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el pavor jefe  rescued on YC120-Nov-17
Thanks again. I'm kinda new and got stuck in a Wormhole due to losing my probes in the reset. Within 10 minutes, they saved me and gave me advice on how to be safe in wormholes.

Jadan Khan  rescued on YC120-Nov-14
Many thanks. Your pilots were incredible. I'm always watching EvE-Scout, just in case I'm in a position to help. Again, thanks :)

FeMalogalotalotim  rescued on YC120-Nov-05
I would like to express my gratitude to EvE-Scout alliance. EvE-Scout are using a really friendly protocol regarding wormholes, which lets people who are stuck without scanning equipment to exit from W-space to K-space. I have been stuck in expensive ships (more than 7 bil worth) in a wormhole and, following the procedure, after 1 hour I got scanning equipment which let me extract the expensive assets to normal space. Response to my problem was really well organized and highly competent, which let us make it quick and easy even if I was not familiar with the whole procedure in detail. I would recommend to people who love to explore to keep in good relation with EvE-Scout alliance. As for myself, I would consider them as a personal friendly alliance, regardless of the alliance standings, FeMalogalotalotim, CEO of Stellae Renascitur

Jeffe Crood  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
One of the most helpful services provided by other EVE players. Barely starting, so this was super cool to me. Thanks for the help!

Harzan Askulf  rescued on YC120-Oct-21
Went into a hole I had scanned down without a probe launcher and my exit hole collapsed. I had a response from SAR within minutes and was out in less than an hour. Awesome service!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-21
It all started when I logged out with my probes still in wormhole space, and I forgot to bookmark the wormholes. Thanks to EvE-Scout Rescue for providing the instructions to help me find my way back to hi sec. Thanks again!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-14
Very useful and super fast rescue. Lot of thanks, guys. You are my hero of the day. Extra fast -- approx 10 minutes -- and cache was exactly where you said. Just what I needed, and very efficiently!!! Thx again for your help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-08
Brand new to the game. Jumped through an unstable wormhole, got my ship blown up, and then realized I'd forgotten to bookmark the exit. No one I knew was online, but if I didn't find someone to help me out soon, the known entrance would collapse and I'd be in even worse trouble. Fortunately I'd heard about EvE-Scout, and after my distress call I was free in under an hour. The pilot who helped was super friendly and made me feel better about my noob mistakes. 10/10, if I ever need rescued again, I know who to call.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-04
Got rolled out without a depot or a probe launcher. By luck I found a friendly empty Astrahus so I could refit my ship. I contacted EvE-Scout and they directed me to the cache in my WH so I could get the probe launcher I needed. Saved me over half a billion from self destructing!

Tiger Venn Ronuken  rescued on YC120-Oct-03
After a long day of roaming far from home, I was on my way home in a Keres as one of the few survivors. My group had a shortcut scanned through a drifter wormhole, and I contacted the resident scanner to see if he could guide me through. He confirmed, and I headed towards it. However, by the time I reached it, and waited out the drifters who were camping the entrance, he had fallen asleep! While I waited for my scout buddy to wake up and save me, I killed the time by finding the rescue cache I saw on d-scan. I had a mobile depot on my cargo by coincidence, so I figured I'd ask Signal Cartel for its password. This was a huge relief to me as I had already stayed up much longer than I planned, so a quick way home was a big deal to me. The scanner buddy woke up just as I was reaching my home system. Big thanks to Signal Cartel for keeping these up - they put in a huge amount of work and expect no compensation. I always had them set to blue while I lived in j-space, and I try to mention them whenever a newbro is asking about exploration on reddit. Cheers!

Redd Solo  rescued on YC120-Oct-03
When I got stuck in a WH from my own absentmindedness, I had no idea how to get out and I didn't want to self destruct. I asked for help on the Wormhole Channel and they quickly referred me to the EvE-Scout channel. I went there and asked if they were able to assist with Wormhole rescues. Within five minutes I had someone talking to me and heading over. These guys are like the AAA of EvE! Didn't even know these kind of service existed until I needed it! Definitely useful in a tight bind.

