Please head over to our in-game public channel, "Eve-Scout", and ask for a Signal Cartel member to guide you to one of our rescue caches or rescue frigates or to help set up a search and rescue request. If you would like to be more discreet, you can EVEmail Thrice Hapus to further discuss rescue options.

The EvE-Scout Rescue Frigate (RF) program, an outgrowth of the long-standing rescue cache service, provides a basic emergency T1 scanning frigate for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or play style.

RF is only one facet of the EvE-Scout Rescue division, a dedicated group of Signal Cartel pilots who have answered to call of service to the greater New Eden community. As well as being a service to the EVE community, this program provides Signal Cartel members an opportunity to expand their exploration experiences, wormhole lifestyle, and game play content.

A rescue frigate is designed to be a stripped down vessel, usually a Venture, anchored somewhere in a wormhole that is capable of little beyond scanning down an exit from the wormhole where you are stranded. In alignment with our Credo, it is not fit with any weapons and has minimal defensive capability. It is fitted only with one (1) core probe launcher, eight (8) core scanner probes, and, optionally, modules that enhance scan strength and/or make the frigate harder to scan down. (Oh, and usually a few "hugs" [fireworks, snowballs] or other trinkets for fun!)

When a capsuleer is stranded and in need, they can contact a Signal Cartel scout in the public EvE-Scout channel for assistance. If the fit of the frigate meets the stranded capsuleer's need, the scout will look up the rescue frigate's location, provide this info to the stranded pilot, and assist them in locating and gaining access to it.

The rescue frigate concept was created to address those pilots who cannot be helped by our rescue caches, namely, those pilots who do not have a probe launcher fit to their ship and/or do not have any way to fit one from within the wormhole. Thus, pilots who would not be helped by a resche cache, may be helped instead by a rescue frigate.

Please note that rescue frigates are more expensive and more difficult to place than rescue caches. Therefore, they are relatively more rare in space. Every system that has a rescue frigate in place should also have a rescue cache, if that is of help to you.

While we respect the inhabitants of every wormhole, it is not always possible to contact them prior to or after leaving a rescue cache or rescue frigate or conducting a search for or in their system. The resources we leave behind do not provide any actionable intel nor do we share information about our travels with any third parties. Additionally, our pilots are instructed to avoid placing rescue caches and rescue frigates within d-scan range of POSes or Citadels whenever possible. However, New Eden is a dangerous place and we cannot guarantee that our resources will not be tampered with. As in all scenarios, use caution when approaching a rescue cache or rescue frigate!

For further inquiries regarding EvE-Scout Rescue's initiatives or policies, please contact Thrice Hapus.

The pilots of Signal Cartel, the core corporation of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance, abide by a strict Credo that emphasizes service to the capsuleer community of New Eden, respect to all regardless of affiliation or play style, non-aggression, friendship, kindness, and grace under pressure.

Within Signal Cartel, each pilot is encouraged to participate in and invent ways to embody all that the Credo envisions. Our rescue programs are merely one of the myriad ways our pilots strive to live up to that high calling.

There are many reasons capsuleers fly in New Eden: glory, fame, riches. Our pilots do so to be a part of one of the greatest stories of our time. We derive our glory, fame, and personal reward from the magnificent narrative tapestry we are weaving together. One of our favorite corporate pastimes is sharing with one another stories of successful rescues that occur as the result of our various rescue programs. We are grateful to you for granting us this unique opportunity!