the fact you were literally on your own if you got lost. The fact that there are people who do this is awesome in itself, and the guy who helped me was very polite and kind. He gave me an explanation of why I was lost, and what I could do in the future to prevent this from happening again and since then it hasn't, and I've been wormhole spelunking ever since thanks to his advice lol.

Divinorum  rescued on YC121-Mar-23
You folks are the absolute finest group of fanatical ascetics ever to grace the face of New Eden and it truly produces pangs of regret and sorrow in my black heart that our only meetings are glimpses down the chain or rescues such as this. I solemnly swear on my last Proteus wreck that, should I ever seek peace and love for mankind, that I will do so under the benevolent auspice of the EVE Scouts. Vive Signal Cartel! Praise bob~!

Julian Steward  rescued on YC121-Mar-13
I got my stuck rolling a hole after i stupidly forgot a probe launcher. I hit the rescue 911 and was contacted in about 10 minutes. In another 10 minutes I was out of the wormhole. Incredible service. Highly recommend.

Kalodote Lafisques  rescued on YC121-Mar-08
I was lost in the unknown spaces in a typical stupid way: I took a ship with scanner probes to partially scan two solar systems (Known space -> Unknown -> Unknown) to return in those worlds with a miner without probe scanner, starting to mine very rare resources. Suddently I found out that the wormhole where I entered closed behind me in minutes and there weren't other wormholes available to escape. I immediately asked for help in the Help channels and in different communities and some of them said "Kill yourself" or "Call the Eve-Scout". Despite my cargo not being actually precious for an average EVE player I chose the second one, even tough they said me that they could come to take up to a month. Instead it was just two days! This company deserves all the money I sent him after the rescue as donation. Keep up the good work!

Zenoninus  rescued on YC121-Mar-08
I made a big mistake. Jumped into J125029 without scanning equipment and the wormhole closed after the jump. I saw a container with writing from EvE-Scout Rescue. I had nothing to lose. I destroy myself or I ask for rescue. After I sent a notification on a page for help just five minutes later the answer came. That was really fast. I got mail in the game from EvE-Scout Rescue. I had to wait for my rescue and trust the team. It was a good choice. After 2 days I got a mail that 4-5 pilots were already in my system and ready for the rescue. Respect for the EvE-Scout Rescue team. Good players and help only for good intentions. We need more players like them. Fly Safe you all.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Mar-02
I was just rescued and they were so helpful. They saved my venture and me from having to kill myself!!! 11/10

Briar Thiesant  rescued on YC121-Jan-30
Tonight I made a very stupid mistake. I thought I would try my hand at 0sec mining in a wormhole. I located the wormhole and then changed the probe launcher out for another mining laser. Made sense at the time... faster mining = less time in the danger zone. Unfortunately, after I went through the wormhole I forgot to mark it's location and went off exploring. Pretty soon I realised that I was lost and almost gave up when I found the ESR message. Your group is now my favourite group! Someone responded immediately to my SOS and I was directed to the wormhole within a few minutes! I cannot praise ESR enough! You weren't looking for a donation, but you saved my a bucket load of ISK to refit the ship I would have lost for sure! Awesome group that looks to help players, not just destroy ships! You guys and girls ROCK!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Jan-07
The pilots were awesome! Super professional and they found me in only 3 days, I was completely floored.

Igniz Novagelik  rescued on YC120-Dec-25
I'm really grateful of what EvE-Scout rescue has done for me. As a newbie lost in a wormhole I didn't know what to do, many people in my corp channel just mocked me and wished me good luck without any hint of what to do. When I found out about Signal Cartel, I joined their channel and they contacted me very soon. They were very kind giving me instructions of what to do. People will tell you to self-destruct first. Losing your ship, your cargo (ore, gas, ice), your implants! But Signal Cartel will tell you what to do in order to get rescued. The wait time for them to find me it was less than a day, I really appreciate the effort in this and thank you!

BHY4EK CTAJIUHA  rescued on YC120-Dec-13
It was very interesting and informative, especially the search for a container in space using bookmark. Since I don't understand English very well, because my native language is Russian, it was a bit difficult for me to understand how to search for a container, but thanks to an EvE Scout pilot, who explained it to me in more detail, for which I thank him very much.

Sergeus Mag  rescued on YC120-Dec-07
Одно из немногих реально достойных занятий существующих в eve. Благодарю за то что вы есть. И продолжаете свою деятельность. - One of the few really worthy occupations existing in eve. Thank you for being there. And you continue your activities.

el pavor jefe  rescued on YC120-Nov-17
Thanks again. I'm kinda new and got stuck in a Wormhole due to losing my probes in the reset. Within 10 minutes, they saved me and gave me advice on how to be safe in wormholes.

