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qarq  rescued on YC126-Jul-08
fast response, all ok )

O-Momonga  rescued on YC126-Jun-04
Thanks to Khacia Fides for helping me get out of that WH ! The skills of Eve scout rescue are top-notch, and I'm really grateful for their help.

Yuilli  rescued on YC126-Jun-03
Khacia Fides - helped me greatly from being trapped in a WH. Provide excelent information, problems...(sent along). Would be nice to have more people in game to do this.

Autistic Korean  rescued on YC126-May-29
As a new player with three weeks of exploration gameplay under my belt, I thought I had every contingency planned for - but New Eden was ready to throw another wrench in my gears, as I logged off one night in a wormhole without recalling my probes. "Surely," I assumed, "if I get my probes back when I go through a sodding wormhole without my input, I'll get them back when I log off". * Insert react here * The next afternoon I discovered that in fact, *no* one does not get their probes back on log off. For the next twenty minutes, I searched D-scan, cloaked; uncloaked, and warped to get to the Eve-Scout rescue cache I had seen in every, and I mean *every* wormhole system I had seen since I first began playing, and entering wormholes nearly every day for three weeks. So ubiquitous were they that -at first - I assumed they were containers generated by the game itself. I had heard of Eve Scout and their services. But I was a solo player and I would be damned if I was about to ask another player for help - I'd finally warped close enough to be able to jump straight to the secure container. Secure. "Secure." I had no password, and no means to open this box - a box, my cargo scanner informed me, had the probes I needed to get out. The Eve-Scout channel was fast to respond. None of the participants who responded back had any type of mockery to give like so many hunters and gate-campers before. Just a bunch of regular people, with the foresight and will to seed nearly all of the twenty-six hundred J-Systems in the game with a crate of bacon-saving supplies, which they gave me access to without any hesitation or fee. To not demand even a token payment in exchange for access, but instead request the probes be replaced is an astounding attitude to have in this game.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-May-17
Eve Scout is amazing! Within 3 minutes of my help request, someone reached out to assist. We quickly established the facts, and I was warping to the rescue cache in under 5 minutes. Thanks for getting me out of a tight spot, Khacia Fides. I returned everything with a little extra as a token of appreciation.

Dresden Kavash  rescued on YC126-May-16
Firstly, I'd like to commend the people who started this service and everyone who works on it. Top blokes every one of them. I was rescued by Khacia Fides after I lost my probes to a long network outage from a system I couldn't give up by self-destructing. It didn't even take 10 minutes after I raised a request for them to contact me and they were polite with clear instructions. Good Job :D

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-May-15
i sent in a request and Khacia Fides helped me locate probes since my ship didn't have them for some reason big help

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC126-May-05
Logged out without recalling my probes, put in a request, reply came in less than 5 minutes, out of wormhole in under 10 minutes.... Greatly appreciated!!!

Theandicore  rescued on YC126-Apr-16
This has been simply brutal, they have helped me get some new scanning probes to be able to get out of a worm hole that for some reason I lost mine, thank you very much for so much help

Rider Isleman  rescued on YC126-Apr-12
Hallelujah, got a little bit complacent and arrogant and shrugged my shoulders as I entered an EOL hole to do some ratting, feeling OK in that I had scanned down the LS static earlier. But after an hour of running sites I found both my hoped for exits gone and in a non scanning fit Vaga. "EVE Scout. HELP!!! and ten minutes later I was out thanks to those ubiquitous Rescue Caches. As luck would have it I came out in K Space near home. I knew there was a reason I never hassled Sig Cartel guys when I bumped into em in my travels. Thanks again. Saved my 500mil Vaga and over 200mil in Blue loot

Daen Idel Solette  rescued on YC126-Mar-24
Rescued by Khacia Fides of the Signal Cartel, a lucky rescue indeed with a cache in that very system. The blasted server reset deleted my probes that were in space, and cleared my already scanned cosmic anomalies.

Al-akir Eriker  rescued on YC126-Feb-11
Saved by the rescue cache! Fast response and helpful!

mrug987 mrugi  rescued on YC126-Feb-10
A kind person and quite a quick answer, flawless rescue. Leshak survived to fight another day. 10/10

MephistopholesX  rescued on YC125-Dec-19
got stuck in a WH, was rescued, appreciate alot, very well done quick and efficient

Abeau Aideron  rescued on YC125-Sep-15
This is an awesome service which saved me today after the WH closed on me when i completed a sleeper. The instructions were easy to follow and I found my way out, luckily to Hi-sec. Thanks guys

MomentoMory  rescued on YC125-Aug-25
An hour flew through the wormhole. When I got desperate, I found this site. Very quickly rescued. Within 15 minutes I was already pulled out.

Sapiens Surupien  rescued on YC125-Jul-02
my frined and i enter in a wh but we dont save location of the entrance and havent core probe launcher. Our rescuer arrived quickly and we were able to save our ships

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC125-Jun-21
The signal agent who helped is really a professional. Quick to react and know what to do when helping. All in all 10/10.

Michael Crusher  rescued on YC125-May-26
I was rolling a wormhole off of our home hole and accidentally misjudged the amount of mass left on the hole. I did not have a probe scanner, but luckily I had a mobile depot, so it was as easy as setting up a rescue request and gaining access to the eve-scout rescue cache in the hole I was stuck in. The rescue member, Samari Arila Enaka, was wonderful and had me out within minutes.

WISE CARDINAL  rescued on YC125-Apr-27
The entrance to the home system was closed behind me when I was digging gas in static. I was in despair, but the Zakale rescuer supported me morally and persuaded me not to destroy my ship. As a result, I was able to find a way out of the wormhole in high sec left by my corporation. All this time Zakale supported me. Thank you very much both to Zakale and to the whole wonderful organization of EWE Scout.

Claire Kekikci  rescued on YC125-Apr-21
I was out in like 10mins, thanks to the wonderful team :)

Daggarotha  rescued on YC125-Mar-08
Well done. 15 minutes and the rescue was on the spot. Thank you!

Schuxer  rescued on YC125-Jan-21
Translated from Russian: I am very grateful to your corporation for helping me to get my ship out of the wormhole. You are doing very essential work. You are the best!!! Thank you.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Dec-11
I've explored WH many times and always rolled my eyes seeing the cargo containers. I had my butt saved by one of these cargo containers. I'll at least chuckle every time I see them and remember this save from y'all. Thank you!

DdNIAS  rescued on YC124-Nov-05
Got stuck on fleet cerb, without launcher, but got resque cache from Amulius Orientis. Found way to refit, and scanned to k-space about 15 min. Appreciate you, guys, fly safe <3

Daweitian  rescued on YC124-Aug-23
Sorry my English is not good, I use GOOGLE translation to post my experience. I joined the EVE universe a few days ago, joined the Vron Liberty Academy, I am very happy to have their reception to let me go on an adventure in EVE, they helped me configure a very good ship, I started my adventure, after I passed a certain A distorted "door" [wormhole] was seen in the universe when he was a Galaxy. It looks very beautiful and safe. This rescue is like a movie: The "Interstellar" experience When I entered the wormhole I saw very, very bright stars, and a few luminous bodies, they were very beautiful and dazzling, and I got close and explored everything I saw... It didn't take long before I realized something was wrong... I am reminded of an idiom "like a moth to the flame" I lost the coordinates of the entrance to the wormhole, I started to explore the surrounding group to find the entrance I came from I couldn't find it at all, I asked myself [Am I trapped?] I picked up my phone and used social apps to call my friends, luckily I have joined Vron Liberty Academy. I rushed for help... The member [Beauty Music] introduced me to the search and rescue team to wait and inform me of possible emergencies. I'm not scared, I'm super excited, it was a great experience! When the rescuer found me, I even thought he was a villain, but he was very patient with me and gave me support, sorry I forgot the name of the good man... I left the wormhole space in about 1-3 hours J110145 I was saved Trapped in a wormhole, I wouldn't be too cautious not to take risks. Killed mining in a low security galaxy before getting aid into the Vron Liberty Academy, I wouldn't be afraid not to take the risk because of that. quote Movie: Interstellar "We're still pioneers, we've barely begun. Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, cause our destiny lies above us." -Cooper EVE is an awesome game!

