Confirmed Rescues: 5336
since YC119-Mar-18

Total Active Caches: 2435
93.5% of all wormhole systems

Average Wait Time: 3 days
49% of all rescues occur within 24 hours

1358 J-space Systems
visited by our Rescue pilots in the last 7 days

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Rescue Cache    

3388 rescues

Anchored throughout Anoikis, our rescue caches contain a probe launcher, core scanner probes, and even a hug or two. Perfect if you have a fitting service or just need probes. Learn more...

Sower/Tender Hall of Fame     Dispatcher Hall of Fame

Search & Rescue    

1948 rescues

If we don't have a rescue cache in your current wormhole system, don't despair! Our Search and Rescue pilots will work hard to find you and scout you back to known space. Learn more...

Search and Rescue Hall of Fame