Harret en Bauldry  rescued on YC120-Sep-19
They said they would find me, and they found me! Patiently waiting paid off. They not only scanned my WH down in a few days, they also shared how to survive while I was out there. They are no joke. Coast Guard of New Eden? Maybe, Cool team and service!

Stella Anneto  rescued on YC120-Aug-19
About a month ago I, as a new pilot, joined EvE-Scout. I jumped right into the WH chain. I scanned, hacked, and analyzed like crazy. Then suddenly I jumped through another WH and was needed IRL. When I came back to EvE, I noticed I didn't have any probes on me and suddenly realised I had forgotten to recall them. And I felt really stupid as a scout to have forgotten to take a spare set with me. At that moment I realised I was in a system with a rescue cache. I looked for the cache and rapidly found it where it was supposed to be. I took the probes and scanned my way out. Now I am a really dedicated scout who always will carry spare sets of probes, and I am sowing and tending caches everywhere I go. I hope we will be able to help you if you are stuck. We will do our very best to do so. To all of you Fly safe and cu in J space Stella Anneto EvE Scout Signing off

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-25
I thank Signal Cartel for the quick help. Everything was clearly shown and explained. 1000 thanks to the EvE-Scout Rescue Agent, who has given my expensive ship a speedy rescue from the wormhole.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-17
The EvE-Scout Rescue agent who helped me was great. Pointed me to the instructions to get to the cache, and helped me out of a jam. Cache was right where it was supposed to be, contained everything I needed, and was replenished when I got myself sorted out. This is my home wormhole and I learned a good lesson about always having a ship that can scan. Won’t be making that mistake again (stocked up on half a dozen scanning frigs and flew them in)! This saved me from having to self destruct and lose my system. Thanks so much!

Lee H Kalkoken  rescued on YC120-Jul-11
Was stuck in a C4 with a Venture full of gas. Was saved quickly and the rescuer was extremely nice. :)

Soonji Bertaan  rescued on YC120-Jul-10
July 7th started off as any normal day for me. It was another day of exploring WS space, scanning down relic and data sites, and hacking containers. However, I was wandering around J00593 when I suddenly had to log off without having time to warp back out. I was only gone a few hours, so I was fairly sure my exit wormhole would hold until then. Alas, when I logged back on and warped to my bookmarked location for the exit wormhole...there was nothing there! Now, this would not be a problem by itself...if I had not forgotten to recall my probes before I logged off. So here I was, stuck in wormhole space, my exit gone, and with my probes lost, no way to find another exit. I was trapped. It was a dilemma I had never faced before, and I was just about resigned to self destructing my Heron and respawning at my home station when someone in the rookie help channel suggested contacting the EvE-Scout Rescue channel. Now, I had never heard of this organization, so I was doubtful they could get me out of my situation. I was very pleasantly surprised when an EvE-Scout Rescue Agent contacted me directly only a few minutes after I sent out a distress signal to ESR. He was very professional, friendly, and genuinely seemed to care about me getting safely out of the wormhole. He walked me through the method of pinpointing the rescue cache in the system, and with his help, I was able to find my way back home. I'm very glad I heard about ESR, as from my personal experience, they seem to be made up of truly caring and selfless people who are willing to take time to help those in need.

Dilly Dilly Motsu  rescued on YC120-Jul-09
Rescue 911 was great! I had a disconnect and couldn't reconnect to my probes. The ESR staff was very patient walking me through getting to a rescue cache. They responded very quickly. It's a great project that does a great service to all in EVE!

Jurchik82  rescued on YC120-Jul-02
I want to thank EvE-Scout Rescue for their responsiveness and help to me in my great sorrow. I was rolling a hole closed with a Thanatos and get trapped inside J155311. I thought this was the end, but I was advised to contact your alliance for help. I sent a query to 911, and soon had a response. Because of the difference in our native languages (I am a Russian speaker), the EvE-Scout Rescue agent redirected me to a Russian-speaker in their alliance. He helped me find the rescue cache in the system. After being trapped for two days, today I smiled happily, as I was finally able to get home. Once again, I want to thank you for the fact that there is such an alliance as yours and for the good you guys are doing.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-25
ESR saved me! I logged off in a wormhole and the next day all of my bookmarked wormholes were either rolled or disappeared. I tried to scan my way out, only to find that I didn't have any probes on me. I contacted ESR and I was promptly given the security code for the cache in my system. I scanned my way out and returned the probes (but I kept the "Quafe" as a souvenir). I donated 20 mil. for their services. 10/10 :P Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-21
The lowsec static collapsed right in front of my eyes and my return wormhole was gone, literally 5 minutes after jumping though it for the first time. I am grateful for EvE-Scout's help, as without it self-destructing would have been very costly. The EvE-Scout Agent was very helpful and patient.