kavazuka  rescued on YC124-Aug-16
hi i was stuck in WH and was ask my corporation for help but thay told me to self destuct coz dont know any oter idea and on next day i search on google how to get qut for my happynes google shows me eve scout i ask them for help after 20-30 min thay tok me qut from there

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Aug-07
One of my first few times flying in wormhole space and ended up stranded! Decided to try using the Eve Scout Rescue service and was not disappointed! Pilot even explained how everything is done and was very enlightening. Turn your wormhole troubles into some pleasantly fun content with their service. A high recommend

RedWillow Charante  rescued on YC124-Jul-07
Amazing service from SC!!! They had me restocked with probes and other survival 'essentials' within minutes..... This is what Eve Online is all about, 100% o7

Fillo Gus  rescued on YC124-Jul-01
Logged on after a days work and find myself floating in space without any probes in cargo. It felt like a nightmare... so alone. I must have logged off with probes out. I asked for help in "Rookie Help" and was directed to EvE-Scout. I submited for help and was contacted within 5 minutes. I freacking love you guys! I'll go contribute now.

Bobonchi  rescued on YC124-May-29
Amazing !! Honestly was sceptical a system like this would work, given my experience with other games and their communities, but was blown away by how quick, effective and helpful the team member was. I didn't even know this system existed as I'm a kinda newbro but will advertise yall with my dying breath. Once again have been impressed by the amazing community behind eve o7

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Apr-22
Because of bad internet connection I am logged out when scanning, and I need about 15 minutes to online again. When I logged in, my probes are gone, the wormhole that I saved is collapsed. I am officially stranded and thinking about to self destruct...but my implants is too valuable to lose. Then I remember there's a Rescue Party. after a short time I send the SOS, a pilot named Jenny Everywhere contacted me. She's make sure that I am in a safe space to talk, then asking if I can reconnect the probe, however I can't. She directed me to a rescue cache and gives me some scanning probe. thanks to her I am able to scan my way out! for a gratitude I'll just return the scanning probe back to the cache, just in case someone is lose their scanning probe like I did. Respect! o7

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC124-Mar-13
after giving up on coming back home, and almast giving up at the whole game, i came back to try and get out. i saw a container that introduced me to eve scout rescue. i doubted theyre still active, although i loved the idea of the team. i ask for help, and in a few minutes help came. a scout rescue member contacted me and guided me to a rescue cache, where i found probes to help me go home. although i was struggling to scan the right wormhole to get back to HS, until i met some nice guys who helped me get out 2 jumps from Jita, without eve scout rescue i would either self-destract and barely playing the game, after the lost, or not playing eve online at all. that little container saved me. after that event i came back to the community wich made me fall in love with the people of EVE again. thank you so much:)

Renfield E'Drien  rescued on YC124-Jan-23
A Wormhole closed unexpectedly behind me. No problem I thought... I have a mobile depot on board... I have Sisters probes on board. Everything is cool. Then as I'm parked in a safe spot, I discover that I have accidently unloaded my Probe launcher at a station ! Groan. The vessel I am in and my Implants represent a considerable sum of money. It would not be good to self-destruct. My choices are very limited. Then I used the excellent services provided by Eve-Scout Rescue. Catbriar Chelien, responded promptly to my distress call and assisted me with consummate professionalism. I cannot speak highly enough of the gentleman. His expert assistance enabled me and my ship to return safely to High Security space. Many thanks to you all for the wonderful service you provide. If I have the opportunity to do Eve-Scout a service in future I will certainly do so, and I will report to my corp-mates and friends about the excellent service you are providing. Renfield E'Drien.

Dreadlock Headlock  rescued on YC124-Jan-16
I logged off in a different system than the gang and ended up stranded in my favorite ship. The eve scout convo'd me within minutes and had me jumping into known space before i knew it. I was reunited with the gang within half an hour. Great service! Top notch! Dreadlock Headlock Damn Hippies - CEO

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Nov-28
Stucked up in wormhole, but this guys help me get out of here. Really good folks. Thank to you all again!

Bulleitas Franklin  rescued on YC123-Nov-19
After traveling through a wormhole and having to log out for a time, I became trapped with no probes. After scanning with my ship I found a container with instruction on how to contact EvE Scout for rescue. Thank you so much for the help.

Kexis Yazria  rescued on YC123-Nov-06
Found some rare ore in a wormhole, but when I went back to the entry point it was gone. Corp mates directed me to your service and within minutes I had a filament to null sec. It was a long trek home from there, but I made it and kept my ship and the profit from the ore I brought home. Thanks for your help!

Mr Pinkerton  rescued on YC123-Oct-31
I was stranded in a wormhole without a probe launcher after the wormhole at my exit bookmark vanished. I was guided by a member of EvE Scout to a cache where I could grab a Noise-5 'Needlejack' Filament. That took me to a null-sec system that was 10 jumps away from the nearest high sec system. Managed to jump away to safety with my hide and ISK intact! Thanks!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Oct-03
Its free and amazing, response time is under 5 minutes and they are geniuses for setting up caches all over WH space 10/10

Rindzinnew Fera  rescued on YC123-Sep-23
A human translation: Thank you very much for saving my Retriever after the wormhole collapsed. Thanks for the filament. ------------------------------ Спасибо Большое спасли мой Ретривиер с фитом бо дырка захлопнулась. Спасибо за Нити.

Zkyoku  rescued on YC123-Sep-20
I was at a loss at what to do, I had a great ship, and no way to find a wormhole out. I asked local (bad idea I know), I asked other public chats and was directed here. I was directed to a cache that saved my ship, my attitude for the day, and my stream for tonight. Thank you.

J Michael Talvanen  rescued on YC123-Sep-12
amazing service , quick to respond and very very detailed in the help , fanfanfantastic !!

Venarus Xardis  rescued on YC123-Aug-31
I logged back in after a few hours, and the hole that was supposed to be my exit popped. I didn't have anything that could help me, but EvE-Scout saved me. They contacted me within a couple of minutes and allowed me to get safely out of the wormhole system. They're great.

shoptech Mongo  rescued on YC123-Aug-19
i got rescued from a WH area after the WH collapsed on me. i had no scanner, it only took them a few minutes.

Xerox Risalo  rescued on YC123-Aug-19
Buddy of mine and I were mining on in a hole and didn't bring a scout ship, as it was a new hole. I Was able to get access to a cache with a filament in it to get us into null sec. Had to make a 34 jump trek through goon space with nothing but Retrievers, but they were kind enough to let us pass through their systems. o/ thanks Eve scout, and thanks goons for letting us get through!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Aug-17
Got my rolling ship stuck on the wrong side of a hole and was able to get access to a filament to get my pod and ship out safely in under 15 minutes. Saved me a lot of headache and stress. Highly recommend their services.

RiasGermoryMyWaifu  rescued on YC123-Aug-13
Once I entered a wormhole without any probes, I just warped into somewhere else and forget to save wormhole after entering the hole. I was so nervous that I could have stucked there forever, then I found this rescue team. As soon I send my message via this website, rescue team contacted me after few minutes. It's happy to see when it seems there is no hope for surviving and someone come to save you soon. Thanks for saving me!:)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Aug-04
Eve Scout Rescue supported my corporation as we had 5 pilots stranded in a Wormhole as the latter collapsed right before our eyes. The rescuer was very helpful and guided us through the different steps & options for survival. Thank you very much for supporting stranded pilots!

midorri  rescued on YC123-Jul-21
Thanks to the pilot rescue service, and in particular to Hanto Karobi. At the moment when the wormhall is closed in front of your nose, and the reconnaissance probes are safely gathering dust from the back of the system. It's a shame to shoot your head, which is stuffed with implants. In such moments - only these guys can give a chance to survive. And even though that's all, I was shot down in zero systems anyway. They gave the opportunity to survive. Thank you! Открыть Google Переводчик •Благодарю службу спасения пилотов, и, в частности , Hanto Karobi . В момент, когда вормхолл закрылся перед твоим носом, а разведывательные зонды благополучно пылятся с обратной стороны системы. Очень жалко выстрелить в свою голову, напичканную имплантами. В такие моменты - только эти ребята могут подарить шанс на выживание. И хоть все - равно меня сбили в нулевых системах. Возможность выжить подарили они. Спасибо!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Jul-16
Thank you! guys!!

