Storm Track

Region System Name Type Last Report Hours in System Reported by
Fade GME-PQ Electric B Electrical Oct-29@08:51 1 Katia Sae
Providence 2-TEGJ Plasma A Plasma Oct-29@07:03 3 Captain Crinkle
Tenal S-KSWL Plasma B Plasma Oct-29@07:01 3 Captain Crinkle
Venal HD-JVQ Exotic B Exotic Oct-28@19:58 14 Katia Sae
Catch JA-O6J Electric A Electrical Oct-28@19:58 14 Katia Sae
Vale of the Silent A8A-JN Gamma B Gamma Oct-28@19:57 14 Katia Sae
Fountain OW-TPO Exotic A Exotic Oct-28@13:50 20 Captain Crinkle
Immensea DY-P7Q Gamma A Gamma Oct-28@05:42 28 Captain Crinkle