Banh Do-Trang  rescued on YC120-Jun-03
Despite the respectable age of the pilot, I have not played actively for very long. And, while I am a frequent guest in wh-systems, I quite often make mistakes, as I did this time... Having scanned down the next wh-system, I began to probe what secrets were concealed by this corner of the Infinite Universe. Having only two bookmarked exits, one leading to the previous system through which I had come from low-sec, and the other to the next, not-yet-visited wh-system, I noticed an abandoned MTU on d-scan and decided that I needed it more than the Sleepers drifting nearby. The first attempt was unsuccessful. I had to return through the holes to k-space and fit a tankier ship. Now I needed to pull out both the contents of MTU and the remains of my Magnate which were safely stowed in it. Operating a thick-skinned Punisher, competently placing bookmarks and dragging the Sleepers far away from the MTU, I succeeded to reach it after three or four approaches. But when my Punisher with its full hold returned to the bookmarked exit from the system, there was nothing but the bookmark. I thought: "There's no escape!" All my efforts to exit the system were in vain. I'd spent too much time to get the MTU, and the WH had reached the end of its natural lifetime. The second scanned down WH was of no use. I could enter it, I could bookmark the other side -- but nothing else in a Punisher with no Probe Launcher fitted. Then I remembered the secure containers I'd seen earlier in WHs with a message giving hope for rescue. A few seconds after my help request in the EVE-Scout channel, and a brave capsuleer - a member of Signal Cartel - guided me to the rescue cache, as I informed him I was a pilot of a ship and - what rare luck! - had a Mobile Depot in my hold. Thanks to the contents of the cache, I was out in no time! After several hours of exploration in the next systems of k-space, I have returned with a gift for you, my future unlucky fellow traveler: a pack of shiny Core Probes, three Probe Launchers, Tobacco, and a group of Exotic Dancers. I hope you can use them before they spoil!

Chairman Tyranicus  rescued on YC120-Jun-02
Before DT I had scouted a farming hole and rolled its out-going connections with the intent of farming it after DT. Logged on and didn't check the hole as it was unmassed and not EOL before DT. After jumping two Nestors in, the hole closed behind me. I got that instant sinking feeling as I realized I had no probe launcher on either ship and no way to get out. A corp mate asked me if there was a rescue can in system, which I had never heard of. Thankfully there was. Within minutes of making an "I need help" request, I was talking to an EvE-Scout agent who talked me through finding the cache. I got both ships safely back to K-Space. You guys are truly amazing and made my derp into a very positive experience.

Teneberous Bran  rescued on YC120-May-31
The rescue cache in my system was very hard to find, but the person assigned to me was very patient. They called me on Mumble and talked me through the process for an hour until we finally found it. EvE Scout Rescue is the bomb!

Artorias Yin  rescued on YC120-May-28
You guys were a great help! I can't remember the exact scout who helped me, but he did an amazing job. It was my first time getting stuck in a wormhole, and he got me out using the jump/bookmark guide. This is an awesome service!

Rekt Kumamato  rescued on YC120-May-28
After downtime my probes disappeared from space. I petitioned CCP to get them back but did not receive a timely reply. I found your rescue cache in open space on d-scan and joined the EvE-Scout channel. CCP GM answered me in like one day, but your rescue team helped me in about 15 minutes. Thanks a lot.

Sangwyn  rescued on YC120-May-27
100 per cent eternal gratitude here: I had very nearly given up hope and was trying to get up the nerve to self destruct when I saw mention of your service, so I gave it a shot. One of your awesome rescue scouts got in touch within minutes, and talked me through the location process. (My first ever attempt at 'bouncing'!) Their patience was much appreciated, and eventually rewarded. Consider me a fan for life. (Real life, not these disposable Eve Online lives, which have a far lower innate value!)