0bs1dia  rescued on YC123-Mar-27
Thank you so much for saving me Catbriar Chelien, I continue to believe that there are still good people in the world!

Warp sun  rescued on YC123-Mar-10
I would Like to thank Signal Cartel for professional help and getting me out of WH. Signal Cartel are the best,.

Batvar Skor  rescued on YC123-Jan-27
This translation may not be 100% accurate, original text provided below Thank you very much! Stuck in wormhole. I read about your cartel on the forum. Honestly, I did not believe it, but there was no way out, I decided to try. I pressed the 911 button. And exactly 1 minute later they contacted me. I don't know English, but the Xalyar pilot showed great patience and courtesy, explaining and prompting each step. After 20 minutes, I flew out of the wormhole. Of course, I did not reach home from deep zeros)))) caught on the gate))) This is nonsense. But I'm shocked to the core that there is a group of people in EVE who are completely selfless in helping people like me. It's just amazing! Thank you so much again! Wholeheartedly. You make this world a better place. My faith in humanity has revived again! Огромное Вам спасибо! Застрял в вормхоле. Прочитал на форуме о вашем картеле. Честно говоря не поверил, но выхода не было, решил попытаться. Нажал кнопку 911. И ровно через 1 минуту со мной связались. Я не знаю английского, но пилот Xalyar проявил огромное терпение и вежливость, объясняя и подсказывая каждый шаг. Через 20 минут я вылетел из вормхола. До дома из глубоких нулей я конечно не долетел)))) поймали на гейте))) Это ерунда. Но я потрясен до глубин души, что в EVE есть группа людей, которые совершенно бескорыстно оказывают помощь таким как я. Это просто поразительно! Еще раз огромное вам спасибо! От всего сердца. Вы делаете этот мир лучше. У меня опять возродилась вера в человечество!

Fou Enthwyll  rescued on YC123-Jan-11
A corp mate and i were trying to get revenge on some gankers. Corp mate got killed in the process, leaving me stranded without probes in a smoking and smouldering stealth bomber, my only exit having been rolled. After making the call it took maybe 5 minutes and i was promptly directed to a rescue cache were i armed myself with a needlejack to escape. You guys turned what had been a bittersweet revenge story at the time into what we could only call a victory all things considered, a story i'll remember for some time. Thanks!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Jan-09
Already used you services 1 time when my WH exit despawned

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC123-Jan-02
This is a machine translation, so some sentences may not be correct. I've been playing EVE for a month now. I fell asleep in WH and found myself logged out of EVE for maintenance. When I logged in, the WH I came in with was gone, and the probe was also gone due to maintenance. At a loss, I talked to another player and he told me about EvE-Scout. I immediately contacted them, and in a quick response that took less than 10 minutes, they told me the location of a nearby secure container. With the filament and probe inside, I was able to return safely. Thank you so much EvE-Scout! -------------- 日本人なので日本語でも書いておきます。 メッセージのやり取りは機械翻訳でも十分意思の疎通が可能でした。 こちらは翻訳した英語、相手の方は翻訳した日本語というちょっとおかしなやり取りでしたが(笑) ともかく、素早い対応かつ無料で助けてもらい、本当に助かりました。 -------------- EVEを始めて一か月のプレイヤーです。 WHで寝てしまい、気が付くとEVEのメンテナンスでログアウトしていました。 ログインをすると、入って来たWHは消失しており、プローブもメンテナンスで無くなっていました。 途方に暮れて他のプレイヤーに話すと、EvE-Scoutの存在を教えてくれました。 早速連絡を取ってみたところ、10分もかからない素早い返答で近くのセキュアコンテナの位置を教えてくれました。 中にあるフィラメントとプローブで無事帰還することが出来ました。 本当にありがとうEvE-Scout!

Nakhia Jaynara  rescued on YC122-Dec-27
I was stranded after jumping through a wormhole and it shut behind me. I had almost no hope of making it out with my ship intact since I didn't have a filament or probe scanner. Preparing to lose my ship and self destruct I was looking for a possible way out when I saw the link for the EVE Scout Rescue. Within a minute of submitting my request for help I had Reise Amatin contact me and guide me to a cache that was in my system. I was able to use the filament they so generously left there to escape and save my ship. Thanks to the Scout Rescue I made it out alive!

Larvic  rescued on YC122-Dec-27
It's great. When I rolled C5 I close wh and forget fitted probes. Four this website, send my location and waiting. Few minutes contact me my angel, give me location and password and via filament send me to NL and 1j to HS..I still alive and happy. Thks very much

Berb Herbleson  rescued on YC122-Oct-14
Trapped in Trig-space with no probe scanner and the trig-gates shut behind you. Not only did they contact me when the website was unable to understand trig-space, but got me a probe scanner, only the hole is camped by super deadly sleeper rats. They also had a filament, right to a null border to low. Out in minutes. Highly recommend.

Trinkyt Guillotine  rescued on YC122-Sep-27
From the moment I hit "Submit" to when I was on a rescue cache was less than 5 minutes and it saved both of my pilots. This service is awesome and saved me from losing over 350,000,000isk worth of ships!

BattlEyeTM Anti-Cheat  rescued on YC122-Sep-15
Was in a battle in wormhole space. While engaging in the siege, we were forced to retreat. My fleet was able to escape but my 3 battleships remained, stranded. I was able to get my battleships out of wormhole and be able to rendezvous with my alliance to safely evacuate.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Sep-02
I got stuck in J-Space without a probe launcher and Dayves Skorvaan came to my rescue! He was able to guide me to the rescue cache in the system I was stuck in, which allowed me to borrow a Probe Launcher and find my way out. Afterwards, I happily returned the probe launcher and chuckled at the Spirits also found within the rescue cache, but didn't partake. Such an amazing first time experience, the process and networking is top notch! Donation inbound for the ship that was saved!

Teach Peach  rescued on YC122-Aug-21
I'm a new explorer, 10 days of EVE is what i have to my name. After server restart i lost my probes, no exit bookmarks and no means to get home alive. I have 5 +3 Basic Implants and a Scanning Implant on my clone, together with 100M ISK in loot (that's a crazy lot to me ). I almost gave up and self destructed when someone recommanded "Signal Cartel" to me, i looked you guys up, sent a distress call in within 60 seconds a gentleman called "Reynauld Lachapelle" messaged me, calmed me down and led me to a cache Signal Cartel had installed in the same system i was in ( HOW????). In it .. probes! The fact that something Signal Cartel exists is so mind blowing to me, you guys are just freaking awesome, hands down. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jul-28
Realized once i logged in I had no core probes, in less than a half-hour, i had probes and was on my way.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jul-28
I was exploring some wormholes and entered a second wormhole (II), but the exit from WH (II) to WH (I) closed. After attempting to jump my way out of the WH, i found my self lost in an unknown amount of deep of WHs. A friend suggest i try Scout rescue, Zap InSpace was able to help me. I just want to thank you all for your service, i was having a real rough day today ( real life) and this just put a smile on my face. Thanks again.

nagh tlhIlwI  rescued on YC122-Jun-18
I found myself stranded in the depths of space... the exit, vanishing before my eyes! My fleet was stranded... I called out into space, only Signal Cartel answered... The fearless Vanessa Pacht-Feng of Signal Cartel was able to guide me to safety. I live, to mine another day.