Jadan Khan  rescued on YC120-Nov-14
Many thanks. Your pilots were incredible. I'm always watching EvE-Scout, just in case I'm in a position to help. Again, thanks :)

Jeffe Crood  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
One of the most helpful services provided by other EVE players. Barely starting, so this was super cool to me. Thanks for the help!

Harzan Askulf  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
Went into a hole I had scanned down without a probe launcher and my exit hole collapsed. I had a response from SAR within minutes and was out in less than an hour. Awesome service!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-08
Brand new to the game. Jumped through an unstable wormhole, got my ship blown up, and then realized I'd forgotten to bookmark the exit. No one I knew was online, but if I didn't find someone to help me out soon, the known entrance would collapse and I'd be in even worse trouble. Fortunately I'd heard about EvE-Scout, and after my distress call I was free in under an hour. The pilot who helped was super friendly and made me feel better about my noob mistakes. 10/10, if I ever need rescued again, I know who to call.

Redd Solo  rescued on YC120-Oct-03
When I got stuck in a WH from my own absentmindedness, I had no idea how to get out and I didn't want to self destruct. I asked for help on the Wormhole Channel and they quickly referred me to the EvE-Scout channel. I went there and asked if they were able to assist with Wormhole rescues. Within five minutes I had someone talking to me and heading over. These guys are like the AAA of EvE! Didn't even know these kind of service existed until I needed it! Definitely useful in a tight bind.

Harret en Bauldry  rescued on YC120-Sep-19
They said they would find me, and they found me! Patiently waiting paid off. They not only scanned my WH down in a few days, they also shared how to survive while I was out there. They are no joke. Coast Guard of New Eden? Maybe, Cool team and service!

Diolo en Divalone  rescued on YC120-May-13
I wish to thank you and your intrepid explorers for an excellent and timely service. My experience goes to show that even long term residents of Anoikis can forget the basics. When I realized the wormhole back home had collapsed and that I had not brought equipment to scan myself out, I thought the days of my ship and crew were numbered. But thanks to your valiant effort, I was rescued not more than half a day later. I will always be in your debt.

LyfeSaviour  rescued on YC120-May-03
Well it all happened on a cold dark morning, I had jumped into what i thought was a good C5 WH to do a little bit of site crabbing. After spending about 15 min scouting out the place i noticed it was safe to get my crab on. Out of disbelief I warped back to the hole and *poof* it was gone. Did a little crying, then asked my corp what should I do? A great man named Hobar told me about this amazing group called EvE-Scout!!! So here I am back home safe and sound thanks to this great group of pilots!! Fly Safe and Thank You!!!

Malagong Karagalan  rescued on YC120-Apr-14
Thank you again for getting me out of the hole. The service was AWESOME and faster then anybody could hope for. The 911 function on your web site is beyond anything I have ever seen in a game of any kind and it's great. I hope the little "thank you" gift paid for some of your time. I will tell some pirates not to shoot Signal Cartel, but no promises. We are who we are.

Cmdr PloKoon  rescued on YC120-Apr-09
I am very happy with the service received from EvE-Scout. Fast, friendly, and efficient! 10/10 Would use again. Less than 24 hours and I was located and free from being trapped in a wormhole. Ship and pod saved! These guys are helpful and professional throughout the process, plus the web site rocks!

Christy Cloud  rescued on YC120-Apr-08
Entering a wormhole, and seeing it collapse behind you is one thing. Entering a wormhole, seeing it collapse behind you whilst you have no probes is quite another. Add to that situation the super implants in your head and you've got a problem. The option of pod express loomed, but Signal Cartel were able to save my pod and my dignity.

Ganner Rhyysode  rescued on YC120-Apr-03
I was stranded in a wormhole with no probes and no hope of getting out. Someone recommended I reach out to the gentlemen in Eve-Scout. I asked for help in their public chat and was instantly greeted by their helpful pilots. I wasn't in a hole they had scanned down that day so they sent me a mail saying they had opened up a ticket for me. A few days later I was guided to freedom by one of their polite pilots! 10/10 Would get lost again.

CollectionBe  rescued on YC120-Mar-18
Once again I thank for my salvation. I sent a donation to "EvE-Scout" in a gratitude for your activities. You are doing a good job. Good luck to you.

Brondar Artrald  rescued on YC120-Mar-11
I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the services provided by EvE-Scout. The service was timely, friendly, and considerate. In a game where newbros like myself are occasionally singled out for ridicule or harassment, I deeply appreciated the respectful professionalism demonstrated by your pilot. Like many new capsuleers before me, I made a series of errors in judgment that cost me a ship, and your teams commitment to SAR ops allowed me to salvage at least something from that debacle. Thanks again to all of your fine organization.

Claxula Nabali  rescued on YC120-Mar-03
Thank you very much! The rescue was a great experience, and I am so glad to know that an organization is around like ya'll, especially as a newbie!