Diolo en Divalone  rescued on YC120-May-13
I wish to thank you and your intrepid explorers for an excellent and timely service. My experience goes to show that even long term residents of Anoikis can forget the basics. When I realized the wormhole back home had collapsed and that I had not brought equipment to scan myself out, I thought the days of my ship and crew were numbered. But thanks to your valiant effort, I was rescued not more than half a day later. I will always be in your debt.

LyfeSaviour  rescued on YC120-May-03
Well it all happened on a cold dark morning, I had jumped into what i thought was a good C5 WH to do a little bit of site crabbing. After spending about 15 min scouting out the place i noticed it was safe to get my crab on. Out of disbelief I warped back to the hole and *poof* it was gone. Did a little crying, then asked my corp what should I do? A great man named Hobar told me about this amazing group called EvE-Scout!!! So here I am back home safe and sound thanks to this great group of pilots!! Fly Safe and Thank You!!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Apr-18
I lost my probes after downtime and with Dscan I could find your rescue cache. Sent message to EvE-scout channel and got help! It was so fast! I thought i would have to suicide, but no, I could get out of WH to highsec easily! Thank you so much!

Malagong Karagalan  rescued on YC120-Apr-14
Thank you again for getting me out of the hole. The service was AWESOME and faster then anybody could hope for. The 911 function on your web site is beyond anything I have ever seen in a game of any kind and it's great. I hope the little "thank you" gift paid for some of your time. I will tell some pirates not to shoot Signal Cartel, but no promises. We are who we are.

Cmdr PloKoon  rescued on YC120-Apr-09
I am very happy with the service received from EvE-Scout. Fast, friendly, and efficient! 10/10 Would use again. Less than 24 hours and I was located and free from being trapped in a wormhole. Ship and pod saved! These guys are helpful and professional throughout the process, plus the web site rocks!

Christy Cloud  rescued on YC120-Apr-08
Entering a wormhole, and seeing it collapse behind you is one thing. Entering a wormhole, seeing it collapse behind you whilst you have no probes is quite another. Add to that situation the super implants in your head and you've got a problem. The option of pod express loomed, but Signal Cartel were able to save my pod and my dignity.

Ganner Rhyysode  rescued on YC120-Apr-03
I was stranded in a wormhole with no probes and no hope of getting out. Someone recommended I reach out to the gentlemen in Eve-Scout. I asked for help in their public chat and was instantly greeted by their helpful pilots. I wasn't in a hole they had scanned down that day so they sent me a mail saying they had opened up a ticket for me. A few days later I was guided to freedom by one of their polite pilots! 10/10 Would get lost again.

Stevo Powell  rescued on YC120-Mar-22
Quite honestly there is nothing I can think of that could have been better about that rescue cache.

CollectionBe  rescued on YC120-Mar-18
Once again I thank for my salvation. I sent a donation to "EvE-Scout" in a gratitude for your activities. You are doing a good job. Good luck to you.

Johnny Rafael Castro  rescued on YC120-Mar-13
I was stranded in WH Space a couple days ago. Being a complete noob I lost all my probes with no way to reconnect, on a brand new ship i saved the ISK for... 70m is not much for somebody with experience, but I only have about a month playing. The only option I knew to get back to my station was to self destruct and lose my brand new ship. I asked for help on my corp comms, but nobody was close and I didn't have anybody else to ask for help. A friend I found in another WH advised me to try to reach out to EvE-Scout. I didn't even knew they existed. About 2 or 3 mins after I asked for help in the EvE-Scout channel somebody contacted me and guided me to a rescue cache. You're like the WH Red Cross for me now.

Brondar Artrald  rescued on YC120-Mar-11
I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the services provided by EvE-Scout. The service was timely, friendly, and considerate. In a game where newbros like myself are occasionally singled out for ridicule or harassment, I deeply appreciated the respectful professionalism demonstrated by your pilot. Like many new capsuleers before me, I made a series of errors in judgment that cost me a ship, and your teams commitment to SAR ops allowed me to salvage at least something from that debacle. Thanks again to all of your fine organization.