Mathias Orlenards  rescued on YC122-Jun-12
Superb speed and helpfulness 5 stars best experience ever.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jun-10
Hi there! Today i was lost in a wormhole. Was scanning and did not recall my probes before downtime. Maxwell Kurvora helped me with sharing bookmarks with cache and probes! Thank you very much!

Loganios Ghasha  rescued on YC122-Jun-06
Went to a Wormhole with two friends, one of them was the designated scout (the only one with a probe launcher fitted), went to a relic site, he was the first casualty, when we get back to our wormhole, found out it disappeared. So we are effectively stuck in the wormhole. Asked for help on my Corp chat and they recommended the services of EvE-Scout Rescue. After soliciting their services a very professional rescuer chatted with me and gave the access to a can they had in the wormhole system. This can had a filament which we were able to use to ditch the wormhole. We were able to get to the Outer Ring (null space), and from there we traveled like 40 jumps to our destination. At the end we were able to get back safe. Thanks you guys for the awesome help. Loganios

Michael Sellic  rescued on YC122-Jun-05
I was exploring in Null-Sec for the first time, but didn't have any probes and forgot to bookmark the exit after I entered a wormhole out of curiosity. I warped on grid into a group of lancers, who attacked me before I managed to warp away. I messaged EvE-Scout and Salmon Putter messaged me immediately and ended up saving me using a filament stored in a rescue cache anchored in the wormhole I was in. I warped into a Null-Sec system 4 jumps from my home and was able to dock safely at my home base. Thank you, EvE-Scout!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-May-24
I filamented out into null. From there I almost got killed by incursion rats, a Russian gatecamp and had my corpmates bail me out. Eventually I made it home. 5/10 filaments aren't great but they get the job done I guess.

Herkon BH  rescued on YC122-May-12
The EvE-Scout team is dedicated, serious and really helpful. Feel free to get lost in wormholes!, EVE SCOUT will be there for you!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-May-11
I'm glad these guys were there to save noobs like me who forgot their drones in their other system.

Ryann Charante  rescued on YC122-May-02
I forgot to recall scan probes before downtime in w-space (lesson learnt!) without spares and Maxwell Kurvora quickly reached out and pointed me in the direction of a rescue cache. I'm a relatively new player and Maxwell walked me through it patiently. Now I'm back on my way - thanks so much!

Ali Thrush  rescued on YC122-Apr-30
I was rescued out of a wormhole within 5 minutes of sending my request. The service is unbelievable, thank you!

Brac3 Spidron  rescued on YC122-Apr-29
Absolute five star Eve service. A member contacted me within a few minutes of my submission. They guided me to a can to help replace my probes I lost when I disconnected. I scanned my way out in minutes and was back to playing the game. Would recommend and use the service in the future.

Constantino Romero  rescued on YC122-Apr-28
Lost my probes after a server maintenance inside a wormhole where I forgot to save the exit hole. Within minutes of asking for help, the guys of Eve Scout sent me the location of a rescue cache with 8 probes, so I was able to make it back to safety! 10/10 would recommend.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-25
Got stranded without probes in a wormhole, I decided to try out EvE-Scout Rescue to see how it works. Within minutes i got convoed, and minutes later i had probes and could find my way out of that wormhole. Good Job Signal Cartel!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-15
Got rolled out after an EOL hole closed behind me and I was sitting on a rescue cache in under 5 minutes. Thanks guys!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Apr-10
I lost my probes in wormhole. I was out 5 minutes after contacting EvE-Scout Rescue. Thanks to them!

The Lazy Man  rescued on YC122-Mar-05
Thanks for what you do guys, if i wouldn't have found that cache i would have lost everything. You guys are awesome.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-28
It took like 3 minutes or so to get me saved.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-21
Hello EVE pilots! Recently I found myself chasing 4 rolling mega's while in my Stratios. The battleships rolled the wormhole and dead in space I sat. I contacted the nearest EvE-Scout I could find and was Immediately given instructions on how to ping between celestials and bookmark myself closer and closer to a rescue cache. After some good conversation about EVE the rescuer waited 35 minute for me to slowly find the cache. I'm so grateful for his patience and help in saving my ship. Thanks EvE-Scouts for your hard work and contributions to our glorious lives in New Eden.

Gravedigger lai  rescued on YC122-Feb-20
维护掉线针没了~多亏有他们帮忙,否则只能自爆~ "Rescue gave me a needlejack, thank you for the help. Otherwise I'd have been blown"

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Feb-16
How can I express, appreciate this great, thankful moment. THANK YOU FOR THIS SERVICE! THAN YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

Belos Thellere  rescued on YC122-Feb-08
While inside a wormhole, I had experienced catastrophic failure of my probing equipment which had left me without any means to continue my work. Upon returning to the wormhole through which I had entered, I further discovered that it had closed unexpectedly -- leaving me not only without an exit, but without a way to find one. Within the first minute of contacting ESR, I was connected with a very knowledgeable and determined rescue operative that (after narrowing down my dilemma), managed to send me coordinates to a nearby rescue cache containing the equipment I needed to probe down a different wormhole. Without ESR (and as a new pilot), I would probably still be helpless and floating around J101408. Thank you, Xavec for your dedication to helping a complete stranger and to the rest of the ESR team for making Eve a safer place. 10/10 -- would hail again

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-31
You guys saved me from having to self destruct my Basilisk. I was on my way to another wormhole when the connection to k-space closed as it was eol. I got seperated from the rest of the fleet and the hole closed due to mass. So thanks for providing the service you do - Saved my Basi with a killmark on it.

Bardos Skylifter  rescued on YC122-Jan-26
I had never heard of this service before and coincidently found out about it only a day before I actually got stuck in a wormhole for the first time. I was blown away that this service existed by players in the game. Within minutes of me putting in my request, I was contacted and provided a bookmark for a probe launcher and a new set of probes and I was back home shortly after. Thank you all so much, you're doing an amazing job!

Eridanin  rescued on YC122-Jan-18
Lost my last probes and all my bookmarked wormholes got closed. My finger is hovering over self-destruct button, it is pity to lose the ship which is fully packed with valuable goods. ... no no, there should be other way. Got rescued by the EvE Scout Rescue team! Thanks a lot! Eridanin, 07

Intergalactic Traveler  rescued on YC122-Jan-18
Yumi Aozoara helped a pair of our pilots in need after getting rolled out during a fight. We appreciate the quick response and great service. Many Thanks to EvE-Scout Rescue for getting us back to safety! IT - Intergalactic Traveler

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
You guys are amazing! Got help within ~ 5 minutes.

Rinaya Sogereya  rescued on YC122-Jan-10
Hey =) I am a new player and joined a wormhole corp and went into our wormhole. No one was online anymore and our high sec wormhole died - I was lost. Of course, the noob that I am, I forgot to bring a probe launcher and probes. I was stuck in our wormhole with no way out - until I remembered about EvE-Scout and contacted them. One fellow scout located my wormhole and checked if there was a rescue cache - to my luck there was! With those probes I was able to scan down the new high sec wormhole! Thank you for your service - and for me as new player it was truly amazing, I never had such an experience in an MMO!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC122-Jan-05
I was really happy when you helped me get out from a wormhole.Thanks so much!!!

Josef Reeds  rescued on YC121-Dec-15
After the lost core scanner probes, I was forced to seek help, and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and accuracy of the team. Nice to know that EVE has such a nice community. Hello from Ukraine.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Nov-17
I'm new player who didn't bookmark entry point, and then destroyed his ship on ghost site ;( EvE-Scout rescued my pod in matter of 15 minutes! Good luck to the team, great job!

