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Thank You!

63.45 billion ISK 60 billion ISK

Our rescue services are provided at no cost to those whom we set out to rescue. The funds we aim to raise will be used to pay for rescue cache supplies and compensate Signal Cartel pilots who help with our Rescue Cache and Search & Rescue programs. Our involved pilots receive a token amount of ISK for sowing and tending caches or otherwise participating in rescue efforts. Corp leadership does not benefit from raised funds unless they play a role in a rescue effort, in which case they are compensated just as a line member would be. No one is getting rich from doing this work, but we do like to thank our pilots for their service to the community.

How to Donate

  1. Send ISK to the in-game corporation Signal Cartel
  2. Be sure to remark *ESR Fund Driveā€ on the memo line so we know what the donation is for!

Thank you for your interest in our Rescue program and any donation you can spare! All identifiable donations of 10 million ISK or more will be acknowledged via an in-game mail message and these donors will be listed to the right (unless you send Thrice Hapus an evemail asking to remain anonymous). We do not reveal amount donated.

How We Manage Our Budget

Our budget and payout formulas are described below. Tips given to rescue pilots (if any) by rescued parties are personal transactions and not factored into the totals listed below.


We distribute 500 million ISK each week, split equally between all rescue caches that are sown (initially anchored) and/or tended (container accessed to reset its timer). Restrictions on sowing and tending caches are enforced by our support tools so that there is no incentive to spam sowing or tending over and over. For example, only one cache can exist per system, and caches can be tended only once every 24 hours, with a limit of once per week per cache for the same pilot.


We calculate ISK payouts for successful SAR operation as follows:

(50 million ISK x WH Class[max 8]) + (10 million ISK x # days active)

In practice this means that rescues involving higher class wormholes pay more, as do rescue requests that have been open longer. This incentivizes would-be rescue pilots to look first for harder-to-access wormhole systems and requests where the stranded pilot has been waiting the longest.

When a rescue pilot finds a target system, half of the total payout pool is held in escrow for them until the rescue is verified as successful by one of our ESR Coordinators. Then the remainder of the payout pool is split between any other pilots in the target system at the time the rescue is complete. The second pilot in the system receives half of the Locator payout, the third pilot receives half of that, etc.

It is valuable to have multiple rescue pilots in system for coverage across multiple time zones, in case one is rolled out, etc. However, the goal is to rescue pilots, not to make ISK. Thus, diminishing returns kick in very quickly after about the fourth pilot in system. And, if the stranded pilot is not rescued successfully, no ISK is paid out at all.

SAR Dispatchers (pilots who field rescue requests from EvE-Scout, our in-game public channel and then enter requests into our request ticketing system) are paid 1 million ISK for each request they enter, regardless of the outcome of the rescue operation.

Budget Details

Actual spending in YC120 and projections for YC121 spending can be found here.

Read Testimonials from Rescued Pilots


as of 11 February YC121, 13:00
(most recent donor listed first)

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Ulf Andersson   Pai Shen-Lung
Alexander Trekkos   Dagmar Maulerant
Julien Gray   Boci
Meril Rapier   Takeshi Coldstream
Aerilan   Lizbeth Solare
Cal Tamdar   Tam Pollard
Arthur Dentz   Will Thethrill
Istari Storm   Lexington Braddock
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Naelu Annages   Captain Crinkle
Asa Kansene   Eratos Thellere
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