Tyrranar  rescued on YC120-Mar-09
I will gladly share about my positive surprise when I found out that something like EvE-Scout channel and your corp exists. Your rescue agent was most helpful by telling me where the cache was. I am still quite a noob in EvE, but considering the general hostile environment in WH/NS space, I really did not expect anyone would be willing to help me. The agent also told me that EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel have almost 60% of WH space covered by their caches, which is an outstanding achievement. I returned the probes when I managed to BM my way out of the WH.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Mar-06
Because of changes to citadels and my sporadic game play style, I recently found myself floating in space in my site-running ship without any way to scan my way out or into my home in wormhole space. However, having once been a member of the ever-helpful Signal Cartel and having a mobile depot onboard, I knew there was hope if I could just get to the rescue cache I had seen on D-Scan many times before. After issuing my call for help in the EvE-Scout public channel, I was quickly convo'd by a new and helpful agent of Signal Cartel. I was reassured and talked through the process until I was safely sitting in high security space. Though situations that arise in New Eden are often unique, rest assured that Signal Cartel and the Eve-Scout organization are doing what they can to make it a more enjoyable experience for all.

Milena Catarige  rescued on YC120-Mar-05
My experience was wonderful. At first I was a little concerned contacting your corp when I found the container, so I stayed cloaked the majority of the time. But your pilot was very quick to respond and helpful throughout the experience. I was thankful to get out of there, and I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

Claxula Nabali  rescued on YC120-Mar-03
Thank you very much! The rescue was a great experience, and I am so glad to know that an organization is around like ya'll, especially as a newbie!

Ragthor Dimen  rescued on YC120-Mar-01
Thank you and your team for doing such a great job! In my case I was lost in space because of a bluescreen during my drones' operation. You definitively made my day!

Malan  rescued on YC120-Feb-27
I'd scanned down a wormhole in a low sec system and just before I entered it, I received a socket closed message and had to restart my client. Once I logged back in I immediately entered the wormhole, not realizing that my probes never returned to my ship because of the disconnect. Forgetting to bookmark the exit I just came through, I immediately got to setting up a safe spot to scan from and once there I realized my mistake -- no probes. I popped over to EvE-Scout channel and was able to get information on where your guys' supply cache was -- though I forget the name of the helpful scout that saved me, unfortunately. I was able to save myself a Buzzard and finish my exploration, netting around 50m. Much better than a 150m-ish loss including implants from self-destructing! EvE-Scout saved me from some rather noob mistakes. Without you guys, I would have had a much worse day. My thanks to everyone's hard work at Eve-Scout and especially to the scout that helped me.

Zenit Dondie  rescued on YC120-Feb-26
I'm so happy with the help you gave to me. It was a pleasure to be rescued by you. Kind, helpful.... was a beautiful experience. I asked to my alliance for help and no one answered me... but you, a complete stranger, traveled around the game just to help me get out of the hole. I really enjoyed that trip. Thanks a lot.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-21
To start, I want to say I was skeptical of calling on these folk to help. In a game where trust is rare because anyone can be willing and ready to stab you in the back for the lolz, these guys and gals hold true to honor and integrity. I heard good things about them, but figured it was old tales of a group that used to help others out and now just uses people to cleverly hunt others. I was wrong. Not only was I helped with saving my 2 rattles, but the pilot who helped when beyond what they needed to do to make sure I got out safe. They even offered to scout me through LS to HS, but I declined for their job was done and it was time for me to own up to any potential mistakes they may or may not happen. This one pilot's actions has now convinced me to not engage knowingly with Signal Cartel. Which is saying something, since everyone is a target or future target.

Jar Shi  rescued on YC120-Feb-05
It was a very good experience. I knew the low sec system I jumped in from, but had no way to scan it down. An Eve-Scout who was nearby came over and provided a warp in to the wormhole. I tipped him 30m ISK for his help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Feb-01
Eve-Scout helped one of my ships make it back to K-Space from deep in Wormhole space. Absolutely nothing I could do to get myself out, and with my ship worth very, very close to 1 billion, I wasn't ready to just self-destruct. Great pilots doing a great FREE service for the Eve community.