Edmund Isu  rescued on YC121-Nov-13
I don't think I can express how much I love what EvE-Scout does. I was in the midst of getting evicted and managed to get stuck without a ship fitted with probes. My T1 hauler with probes got ganked on my way out. From start to finish the whole process was as pleasant as it could have been. I really liked the public Discord for lost travellers. The pilot who helped me was friendly and prompt. We have a rescue cache in our new home as well and I will say I feel much better getting to see it on d-scan. A friendly reminder in a lost corner of space. Its corporations like EvE-Scout that help to fill in the gaps left by the sandbox environment of the game and provide a real sense of community. I forgot to mention how much I liked the party favors in the cache, a high point of the night! Thanks for all that you and your corp do for EVE. We would all be lost otherwise!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Nov-12
Rolled my rolling carrier into a very unfriendly WH. The quick response of EvE-Scout saved my capital from being victim to my stupid mistake and managed to get her home in one piece! 10/10 customer service! 10/10 quick response! 10/10 would recommend to a friend!

Perra Hekki  rescued on YC121-Nov-12
I was stuck in a WH due to stupid me that forgot to recall my probes before logging out. Thanks to EvE-Scout I was able to find a rescue cache, and me and my Loki made it out safe into HS again. THANKS ALOT! <3

Maraldor  rescued on YC121-Oct-03
I have been trapped in a wormhole, unlucky, no probes, no scanner. Rescue 911 helped within 15 min with a container of probes and a scanner. Awesome :)

Praetor Sheael  rescued on YC121-Oct-01
Jumped into WH space and the wormhole closed up behind me. Did the Rescue 911 and was contacted in-game in less than 5 minutes. Another member of the Rescue team was able to jump in to the system, fleet me up, and get me out. What an awesome service and what fantastic people!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Sep-21
Upon contacting EvE Scout Rescue and going on their Discord they quickly reassured me I'd be helped, although a little confusion made it take a little longer, I was soon helped out by a friendly rescuer Xalyar, we had a great chat and I was given the cache password and got on my merry way out of the wormhole. 10/10 Would recommend and use again. Thank you.

Badlooking  rescued on YC121-Aug-26
This service saved a lot of money and time for me!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Aug-26
After losing my probes due to downtime, I was stranded in a wormhole. I contacted EvE-Scout Rescue and within five minutes I had directions to a cache that allowed me to escape the hole I was trapped in. EvE Scout really helped me out a lot. Super useful service and extremely efficient. Thank you so much for helping out!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Jul-17
I've been playing EVE since 2008. I've never had any real dealings with EvE-Scout, nor have I ever needed to. I helped a friend evict a C1 WH and he gave me the ship to do it, that ship lacking a probe launcher and probes. Didn't think a thing about it, helped him bash, logged off. Came back a week later to find it was HIM that had been evicted, and there I am with a Nestor and no way out. EvE-Scout responded in less than five minutes, and I was out in the hole in half an hour. Donated what I could, went on about my day and now will support EvE-scout any way I can moving forward. Thanks again, flysafe. o7

Damien Malik  rescued on YC121-Jul-10
I've had to get the help of the Eve Scout Rescue twice in the past week, but they helped me save my little noob Probe ship with relative ease. The only problem was my own inability to find the container. As far as I can tell, they cover a very large amount of the Eve unknown areas and are invaluable to me and, undoubtedly, to countless other Eve explorers. When I asked for help, both times I was quickly answered with straightforward directions and even gave extra tips on mechanics to help me find the container. I truly appreciate everything this corporation does and stands for.

Scorner Erata  rescued on YC121-Jul-09
I had to log off for a family event, and when I came back to the wormhole with no probes. My rescuer explained how to find a rescue cache, and stayed with me until I was out. This was one of the coolest experiences of my Eve piloting career!

Vinnegar Douche  rescued on YC121-Jun-17
Our mistake was common. We didn't fit scan probes to our haulers and protection ships. Someone thought ahead and carried a depot but not all thinking is complete and additional scan probes were left behind. What started out as a simple poco delivery mission ended with the death of our scouts and the loss of any means of exit from J160753. Luckily, the most valuable ships and cargo were able to get hidden and avoid the murderous pirates that attacked us. We waited for the smoke to clear and then made a call to the Signal Cartel. Immediately Shaya Cholmondeley came to our aid and with a cheerful attitude helped direct a noob scout in the art of the bounce method. With some missteps the cache was found, the password provided and the probes extracted. Luckily there was also a bottle of spirits to help us take the edge off our misadventure. We were able to rescue over 1 billion ISK worth of ships and cargo thanks to the help of Signal Cartel Thanks Eve Scouts! Much love from the Undocumented Immigrants!

Anerian 1371  rescued on YC121-Jun-14
I was not aware of this group until one day I logged in in a wormhole only to discover I forgot to dock my probes the previous night. I'd scanned around, saw a rescue cache with their info on it, and contacted them. One of their members got in touch with me in less than five minutes and walked me through getting to their cache. Absolute 100% professionalism and support, these guys rescued me.

Crach Adoulin  rescued on YC121-Jun-11
They are greatest team ever! They are doing a very good job for the community and they are very good at that. They have rescue caches all around the unknown universe. I love these guys!

Philip Boorington  rescued on YC121-May-21
And you thought getting lost was the worst that could happen. Think again. Today, I was exploring some wormholes I found after getting tired of 0.1 isking in Jita. Got some decent loot from a few relic sites but nothing flashy. Suddenly, I get jumped by a Loki. While I do managed to get away, I logged out and forgot my probes. After finding out about Signal Cartel, I submitted a ticket, and got convo'ed two minutes later. Then I discovered the bouncing method, and the secret rescue cache. How exciting that was. This corp is doing such fantastic work. I'm even thinking about applying.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-May-07
I made basic mistake of leaving my probes out when daily reboot came and they were gone... For my luck there was a Rescue Cache in the system where I was and I got help very fast. Longest time of the whole procedure was for me to learn the bounce method, but after that everything worked out beautifully.

Crach Adoulin  rescued on YC121-May-03
Well... Forgetting to call your probes back is a bad thing. You can be stuck in a wormhole with nothing. Thanks to EvE-Scout, I could get out from that wormhole. They contacted me just two minutes after I called them. They are amazing and very patient while helping you. They are the finest group in the entire game. I love you folks!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Mar-22
I'm pretty new to the game and really insisted on learning how to finding the Cache. I am really grateful I found it and could open a WH to High Sec. Thank you guys for the help. Without it i wouldn't have got home with my 200 mil cargo.

CrazyDesigner  rescued on YC121-Mar-02
Большое спасибо друзья. Был искренне удивлен, что есть такие хорошие люди. Many thanks friends. I was genuinely surprised that there are such good people.

Saven Aideron  rescued on YC121-Feb-26
I wound up in a wormhole with no probes. I saw the EvE-Scout rescue cache and looked it up online. I received a response immediately with detailed instructions on what to do. I had to log off before I could figure it out but when I came back another person was available and helped me open the container. It was a really cool experience. I have also used to technique I learned to make safe spots. Thanks EvE-Scout!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC121-Feb-12
I would like to thank the EVE Scout Rescue. They helped me enthusiastically with very quick response. Their job is meaningful to the world and effect people. Thanks a lot.

Mercy de Beers  rescued on YC121-Feb-05
Being a Rookie pilot, I was up and about learning the game with absolutely no concerns for probes, or no concerns due to none being highlighted. After discovering Jspace and whatnot, it was extremely fun and I spent a lot of time there but ended up requiring to log out. I ended up losing all of my probes (as many rookie pilots would) and ended up logging on to being stranded and having no way to find a warp home. I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a EveScout cache and contacted the channel. I was helped immediately with guidance from the members who pointed me in the right direction to process the request and informed me of everything I needed to do to find the cache (I ended up being able to do this within a few passes on my first attempt, I was a bit sad to hear that I wasn't one of the quickest as some other pilot ended up finding it on his first pass - lucky - but hey that was fun to learn!) and soon after, I was with probes once more! I found the exit and made my way to the nearest station to replace the probes I borrowed and locked them back up! This was an awesome experience and it would be a shame that this service disappears - anything can happen in space and having some kind souls offering a business to help those stranded, is invaluable to any pilot, rookie or veteran alike. Thumbs up! Here's hoping our paths cross again, but on better circumstances!

pivowarsuk  rescued on YC121-Jan-22
Спасибо ребятам, очень помогли в безвыходной ситуации. -- Thanks guys, really helped in a hopeless situation.