Zenit Dondie  rescued on YC120-Feb-26
I'm so happy with the help you gave to me. It was a pleasure to be rescued by you. Kind, helpful.... was a beautiful experience. I asked to my alliance for help and no one answered me... but you, a complete stranger, traveled around the game just to help me get out of the hole. I really enjoyed that trip. Thanks a lot.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-21
To start, I want to say I was skeptical of calling on these folk to help. In a game where trust is rare because anyone can be willing and ready to stab you in the back for the lolz, these guys and gals hold true to honor and integrity. I heard good things about them, but figured it was old tales of a group that used to help others out and now just uses people to cleverly hunt others. I was wrong. Not only was I helped with saving my 2 rattles, but the pilot who helped when beyond what they needed to do to make sure I got out safe. They even offered to scout me through LS to HS, but I declined for their job was done and it was time for me to own up to any potential mistakes they may or may not happen. This one pilot's actions has now convinced me to not engage knowingly with Signal Cartel. Which is saying something, since everyone is a target or future target.

Jar Shi  rescued on YC120-Feb-05
It was a very good experience. I knew the low sec system I jumped in from, but had no way to scan it down. An Eve-Scout who was nearby came over and provided a warp in to the wormhole. I tipped him 30m ISK for his help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-01
Eve-Scout helped one of my ships make it back to K-Space from deep in Wormhole space. Absolutely nothing I could do to get myself out, and with my ship worth very, very close to 1 billion, I wasn't ready to just self-destruct. Great pilots doing a great FREE service for the Eve community.

Chilton Bheskagor  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
We are extremely grateful the Eve-Scout SAR program was available and able to help us. Our experience with the program was of great quality. The response was immediate and within 10 minutes we had a professional en route to our location. We were rescued from J-space easily and thereafter taught the importance of being prepared before entering wormholes as well as how to properly navigate them. It was an educational and helpful experience that we will remember for quite a while. I am happy to recommend the Eve-Scout programs to anyone who needs help.

Stana Katik  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
It was the first time I've been stuck in J-space. I've always been kinda scared of it. I've been scared of losing ship, capsule, implants. And finally it happened. I guess i didn't check the stability of the wormhole, so after I got in, it collapsed, and me and my friend's Miasmos were inside. Unfortunately neither of us had a depot or launcher. No one expected that. I heard before about EvE-Scout, so i found the site, joined the channel, and miracle! After about an hour we got rescued. You guys are doing a really nice job. I know that EVE is just a game, but still, rescuing people is really cool.

thoth Shayiskhun  rescued on YC119-Nov-16
Thank you so much. The service was very fast and covert. You were able to get a Rescue pilot to my location within about 15 minutes. That was good, considering how lost I was and how deep in the holes I was. Being a new player, I would have lost my mind and my new Astero the first flight out. Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-Nov-15
I entered a wormhole and warped to a celestial. That's when I notice that I have 16 probes but no launcher -- and I forgot to bookmark my exit. I'm new to wormhole space so the emptiness is disconcerting. For many the pod express is an option, but as a new player the loss of a ship and my implants would really hurt. Newbro Help sends me to the EvE-scout channel. Thankfully one of your pilots is on and close enough for a rescue. A little bit later I'm back home. It was never asked for, but I gave the pilot a tip for going out of their way to help a stranded explorer.

Chucao  rescued on YC119-Nov-02
A member of the Signal Cartel generously took the time to find a wormhole that led to J121454 and jump in so that I could find the way out. I am very grateful for this (I sent him a donation), and I really like the fact that such a group exists in EVE.

SpcJnky  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
Thanks again so much! What a crazy good service to have! I was stuck in w-space after a long absence. The corp I was in was basically dead and had gotten rid of all but the ship I was flying, which didn't have probes. I was about to pod myself when I thought I'd ask in help channel, and someone guided me to your website and channel. What a savior it was! I kept my Tengu and implants and made it out to high sec k-space within 2 hours. Amazing!

Yodik  rescued on YC119-Sep-12
[Eve-Scout Rescue is] working hard. It's worth a lot in J-Space.

Kakihara  rescued on YC119-Sep-04
I was rescued after only 6 days of waiting! For me, being rescued was a bit of a spiritual experience, because my EVE rescue paralleled a real-life rescue. Caring people in-game and IRL were helping at the same time! Thanks, Signal Cartel pilots! Praise Bob!

Roger Y0ung  rescued on YC119-May-07
I used your [SAR] service, and what can I say? - I was pretty amazed, because, you know, EVE is a game where one trusts no one. I heard of you guys long ago, but never thought I'd need this kind of help. I gave it a try, and it worked pretty well for me. I'd give [the rescue pilot] a medal.