Chilton Bheskagor  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
We are extremely grateful the Eve-Scout SAR program was available and able to help us. Our experience with the program was of great quality. The response was immediate and within 10 minutes we had a professional en route to our location. We were rescued from J-space easily and thereafter taught the importance of being prepared before entering wormholes as well as how to properly navigate them. It was an educational and helpful experience that we will remember for quite a while. I am happy to recommend the Eve-Scout programs to anyone who needs help.

Stana Katik  rescued on YC120-Jan-28
It was the first time I've been stuck in J-space. I've always been kinda scared of it. I've been scared of losing ship, capsule, implants. And finally it happened. I guess i didn't check the stability of the wormhole, so after I got in, it collapsed, and me and my friend's Miasmos were inside. Unfortunately neither of us had a depot or launcher. No one expected that. I heard before about EvE-Scout, so i found the site, joined the channel, and miracle! After about an hour we got rescued. You guys are doing a really nice job. I know that EVE is just a game, but still, rescuing people is really cool.

Lulu Arbosa  rescued on YC119-Dec-28
Eve-Scout cache is an amazing life saver. Many wormholes deep in a fully fitted Astero with all the implants. So absorbed into a new site I didn't realize downtime had come. I came back to no probes. Sad day. After about an hour of scanning and looking for someone else in system hoping for some kind of relief, I noticed a cargo container named "Eve-Scout Cache". After some quick googling I immediately joined the EvE-Scout channel and asked for some help. Within minutes I was on my way to freedom!

Mavrik Kion  rescued on YC119-Dec-20
I lost probes due to a power outage and thought I was gonna have to pop my Tengu and 500 mil ISK pod. I was relieved to find out that EvE-Scout Rescue exists. It only took about 5 minutes from when I first posted in the EvE-Scout channel to when I had a private conversation started with a mod and was on my way to finding the cache. I can't extend my gratitude enough for the help I received. I'll be sure to send some thanks your way in the form of ISK! My saviors!

Michael Pergkk  rescued on YC119-Dec-15
I got out alive. I recommend your services majorly.

xBocT Airuta  rescued on YC119-Dec-01
It was a bad day from the start: forgot boosters, wrong drones, can't find a way to null sec. I'm tired and log off. The next day, I realised that I forgot to return probes and now I'm a true WH prisoner. Luckily, I had heard about EvE-Scout Rescue! After five minutes, I was free!!! Really so amazing. Even in K-space, people don't help you so fast and well. With such pilots, the game becomes more than a game!

thoth Shayiskhun  rescued on YC119-Nov-16
Thank you so much. The service was very fast and covert. You were able to get a Rescue pilot to my location within about 15 minutes. That was good, considering how lost I was and how deep in the holes I was. Being a new player, I would have lost my mind and my new Astero the first flight out. Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-Nov-15
I entered a wormhole and warped to a celestial. That's when I notice that I have 16 probes but no launcher -- and I forgot to bookmark my exit. I'm new to wormhole space so the emptiness is disconcerting. For many the pod express is an option, but as a new player the loss of a ship and my implants would really hurt. Newbro Help sends me to the EvE-scout channel. Thankfully one of your pilots is on and close enough for a rescue. A little bit later I'm back home. It was never asked for, but I gave the pilot a tip for going out of their way to help a stranded explorer.

Bustenose Upirilius  rescued on YC119-Nov-14
Had to deal with RL and when I got back, I discovered the exit closed and my buddies had moved on. I was stuck. D-Scan showed your rescue cache. One of your team quickly responded with the password, and I retrieved the probes and launcher. In the station, I was able to refit. I could have self-destructed but it was fun to go with the option of a rescue cache. If I'm ever stuck with something expensive and no cache in system, I'd definitely be calling for a rescue.

tanner mon  rescued on YC119-Nov-08
I wasn't able to reconnect to my probes and had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole exit. I was told to contact EvE-Scout. Soon after, I was directed to a rescue cache and was able to finally get out of the wormhole with the contents in the cache. I am thankful for this service.

Chucao  rescued on YC119-Nov-02
A member of the Signal Cartel generously took the time to find a wormhole that led to J121454 and jump in so that I could find the way out. I am very grateful for this (I sent him a donation), and I really like the fact that such a group exists in EVE.