Tars Udan  rescued on YC120-Dec-20
After a few days of inactivity, I reconnected on my exploratory ship, and I was very surprised to see that I had forgotten it in a wormhole, but especially that my probes had totally disappeared, and I couldn’t reconnect with them either. So I was completely lost and also blocked, because my bookmarks indicating the exit had expired, and the wormholes had changed places. Fortunately, in sending an emergency message on the incursion channel, someone advised me to place an emergency signal on a site owned by the EvE-Scout Alliance. A few minutes later, a player contacted me and helped me to locate a secret container containing probes in the wormhole where I was. I was sincerely impressed by this player who was friendly, very kind, patient, and whose only goal was to see me get out of this problem, plus volunteer! Frankly impressive.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Dec-17
Within 1 hour a person helped me get to the cache. Really helped me. I would have been stranded there for months if not for them.

FeMalogalotalotim  rescued on YC120-Nov-05
I would like to express my gratitude to EvE-Scout alliance. EvE-Scout are using a really friendly protocol regarding wormholes, which lets people who are stuck without scanning equipment to exit from W-space to K-space. I have been stuck in expensive ships (more than 7 bil worth) in a wormhole and, following the procedure, after 1 hour I got scanning equipment which let me extract the expensive assets to normal space. Response to my problem was really well organized and highly competent, which let us make it quick and easy even if I was not familiar with the whole procedure in detail. I would recommend to people who love to explore to keep in good relation with EvE-Scout alliance. As for myself, I would consider them as a personal friendly alliance, regardless of the alliance standings, FeMalogalotalotim, CEO of Stellae Renascitur

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-22
It all started when I logged out with my probes still in wormhole space, and I forgot to bookmark the wormholes. Thanks to EvE-Scout Rescue for providing the instructions to help me find my way back to hi sec. Thanks again!!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-14
Very useful and super fast rescue. Lot of thanks, guys. You are my hero of the day. Extra fast -- approx 10 minutes -- and cache was exactly where you said. Just what I needed, and very efficiently!!! Thx again for your help.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Oct-04
Got rolled out without a depot or a probe launcher. By luck I found a friendly empty Astrahus so I could refit my ship. I contacted EvE-Scout and they directed me to the cache in my WH so I could get the probe launcher I needed. Saved me over half a billion from self destructing!

Tiger Venn Ronuken  rescued on YC120-Oct-04
After a long day of roaming far from home, I was on my way home in a Keres as one of the few survivors. My group had a shortcut scanned through a drifter wormhole, and I contacted the resident scanner to see if he could guide me through. He confirmed, and I headed towards it. However, by the time I reached it, and waited out the drifters who were camping the entrance, he had fallen asleep! While I waited for my scout buddy to wake up and save me, I killed the time by finding the rescue cache I saw on d-scan. I had a mobile depot on my cargo by coincidence, so I figured I'd ask Signal Cartel for its password. This was a huge relief to me as I had already stayed up much longer than I planned, so a quick way home was a big deal to me. The scanner buddy woke up just as I was reaching my home system. Big thanks to Signal Cartel for keeping these up - they put in a huge amount of work and expect no compensation. I always had them set to blue while I lived in j-space, and I try to mention them whenever a newbro is asking about exploration on reddit. Cheers!

Stella Anneto  rescued on YC120-Aug-19
About a month ago I, as a new pilot, joined EvE-Scout. I jumped right into the WH chain. I scanned, hacked, and analyzed like crazy. Then suddenly I jumped through another WH and was needed IRL. When I came back to EvE, I noticed I didn't have any probes on me and suddenly realised I had forgotten to recall them. And I felt really stupid as a scout to have forgotten to take a spare set with me. At that moment I realised I was in a system with a rescue cache. I looked for the cache and rapidly found it where it was supposed to be. I took the probes and scanned my way out. Now I am a really dedicated scout who always will carry spare sets of probes, and I am sowing and tending caches everywhere I go. I hope we will be able to help you if you are stuck. We will do our very best to do so. To all of you Fly safe and cu in J space Stella Anneto EvE Scout Signing off

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-25
I thank Signal Cartel for the quick help. Everything was clearly shown and explained. 1000 thanks to the EvE-Scout Rescue Agent, who has given my expensive ship a speedy rescue from the wormhole.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jul-17
The EvE-Scout Rescue agent who helped me was great. Pointed me to the instructions to get to the cache, and helped me out of a jam. Cache was right where it was supposed to be, contained everything I needed, and was replenished when I got myself sorted out. This is my home wormhole and I learned a good lesson about always having a ship that can scan. Won’t be making that mistake again (stocked up on half a dozen scanning frigs and flew them in)! This saved me from having to self destruct and lose my system. Thanks so much!

Lee H Kalkoken  rescued on YC120-Jul-11
Was stuck in a C4 with a Venture full of gas. Was saved quickly and the rescuer was extremely nice. :)

Soonji Bertaan  rescued on YC120-Jul-10
July 7th started off as any normal day for me. It was another day of exploring WS space, scanning down relic and data sites, and hacking containers. However, I was wandering around J00593 when I suddenly had to log off without having time to warp back out. I was only gone a few hours, so I was fairly sure my exit wormhole would hold until then. Alas, when I logged back on and warped to my bookmarked location for the exit wormhole...there was nothing there! Now, this would not be a problem by itself...if I had not forgotten to recall my probes before I logged off. So here I was, stuck in wormhole space, my exit gone, and with my probes lost, no way to find another exit. I was trapped. It was a dilemma I had never faced before, and I was just about resigned to self destructing my Heron and respawning at my home station when someone in the rookie help channel suggested contacting the EvE-Scout Rescue channel. Now, I had never heard of this organization, so I was doubtful they could get me out of my situation. I was very pleasantly surprised when an EvE-Scout Rescue Agent contacted me directly only a few minutes after I sent out a distress signal to ESR. He was very professional, friendly, and genuinely seemed to care about me getting safely out of the wormhole. He walked me through the method of pinpointing the rescue cache in the system, and with his help, I was able to find my way back home. I'm very glad I heard about ESR, as from my personal experience, they seem to be made up of truly caring and selfless people who are willing to take time to help those in need.

Dilly Dilly Motsu  rescued on YC120-Jul-09
Rescue 911 was great! I had a disconnect and couldn't reconnect to my probes. The ESR staff was very patient walking me through getting to a rescue cache. They responded very quickly. It's a great project that does a great service to all in EVE!

Jurchik82  rescued on YC120-Jul-02
I want to thank EvE-Scout Rescue for their responsiveness and help to me in my great sorrow. I was rolling a hole closed with a Thanatos and get trapped inside J155311. I thought this was the end, but I was advised to contact your alliance for help. I sent a query to 911, and soon had a response. Because of the difference in our native languages (I am a Russian speaker), the EvE-Scout Rescue agent redirected me to a Russian-speaker in their alliance. He helped me find the rescue cache in the system. After being trapped for two days, today I smiled happily, as I was finally able to get home. Once again, I want to thank you for the fact that there is such an alliance as yours and for the good you guys are doing.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-25
ESR saved me! I logged off in a wormhole and the next day all of my bookmarked wormholes were either rolled or disappeared. I tried to scan my way out, only to find that I didn't have any probes on me. I contacted ESR and I was promptly given the security code for the cache in my system. I scanned my way out and returned the probes (but I kept the "Quafe" as a souvenir). I donated 20 mil. for their services. 10/10 :P Thanks again!

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Jun-21
The lowsec static collapsed right in front of my eyes and my return wormhole was gone, literally 5 minutes after jumping though it for the first time. I am grateful for EvE-Scout's help, as without it self-destructing would have been very costly. The EvE-Scout Agent was very helpful and patient.

Banh Do-Trang  rescued on YC120-Jun-03
Despite the respectable age of the pilot, I have not played actively for very long. And, while I am a frequent guest in wh-systems, I quite often make mistakes, as I did this time... Having scanned down the next wh-system, I began to probe what secrets were concealed by this corner of the Infinite Universe. Having only two bookmarked exits, one leading to the previous system through which I had come from low-sec, and the other to the next, not-yet-visited wh-system, I noticed an abandoned MTU on d-scan and decided that I needed it more than the Sleepers drifting nearby. The first attempt was unsuccessful. I had to return through the holes to k-space and fit a tankier ship. Now I needed to pull out both the contents of MTU and the remains of my Magnate which were safely stowed in it. Operating a thick-skinned Punisher, competently placing bookmarks and dragging the Sleepers far away from the MTU, I succeeded to reach it after three or four approaches. But when my Punisher with its full hold returned to the bookmarked exit from the system, there was nothing but the bookmark. I thought: "There's no escape!" All my efforts to exit the system were in vain. I'd spent too much time to get the MTU, and the WH had reached the end of its natural lifetime. The second scanned down WH was of no use. I could enter it, I could bookmark the other side -- but nothing else in a Punisher with no Probe Launcher fitted. Then I remembered the secure containers I'd seen earlier in WHs with a message giving hope for rescue. A few seconds after my help request in the EVE-Scout channel, and a brave capsuleer - a member of Signal Cartel - guided me to the rescue cache, as I informed him I was a pilot of a ship and - what rare luck! - had a Mobile Depot in my hold. Thanks to the contents of the cache, I was out in no time! After several hours of exploration in the next systems of k-space, I have returned with a gift for you, my future unlucky fellow traveler: a pack of shiny Core Probes, three Probe Launchers, Tobacco, and a group of Exotic Dancers. I hope you can use them before they spoil!

Chairman Tyranicus  rescued on YC120-Jun-02
Before DT I had scouted a farming hole and rolled its out-going connections with the intent of farming it after DT. Logged on and didn't check the hole as it was unmassed and not EOL before DT. After jumping two Nestors in, the hole closed behind me. I got that instant sinking feeling as I realized I had no probe launcher on either ship and no way to get out. A corp mate asked me if there was a rescue can in system, which I had never heard of. Thankfully there was. Within minutes of making an "I need help" request, I was talking to an EvE-Scout agent who talked me through finding the cache. I got both ships safely back to K-Space. You guys are truly amazing and made my derp into a very positive experience.

Teneberous Bran  rescued on YC120-May-31
The rescue cache in my system was very hard to find, but the person assigned to me was very patient. They called me on Mumble and talked me through the process for an hour until we finally found it. EvE Scout Rescue is the bomb!

Artorias Yin  rescued on YC120-May-28
You guys were a great help! I can't remember the exact scout who helped me, but he did an amazing job. It was my first time getting stuck in a wormhole, and he got me out using the jump/bookmark guide. This is an awesome service!

Rekt Kumamato  rescued on YC120-May-28
After downtime my probes disappeared from space. I petitioned CCP to get them back but did not receive a timely reply. I found your rescue cache in open space on d-scan and joined the EvE-Scout channel. CCP GM answered me in like one day, but your rescue team helped me in about 15 minutes. Thanks a lot.

Sangwyn  rescued on YC120-May-27
100 per cent eternal gratitude here: I had very nearly given up hope and was trying to get up the nerve to self destruct when I saw mention of your service, so I gave it a shot. One of your awesome rescue scouts got in touch within minutes, and talked me through the location process. (My first ever attempt at 'bouncing'!) Their patience was much appreciated, and eventually rewarded. Consider me a fan for life. (Real life, not these disposable Eve Online lives, which have a far lower innate value!)

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Apr-18
I lost my probes after downtime and with Dscan I could find your rescue cache. Sent message to EvE-scout channel and got help! It was so fast! I thought i would have to suicide, but no, I could get out of WH to highsec easily! Thank you so much!

Stevo Powell  rescued on YC120-Mar-22
Quite honestly there is nothing I can think of that could have been better about that rescue cache.

Johnny Rafael Castro  rescued on YC120-Mar-13
I was stranded in WH Space a couple days ago. Being a complete noob I lost all my probes with no way to reconnect, on a brand new ship i saved the ISK for... 70m is not much for somebody with experience, but I only have about a month playing. The only option I knew to get back to my station was to self destruct and lose my brand new ship. I asked for help on my corp comms, but nobody was close and I didn't have anybody else to ask for help. A friend I found in another WH advised me to try to reach out to EvE-Scout. I didn't even knew they existed. About 2 or 3 mins after I asked for help in the EvE-Scout channel somebody contacted me and guided me to a rescue cache. You're like the WH Red Cross for me now.

Tyrranar  rescued on YC120-Mar-09
I will gladly share about my positive surprise when I found out that something like EvE-Scout channel and your corp exists. Your rescue agent was most helpful by telling me where the cache was. I am still quite a noob in EvE, but considering the general hostile environment in WH/NS space, I really did not expect anyone would be willing to help me. The agent also told me that EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel have almost 60% of WH space covered by their caches, which is an outstanding achievement. I returned the probes when I managed to BM my way out of the WH.

anonymous pilot  rescued on YC120-Mar-06
Because of changes to citadels and my sporadic game play style, I recently found myself floating in space in my site-running ship without any way to scan my way out or into my home in wormhole space. However, having once been a member of the ever-helpful Signal Cartel and having a mobile depot onboard, I knew there was hope if I could just get to the rescue cache I had seen on D-Scan many times before. After issuing my call for help in the EvE-Scout public channel, I was quickly convo'd by a new and helpful agent of Signal Cartel. I was reassured and talked through the process until I was safely sitting in high security space. Though situations that arise in New Eden are often unique, rest assured that Signal Cartel and the Eve-Scout organization are doing what they can to make it a more enjoyable experience for all.

Milena Catarige  rescued on YC120-Mar-05
My experience was wonderful. At first I was a little concerned contacting your corp when I found the container, so I stayed cloaked the majority of the time. But your pilot was very quick to respond and helpful throughout the experience. I was thankful to get out of there, and I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

Ragthor Dimen  rescued on YC120-Mar-01
Thank you and your team for doing such a great job! In my case I was lost in space because of a bluescreen during my drones' operation. You definitively made my day!

Malan  rescued on YC120-Feb-27
I'd scanned down a wormhole in a low sec system and just before I entered it, I received a socket closed message and had to restart my client. Once I logged back in I immediately entered the wormhole, not realizing that my probes never returned to my ship because of the disconnect. Forgetting to bookmark the exit I just came through, I immediately got to setting up a safe spot to scan from and once there I realized my mistake -- no probes. I popped over to EvE-Scout channel and was able to get information on where your guys' supply cache was -- though I forget the name of the helpful scout that saved me, unfortunately. I was able to save myself a Buzzard and finish my exploration, netting around 50m. Much better than a 150m-ish loss including implants from self-destructing! EvE-Scout saved me from some rather noob mistakes. Without you guys, I would have had a much worse day. My thanks to everyone's hard work at Eve-Scout and especially to the scout that helped me.

Lulu Arbosa  rescued on YC119-Dec-28
Eve-Scout cache is an amazing life saver. Many wormholes deep in a fully fitted Astero with all the implants. So absorbed into a new site I didn't realize downtime had come. I came back to no probes. Sad day. After about an hour of scanning and looking for someone else in system hoping for some kind of relief, I noticed a cargo container named "Eve-Scout Cache". After some quick googling I immediately joined the EvE-Scout channel and asked for some help. Within minutes I was on my way to freedom!