SpcJnky  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
Thanks again so much! What a crazy good service to have! I was stuck in w-space after a long absence. The corp I was in was basically dead and had gotten rid of all but the ship I was flying, which didn't have probes. I was about to pod myself when I thought I'd ask in help channel, and someone guided me to your website and channel. What a savior it was! I kept my Tengu and implants and made it out to high sec k-space within 2 hours. Amazing!

Hansa Ashai  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
My exit hole closed, I forgot probes, can't reconnect to them, d-scan won't pick up a thing, except some EMERGENCY ONLY container in space. I don't want to suicide. I joined the EvE-Scout channel and contacted random Signal Cartel member. This cool saviour dude teaches me how to find the cache, I pick up probes, find exit to low sec, bookmark it, come back to the cache to replace the probes, and thank the dude again. It was fun!

Blim Blam Korblok  rescued on YC119-Oct-27
My experience was great. After losing probes due to disconnect, I was able to reach out, access the cache, and find my exit within the hour.

peaceful Spirit  rescued on YC119-Oct-22
[The EvE-Scout rescue agent] was very helpful and quick. I was foolish enough to not bring an extra set of probes, game crashed while afk and probes out, and probes expired. You saved me hundreds of mil in losses if i had to pod myself. Thanks again!

Robo Fuzzy  rescued on YC119-Oct-12
I recently got stuck in a wormhole and lost my scanner probes to a disconnect. I contacted them via the in-game channel and immediately people responded with help offers. One person guided me to the rescue cache with the help of D-Scan. I got some Scanner Probes and fireworks out of the cache. Soon I could finally make my escape. After experiencing their help and reading up on the alliance Credo I immediatly filled out the application form because I felt that this is what I want to do while playing EvE. Now I'm a proud member of Signal Cartel and EvE-Scout and do Bob's work.

Everse Aivo  rescued on YC119-Sep-16
I had to make an unexpected log off and when I came back I had lost my probes. That was my first exploration run ever. I had made 100 mil in loot, so I looked for every way possible to save it. I asked around in the EvE-Scout channel and people were kind enough to teach me how to find a rescue cache. I couldn't believe my luck. It was an amazing experience, and I'm very grateful.

Yodik  rescued on YC119-Sep-12
[Eve-Scout Rescue is] working hard. It's worth a lot in J-Space.

Kakihara  rescued on YC119-Sep-04
I was rescued after only 6 days of waiting! For me, being rescued was a bit of a spiritual experience, because my EVE rescue paralleled a real-life rescue. Caring people in-game and IRL were helping at the same time! Thanks, Signal Cartel pilots! Praise Bob!

Shejtan Hakaari  rescued on YC119-Aug-12
An EvE-Scout agent just saved almost half of my net worth in a battleship, and I cannot express how thankful I am for your help. I hope you'll continue doing what you're doing, because it's damn good work.

onix grimm  rescued on YC119-Aug-06
I am so grateful for your help. I had implants and 50 million ISK worth of cargo that I would have lost if it was not for your team. I would recommend you to everyone in exploration! Good luck, and thanks again.