Mavrik Kion  rescued on YC119-Dec-20
I lost probes due to a power outage and thought I was gonna have to pop my Tengu and 500 mil ISK pod. I was relieved to find out that EvE-Scout Rescue exists. It only took about 5 minutes from when I first posted in the EvE-Scout channel to when I had a private conversation started with a mod and was on my way to finding the cache. I can't extend my gratitude enough for the help I received. I'll be sure to send some thanks your way in the form of ISK! My saviors!

Michael Pergkk  rescued on YC119-Dec-15
I got out alive. I recommend your services majorly.

xBocT Airuta  rescued on YC119-Dec-01
It was a bad day from the start: forgot boosters, wrong drones, can't find a way to null sec. I'm tired and log off. The next day, I realised that I forgot to return probes and now I'm a true WH prisoner. Luckily, I had heard about EvE-Scout Rescue! After five minutes, I was free!!! Really so amazing. Even in K-space, people don't help you so fast and well. With such pilots, the game becomes more than a game!

Bustenose Upirilius  rescued on YC119-Nov-14
Had to deal with RL and when I got back, I discovered the exit closed and my buddies had moved on. I was stuck. D-Scan showed your rescue cache. One of your team quickly responded with the password, and I retrieved the probes and launcher. In the station, I was able to refit. I could have self-destructed but it was fun to go with the option of a rescue cache. If I'm ever stuck with something expensive and no cache in system, I'd definitely be calling for a rescue.

tanner mon  rescued on YC119-Nov-08
I wasn't able to reconnect to my probes and had forgotten to bookmark the wormhole exit. I was told to contact EvE-Scout. Soon after, I was directed to a rescue cache and was able to finally get out of the wormhole with the contents in the cache. I am thankful for this service.

Hansa Ashai  rescued on YC119-Oct-29
My exit hole closed, I forgot probes, can't reconnect to them, d-scan won't pick up a thing, except some EMERGENCY ONLY container in space. I don't want to suicide. I joined the EvE-Scout channel and contacted random Signal Cartel member. This cool saviour dude teaches me how to find the cache, I pick up probes, find exit to low sec, bookmark it, come back to the cache to replace the probes, and thank the dude again. It was fun!

Blim Blam Korblok  rescued on YC119-Oct-27
My experience was great. After losing probes due to disconnect, I was able to reach out, access the cache, and find my exit within the hour.

peaceful Spirit  rescued on YC119-Oct-22
[The EvE-Scout rescue agent] was very helpful and quick. I was foolish enough to not bring an extra set of probes, game crashed while afk and probes out, and probes expired. You saved me hundreds of mil in losses if i had to pod myself. Thanks again!

Robo Fuzzy  rescued on YC119-Oct-12
I recently got stuck in a wormhole and lost my scanner probes to a disconnect. I contacted them via the in-game channel and immediately people responded with help offers. One person guided me to the rescue cache with the help of D-Scan. I got some Scanner Probes and fireworks out of the cache. Soon I could finally make my escape. After experiencing their help and reading up on the alliance Credo I immediatly filled out the application form because I felt that this is what I want to do while playing EvE. Now I'm a proud member of Signal Cartel and EvE-Scout and do Bob's work.

Everse Aivo  rescued on YC119-Sep-16
I had to make an unexpected log off and when I came back I had lost my probes. That was my first exploration run ever. I had made 100 mil in loot, so I looked for every way possible to save it. I asked around in the EvE-Scout channel and people were kind enough to teach me how to find a rescue cache. I couldn't believe my luck. It was an amazing experience, and I'm very grateful.

Shejtan Hakaari  rescued on YC119-Aug-12
An EvE-Scout agent just saved almost half of my net worth in a battleship, and I cannot express how thankful I am for your help. I hope you'll continue doing what you're doing, because it's damn good work.

onix grimm  rescued on YC119-Aug-06
I am so grateful for your help. I had implants and 50 million ISK worth of cargo that I would have lost if it was not for your team. I would recommend you to everyone in exploration! Good luck, and thanks again.

Ilska  rescued on YC119-Jul-26
I sincerely wanted you and your corp to know how much I appreciated the extreme generosity I was shown when I had gotten stuck in a wormhole after logging off without first reloading my probe launcher. I am a returning player currently on an alpha clone and my wormhole know-how is still limited. Safe to say on 26 July I learned the basic lesson of keeping an extra set of probes in my cargo. At the time I had actually had a fairly successful run hacking data and relic sites, so my Heron was almost at full capacity when I had to quickly log off due to IRL stuff - only to return later and find out that I had lost contact and could not reconnect to my probes. It wouldn't have been the end of the world if I had had to abandon ship and clone, but during my scanning of the system I had spotted a can that said something about "EvE-Scout"... I thought I should give it a try, although I also thought it could just as well be a trap -- this is EVE after all. In this case, however, it turned out to be the perfect rescue. Following the note on the can, I quickly got in touch with friendly people in the chat, confirmed via the website, got directions for how to locate the can, got the password and got the probes. I couldn't play more that day so I loaded the probes into my launcher and logger out. It felt almost unbelievable. Like a lifebuoy being thrown out to a person at sea. And I was that lucky recipient! If anything, EVE succeeds in making the player feel the vastness of space. Even more so in W-space, where there are no "roads", only faint trails in the tall waves... The next day, I logged in and resumed the scanning routine with the new probes. To see the probes flash felt like being able to breathe fresh air again after having been near suffocation. A small thing, really, if you think about it, but for a moment I felt something very real. Eventually I found my way back to a station in high-sec space. I wanted to go back and restock the can with probes, but the path had closed by the time I could reach high-sec shops. I have to say, there can't be many cases of such altruism taking place in MMO games, let alone in the world. It was a really cool experience and yet another thing that makes EVE a very special game. I saw the testimonials on your website and I would gladly let you share mine there. No need for anonymity - I want people to know how awesome you guys are! I'm currently taking dives into W-space in between high-sec dabbling, so for now I'm not looking to join a player corp which gets wardecked a lot, but some day I would definitely like to try joining a friendly exploration-focused corp such as yours some day, if alphas are allowed. Once again, thank you very much!!

Barba Negra ElPirata  rescued on YC119-Jul-09
I was stranded inside a wormhole. I asked for help on my corp channel and they told me about a rescue corp. I didn't believe that. I thought they were trying to kill me, but I had nothing to lose. I was stranded anyway, with self-destruct my last option, so I decided to speak with EvE-Scout Rescue. They helped me really fast and without obligation, so I refilled the rescue cache as a way to say thanks. I was in high sec in no more than 15 minutes.

Thanks, EvE-Scout Rescue. I really appreciate it.

Dellman Heluene  rescued on YC119-May-25
I was stranded in a wormhole I was exploring and was destroyed as I entered the system. The rescue pilot contacted me asking if I was in distress and I confirmed as such. The pilot walked me through the steps and was very patient with me as well since I am very new to the game. I am grateful to the EvE-Scout Rescue Search and Rescue Division. I would recommend that everyone join their channel.

Ashwind Houssa  rescued on YC119-May-07
I appreciate the work you guys did, as there was not only excellent work by the person in the chat channel, but also by the person who had installed the cache in that particular wormhole to try and get me out.

Even though you guys didn't get me out, you did spectacular work considering how badly I had gotten myself stuck.

Miss Fiery  rescued on YC119-Mar-20
I had doubts about Signal Cartel when I first stumbled upon their rescue cache, but I contacted them anyway. The cache got me out of the hole that confined me for over a year because of stupid mistakes that I made.

If I happen to get lost in a hole again, and find myself with a rescue cache, I'd not hesitate to contact them again. They are the only ones other than my corp, alliance, or friends that I trust with my life in a game where everyone is out to get you. I highly recommend them.