Ilska  rescued on YC119-Jul-26
I sincerely wanted you and your corp to know how much I appreciated the extreme generosity I was shown when I had gotten stuck in a wormhole after logging off without first reloading my probe launcher. I am a returning player currently on an alpha clone and my wormhole know-how is still limited. Safe to say on 26 July I learned the basic lesson of keeping an extra set of probes in my cargo. At the time I had actually had a fairly successful run hacking data and relic sites, so my Heron was almost at full capacity when I had to quickly log off due to IRL stuff - only to return later and find out that I had lost contact and could not reconnect to my probes. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if I had had to abandon ship and clone, but during my scanning of the system I had spotted a can that said something about "EvE-Scout"... I thought I should give it a try, although I also thought it could just as well be a trap -- this is EVE after all. In this case, however, it turned out to be the perfect rescue. Following the note on the can, I quickly got in touch with friendly people in the chat, confirmed via the website, got directions for how to locate the can, got the password and got the probes. I couldn't play more that day so I loaded the probes into my launcher and logger out. It felt almost unbelievable. Like a lifebuoy being thrown out to a person at sea. And I was that lucky recipient! If anything, EVE succeeds in making the player feel the vastness of space. Even more so in W-space, where there are no "roads", only faint trails in the tall waves... The next day, I logged in and resumed the scanning routine with the new probes. To see the probes flash felt like being able to breathe fresh air again after having been near suffocation. A small thing, really, if you think about it, but for a moment I felt something very real. Eventually I found my way back to a station in high-sec space. I wanted to go back and restock the can with probes, but the path had closed by the time I could reach high-sec shops. I have to say, there can't be many cases of such altruism taking place in MMO games, let alone in the world. It was a really cool experience and yet another thing that makes EVE a very special game. I saw the testimonials on your website and I would gladly let you share mine there. No need for anonymity - I want people to know how awesome you guys are! I'm currently taking dives into W-space in between high-sec dabbling, so for now I'm not looking to join a player corp which gets wardecked a lot, but some day I would definitely like to try joining a friendly exploration-focused corp such as yours some day, if alphas are allowed. Once again, thank you very much!!

Barba Negra ElPirata  rescued on YC119-Jul-09
I was stranded inside a wormhole. I asked for help on my corp channel and they told me about a rescue corp. I didn't believe that. I thought they were trying to kill me, but I had nothing to lose. I was stranded anyway, with self-destruct my last option, so I decided to speak with EvE-Scout Rescue. They helped me really fast and without obligation, so I refilled the rescue cache as a way to say thanks. I was in high sec in no more than 15 minutes.

Thanks, EvE-Scout Rescue. I really appreciate it.

Mahyisty  rescued on YC119-Jun-14
Thank you very much for rescuing me from a C5 deep in WH space. After I heard from EvE-Scout, I was not believing the stories I was told, but I can now say that everything was right. I contacted you guys and 2 days later I was safe in high sec once again, without any obligations or anything else. Almost too good to be real.

It was professional, fast and a very nice contact which is why we play this game. Thank you again.

skoll Odinkin  rescued on YC119-May-30
I was really blown away with how quickly your agents responded, and I was very happy with my experience - you guys really helped me out.

Dellman Heluene  rescued on YC119-May-25
I was stranded in a wormhole I was exploring and was destroyed as I entered the system. The rescue pilot contacted me asking if I was in distress and I confirmed as such. The pilot walked me through the steps and was very patient with me as well since I am very new to the game. I am grateful to the EvE-Scout Rescue Search and Rescue Division. I would recommend that everyone join their channel.

Emily Carloon  rescued on YC119-May-17
10/10 would use again xD

Roger Y0ung  rescued on YC119-May-07
I used your [SAR] service, and what can I say? - I was pretty amazed, because, you know, EVE is a game where one trusts no one. I heard of you guys long ago, but never thought I'd need this kind of help. I gave it a try, and it worked pretty well for me. I'd give [the rescue pilot] a medal.

Ashwind Houssa  rescued on YC119-May-07
I appreciate the work you guys did, as there was not only excellent work by the person in the chat channel, but also by the person who had installed the cache in that particular wormhole to try and get me out.

Even though you guys didn't get me out, you did spectacular work considering how badly I had gotten myself stuck.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC119-May-01
The service was both easy and quick, and got me out of quite a pickle. I expect this service will be used well by others in need.

Jenan Tahnek  rescued on YC119-Apr-26
I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first read about EvE-Scout. I decided that even if it was legit, I probably would never need it. It turns out that a week later I logged into my alt that was camping [a wormhole] and realized I had forgotten to retrieve my probes during the previous session. :-| You know the rest of the story.

Thanks for the rescue. The service you provided was courteous, business-like, and timely.

Miss Fiery  rescued on YC119-Mar-20
I had doubts about Signal Cartel when I first stumbled upon their rescue cache, but I contacted them anyway. The cache got me out of the hole that confined me for over a year because of stupid mistakes that I made.

If I happen to get lost in a hole again, and find myself with a rescue cache, I'd not hesitate to contact them again. They are the only ones other than my corp, alliance, or friends that I trust with my life in a game where everyone is out to get you. I highly recommend them.